Dragonflight 10.0.7 Best Solo Carry Classes for Every Role - Most Fun Solo Shuffle PvP Healers in Patch 10.0.7

3/28/2023 7:25:59 PM

Are you the type of person who wants to win games by yourself instead of relying on your solo shuffle partners? If that's the case, then this guide may be helpful to you. We list some specs that are designed to carry an arena at all ratings, these are the best solo shuffle PvP DPS & Healers in Dragonflight 10.0.7.

Best Solo Carry Classes for Every Role in Dragonflight Patch 10.0.7 - Most Fun Solo Shuffle PvP Healers in 10.0.7

Carrying as a melee means being able to control the pace of the game while applying massive pressure. In general, classes with high DPS and survivability are good options for solo carrying, such as a Warrior or a Mage. Here are all the best options for solo carrying in the new patch 10.0.7. 

  • Ret Paladin

The entire Paladin class got a major rework in the 10.0.7 patch, with Ret being on the receiving end of some massive damage buffs. If you've played any arena in the past few days, you already know how crazy overtuned Ret Paladin is at the moment and we fully expected to receive some major nerfs. In fact, Ret is so strong right now that his representation has increased by over 400% since the patch launched. We've never seen anything like this before. Right now Ret is doing some of the highest sustained DPS in the game, all with an incredibly strong defensive kit. Avenging Wrath is now a one minute cooldown and divine protection can now be used while stunned which combined make Rets into nearly Immortal Gods with unhealable damage. So if you want to have some broken fun right now, play Ret. 

  • Arms Warrior

If you want a more consistent carry experience for the rest of the season, you can't sleep on Arms Warrior. This spec went practically unchanged in the 10.0.7 patch which is a good thing since they were already one of the best melee in every bracket. Warrior is a jack of all trades and can synergize with any class, this comes first in the form of their raw pressure where moral strike is now the best melee healing reduction in the game when paired with sharpened blade. Normally, Warriors aren't known for their burst damage, but right now their ability to stack damage multipliers is unrivaled. With Colossus Smash, Avatar, Spear of Bastion and overpower, all funneling additional damage into mortal strike alongside sharpen blade. All this together is why Warriors can seemingly one-shot targets on their own. Warriors have also found recent success with bleed-based builds, centered around Thunderous Roar, which gives them tons of AOE damage potential and is absolutely brutal to heal through without any form of bleed to spell. Aside from its damage output, Warrior defensive utility is designed to carry and is layered with depth, need a strong AOE CC in a pinch, intimidating shout is the perfect tool to break up kills without needing to put anyone on stun Dr. Have no way of stopping a cast from ranged, storm bolt is the possible answer and is also one of the best setup tools since it can't be dodged or parried.

With the amount of options Warriors have whether it is a Disarm, Intervene, Rallying Cry or War Banner, the defensive toolkit of Arms is at a really high baseline, but scales higher and higher with more game knowledge. The only thing truly lacking from Arms Warrior is its ability to pressure enemy healers with CC. 

  • BM/MM Hunter

Both BM and Marksmanship excel at every rating in Solo Shuffle and are one of the more accessible range DPS specs in the game. Hunters have some of the most reliable crowd control in the game to use on healers, with stun, scatter, trap and silence, giving the class endless possibilities to carry the CC load in Arena, something that is incredibly efficient for climbing. On the damage side of things, BM is known for having some of the highest sustained damage output in Arena, and with Buffs to kill command, it is now even better. When you combine the sustain damage with a healing reduction effect and 14-second CC chains on enemy healers, BM Hunters are capable of carrying pressure for their team. Marksman on the other hand is highly explosive and is a massive execution test. With the ability to chunk down HP in the blink of an eye, you can't afford to trade cooldowns late into their burst. Once again when this type of damage profile is paired with an almost guaranteed CC chain on healers, Hunters are one of the best classes overall for carrying the game across all ratings.

  • Demonology Warlock

If you want to carry in a more traditional caster experience, look no further than Demonology Warlock. Demo got a pretty significant rework in the patch including some key damage buffs to Felguard and Tyrant. The reason why Demo is such an excellent solo carry class is the sheer amount of control it has in Arena at least in its current state. Between Mortal Coil, Shadow Fury and Axe Toss, Demo Warlocks are one of the few casters with actual forms of lockdown, all of which make incredible peeling options. When this is combined with fear, Demonology has multiple ways to save their team while dictating the pace of the game. In many ways, Demo is the arms Warrior of Caster DPS, it's humble and not designed to do anything flashy. Instead of looking to quickly end games, it carries more by slowing the arena down and winning by attrition which it should be able to do even better in the new patch.

  • Fistweaver Monk

It's easy to understand how DPS can carry games, but healing is slightly different. As a healer, it is hard to find agency in PvP. Rarely do you have moments where you feel like you genuinely won the game for your team, because most of the time you're frantically keeping everyone alive through seemingly unhealable damage. The one possible exception of this rule is Fistweaver Monk which is one of the only healers where your offensive impact can be felt. The same could be said with Disc Priest, but after a flat damage nerf and a bug fix to expiation, Disc Priest damage doesn't really carry like it used to. 

On the other hand, Fistweaver healing is almost entirely linked to their damage output, which in some cases can rival actual DPS. This allows Monks to have a direct impact on the outcome of a game, since their damage output is the highest out of any healer. Because their healing is intrinsically tied to melee attacks, Fistweavers don't really need to deal with hard casting outside of the occasional Essence Font. This allows them to focus on damage and use their diverse control kit to help secure kills with their team, whether it means using in-cap on an enemy healer or locking down kill targets with their AOE stun. With Touch of Death, Monks are the only healer with a true execute effect which is easier to pull off as Fistweavers since they are constantly pushed into the fight.

Even though most of the changes in the patch were aimed at buffing the standard Mistweaver build, Fistweaver was still a winner with the buff to Thunder Focus Tea which now allows them to instantly apply Enveloping Mist. In any case, with the highest damage output of any healer combined with multiple CC options, Fistweaver is definitely capable of carrying the game.

  • Restoration Shaman

The final healer spec for solo carrying in Dragonflight 10.0.7 is Resto Shaman which represents more mechanically demanding option. Despite its reputation as the aggressive in-your-face healer that doesn't even cast, Resto Shaman might actually have the highest skill ceiling for the healing role. In order to carry as a Shaman, you need to figure out ways to compensate for your relatively weak healing output. This is done by playing aggressive and disruptive at the same time. The more you can interact with the enemy team, the better. 

Just think about what a Resto Shaman is capable of, instinctively, your mind likely went to purge, wind shear and grounding totem, 3 of the most iconic PVP abilities, all with multiple uses on defense and offense. But now consider Shamans also have other dynamic abilities too, like thunderstorm, lightning lasso and unleashed shield. This means they have 6 ways to directly interact with the enemy team not even counting their damage potential. And this is all in the single toolkit of a Healer, which again means counterbalancing all of these offensive options with efficient cooldown trading. 

The patch includes a pretty significant redesign to the spec with a flat-out increase to all healing done, but this will not change the Shaman play style. Instead, Resto Shaman will continue to be very mechanically demanding and will benefit the most from more aggressive posturing which is hard to do as a Healer. The best shamans will be the ones who are able to micromanage all of their disruptive options, while finding brief moments to blast targets with storm keeper damage. There is truly no other healer who has so many different ways to help with kills. Firstweavers might have their damage, but Shamans have a bit of everything which gives them enormous carry potential in Arena especially in the new patch.