WoW Dragonflight 10.0.7 Unstable Elementium & How To Get - Best Ways to Make Gold in Dragonflight 10.0.7

3/23/2023 3:25:03 PM

In this Dragonflight 10.0.7 unstable elementium guide, we will be talking about how to get design & craft unstable elementium, so as to make gold as much as possible. Then we will be talking about a new feature of patch 10.0.7 Onyx Annulets. 

WoW Dragonflight 10.0.7 Unstable Elementium & How To Get - Best Ways to Make Gold in Dragonflight 10.0.7

Get the recipe and craft unstable elementiums in Dragonflight 10.0.7 and then upgrade your defined primordial stones is one of the first things you should do if you are playing on the jewel crafter, because you will be able to make a lot of gold during the first few days if you manage to get your ends on the design and to start crafting all these different unstable elementiums. This is something you will only be able to do through the crafting order system, you will probably be able to still make a lot of gold if you are amongst the first people who managed to start crafting these different items. When it comes to the requirements, all you need is to have a level 70 character and to have at least 50 in Jewel crafting with the dragon Isle and after that, you will be able to do the rest and start crafting unstable elementiums.

Here are the steps for getting the design & obtaining unstable elementium recipes, as well as making gold in patch 10.0.7:

Step 1: Learn How to Craft Crystal Tuning Fork

In patch 10.0.7, come in the Morqut Village, talk to Trader Hag’ arth and he will be selling all the different recipes and designs and you want to buy Design Crystal Tuning Fork, it will only cost you 10 artisans metal and there is no over requirements. So just buy it and learn it. When you learn it, you will be able to then start crafting Crystal Tuning Forks and this is one of the items that we will need in order to summon the rare that can then drop the design for the unstable elementium.

Step 2: Farm a Crystal Fork Curios

The next step is trying to get one of these Crystal Fork which is a bind when picked up Artisan curios and this is the item you need in order to then craft the crystal tuning fork. So these Crystal Forks and all the way over Artisan curios can drop from any creatures in the Forbidden Reach. So try to kill all the different rares and just do all the different activities that you plan to do in the first few hours, because most likely you will be able to get one of these curios. Based on what people tried in the PTR, it can take on average between two to four hours depending on your luck to get one of these. You can sell the crystal tuning fork and all the other Artisan curios like the Epic qualities on the auction house.

Step 3: Summon & Kill Amephyst

After that when you add your crystal turning fork, go back to the Morqut Village and go a little bit up. You will have a cave, so all you want to do is enter the cave and go deep into the cave, kill the mobs around and at some point you will have the crystal. You can click on the crystal all you need in order to activate your crystal, and it will summon the rare amethyst. This rare is really easy to kill, so normally you can easily do it solo. 

Step 4: Learn the Design & Craft!

Then you just want to learn the design, you will be able to start crafting all these different unstable elementiums. 

  • How to Craft & Use Unstable Elementiums in Dragonflight 10.0.7?

All you want to do is talk to any of the crafting order merchants and you want to go and type unstable elementiums. Here is going to be exactly the same as any other items in the crafting order system, you just need to have the primordial stones fragments. You will have to provide the 10 fragments in order to request one of these unstable elementiums. And then you can either have a public or a personal order and you can then request any jewel crafter to craft you one of these unstable elements.

  • How to Get Primordial Fragments?

When you will arrive in the Forbidden Reach, you will be able to do the quest “helping hand and claw” and then you will unlock a new quest when you will be in the Morquet Village, and this is exploring our past. After that, you will be able to go and explore the Zskera Vault. This is when you will be able to get the Onyx Annulets. And at the end, you will be able to have one quest that will basically start a questline that teaches you how to manipulate primordial stones. Then you will have two main ways to get some of these dormant primordial stone fragments. The first one is by simply opening doors and competing activities inside the vaults. You will each time be able to get some of these dormant primordial fragments. When you complete the quest to master your primordial stones, you will be able to break some of your primordial stones into some of the fragments by using anvil. And like that, you will be able to get some of these fragments and to then have some unstable elementiums.

So this is one of the first thing you want to do if you're paying on a jewel crafter and also you might be able to make a lot of gold just by selling the crystal tuning fork on the auction house. But I would really recommend you to focus on trying and getting the design in order to then craft the unstable elementiums and then you can see what you want to do in order to make as much gold as possible.

How to Get the Strongest 424 Primordial Stone Ring in Dragonflight 10.0.7

In patch 10.0.7, Blizzard is adding a new customizable ring called the onyx annulet, you'll be able to obtain this ring shortly after arriving at the Forbidden Reach which is the new zone introduced in this patch. Although the onyx amulet doesn't have any secondary stats, it comes with three special sockets for a new type of gem called a primordial stone, these stones can be obtained by doing different forms of content within the Forbidden Reach and each one has a different special bonus. The base item level is 411 and you can then use unstable elementiums to upgrade the item level of your different primordial stones and then you can have a better item level for your onyx annulets. 

Since you're able to socket any 3 gems of your choice into the onyx annulet, you can customize your ring to have whatever effect you want.  Many people want to know what are the strongest primordial stones, so they can socket those in and go about their day.   

  • How to Obtain Primordial Stones in Dragonflight 10.0.7?

The drop operate of these primordial Stones is incredibly high in an area of the Forbidden Reach called the Zaskera Vaults and after only a few hours of farming, you can obtain almost all of the available primordial stones, this is the main way that you'll acquire these new stones. There's also a chance of them being rewarded from open world events in the Forbidden Reach and if all else fails and you somehow aren't able to get your desired for primordial stone, you can also buy them from a vendor using a new currency. 

  • Primordial Stone Ring Upgrade System - How to Upgrade Primordial Stones to 424 Item Level Dragonflight 10.0.7?

As Blizzard decided to make it a little bit convoluted for starters, the base item level of commercial stones is 411 and you can upgrade them to a maximum of 424. In order to upgrade your stones, you'll need an item called Unstable Elementium which is created by Jewel Crafters. The first Unstable Elementium you use will increase a stone's item level to 418. And using a second one will raise that stone up to the cap of 424. This means that you'll need a total of 6 Unstable Elementium if you want to upgrade all 3 of your commercial stones to the maximum item level. In order to craft one of these Unstable Elementium, you'll need 25 silken gem dust a generic Jewel crafting reagent and 10 dormant promotional fragments. These fragments can be frequently looted from chests within the zaskara vaults, but you'll primarily get them by breaking down your promotional gems on an anvil located within the main Forbidden Reach Hub. Each gem you break will reward you with 6 promotional fragments, so you'll need to break around 10 gems. You want enough fragments to fully upgrade your chosen 3 gems, not accounting for any bonus fragments, you may have looted out of chests in the vaults while doing testing on the PTR. You should be able to easily get your ring up to item level 424 just by playing the new patch for a few hours.

Finally, you can remove and re-add promotional stones to your ring at no cost, so you don't need to worry about losing progress if you experiment with different gems. 

Strength of the various ring effects: That's something many people are curious about as for the Ring's power level as a whole Blizzard developers have stated multiple times that the intent for the Onyx annulet to be a best in slot piece for every single player until patch 10.1. Current simulation show the ring as being fairly mediocre compared to other Mythic item level alternatives. However, it's highly likely that Blizzard will buff the effects within the first week of the patch in order to ensure that it is your best in slot. 

  • Dragonflight 10.0.7 Strongest Primordial Stones - Which Individual Stone Effects Are Worth Running?

- Humming Arcane Stone: This is the most powerful one by far that every single DPS or tank player will want to include it in their ring. Since part of the effect states that its damage is increased for each unique per mortal Stone family you have equipped, this effectively makes the other Arcane Stones completely worthless. 

- Flame Licked Stone/Desirous Blood Stone/Freezing Ice Stone/Storm Infused Stone: These stones are all roughly similar in terms of how much damage they deal. With the storm infused stone being a bit less valuable for specs that don't have a lot of crit. Once again, this is all subject to change and the power level of each stone will vary depending on your class and spec. Getting your hands on the Onyx amulet and a few good primordial gems the moment patch 10.0.7 goes live. 

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