WoW Dragonflight 10.0.7 Fastest Gearing Guide for New Main & Alts (PvE/PvP)

3/23/2023 9:19:52 AM

Patch 10.0.7 has finally made it over to live in Dragonflight Realms, this patch is one of the smaller updates for World of Warcraft usually filled with quality-of-life adjustments, class changes, and catch-ups while helping set the stage for the next major content update. With so many class changes arriving in 10.0.7 now might be a good time to explore a few alts or potentially consider swapping to a new main in preparation for patch 10.1 Embers of Notharian. And the new zone of the Forbidden reach offers a ton of old-friendly catch-ups to get your characters geared out quickly and ready to dive into end-game content, if you look to kickstart your alts or potentially your next future main, then this guide will go over how to maximize the value of the catch-up benefits added in the patch 10.0.7.

Dragonflight 10.0.7 Fast Gearing Guide

WoW Dragonflight 10.0.7 Gearing Guide - Fastest Gear Up Methods for New Main & Alts

In patch 10.0.7 of Dragonflight, your main can directly gear your fresh new alt characters helping him catch up on item levels more quickly with the below methods:

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Gearing Method 1 - Use Armor Tokens To Gear Up Your Alts

First head to the Forbidden Reach on your main and simply participate in some of the content that the reach has to offer, fighting challenging rares and regular enemies within the reach has a chance of awarding account wide armor tokens, which your main can then mail directly across any of your characters. These armor tokens come in four armor types plate, mail, leather, and cloth. Each token is specified for a different armor slot like helmets, shoulders, belts, gloves, and so forth. 

Dragonflight 10.0.7 Gearing Guide - Alt-Friendly Armor Tokens

Upon opening these armored tokens, your character is awarded with Primal epic gear of 385 item level. This gear also comes with a set bonus which can help your alts survive the open world content. It's recommended to search for these tokens on your geared means first, since they're more likely to survive most of the threatening enemies scouring the reach. But eventually you should take your alts out there as well and group up with other players in rare Hunting Expedition groups in search of even more armored tokens. These armor tokens are commonly found within the Forbidden Reach but can also drop from enemies found in the primalist storms which continue to ravage the Dragon Isles.

Gearing Method 2 - Buy Gear With Elemental Overflow Currency

The new zone of the Forbidden Reach is full of Elemental overflow, a currency that can help any fresh new character get their starter open world set. Quests found in the market Village which serves as the main player Hub of the Forbidden reach award a wide variety of renowned currencies and large quantities of Elemental overflow. Most enemy threats you encounter within the reach also award a generous amount of overflow. The top of the enemy the more overflow they usually drop, this overflow can be then spent on cosmetic weapons found on the reaches quartermaster vendor, as well as Writable Salamander Mount, Elemental battle pets, and more importantly starter Prime list gear of 365 item level quality. While these items are not the strongest available, they are very easy to acquire in the entire set. 

Dragonflight 10.0.7 Gearing Guide - Buy Gear With Currency

Gearing Method 3 - Upgrade Primal Gear with Storm Sigils

These Primal items could also be further upgraded to Epic quality using Storm Sigils. Storm Sigils are obtained through a variety of open world content. You can get one storm sigil from the quest Storm Surge which simply requires you to collect some Elemental overflow. You can get two storm sigils per Elemental core which you can collect from enemies inside of Primal Storms. There are four storms available one for each element: airstorms, earth, frost and and firestorms. Each Primal core collected awards to storm sigils for a total of eight that you can collect once a week. You can also obtain two more Primal cores from the Storm's Fury event in the temporal complex which is available every 5 hours, where you have to battle primeless forces to close full portals and defeat an elemental boss to complete which awards you a cash. In that cash you'll get Primal cores Elemental overflow and essence of the storm currency for participating in the Storm's Fury event.  While in the temporal complex, you can also visit the bronze Dragonflight quartermaster who sells accessories like necklaces, rings, and trinkets which cost a bit of overflow as well as the essence of the storm. 

Gearing Method 4 - Upgrade Tier 3 Gear with Forbidden Knowledge & Revival Catalyst

Throughout the journey in the Forbidden rage will come across untapped Forbidden Knowledge which can be used to upgrade your Primal gear to the next level. Upgrading epic 385 promo gear to rank 3 increases the item level to 395 and proves its effectiveness as well as gives it a unique green appearance. This knowledge is guaranteed from the very first story Quest once you arrive at the Forbidden Reach, otherwise, there's a chance you can acquire knowledge from most activities around the new Zone. Usually, rare enemies and treasure hordes are more likely to award you with forbidden knowledge, but there's also a small chance that non-elite enemies could be carrying knowledge on them. Gear upgraded with knowledge can also be further upgraded with the Revival Catalyst where you can turn your helms, gloves, legs, shoulders, and chest pieces into tier set items of decent 395 item level quality, which allows you also complete the tier sets more quickly so that you can dive into some end game content like Dungeons or Raids.

Gearing Method 5 - Get New Onyx Annulet & Primordial Stones

Throughout the journey in the Forbidden Reach, you might have stumbled upon Vault Keys which opened Hidden Chambers deep within the vaults of this brand-new zone. To unlock the vaults, you will need to first rescue the members of the Expedition a short distance from the player Hub. Afterward, you'll be prompted to enter and explore. Within the vaults inside of these vaults, you'll find an onyx amulet - a unique ring with three gem slots. Inside the vaults, you also find primordial gems which can be equipped onto the amulet, these gems provide a variety of Elemental effects built for offense, defense, as well as support. Some of these gems, also have combo effects that play off of other gems, resulting in powerful new combinations. Every one of these gems can be slotted in and out of the ring without destroying them. Once you have unlocked the jewel crafting kit found within the vaults any gems, you don't find useful can also be broken down into dormant primordial fragments. These fragments can then be used to buy new gems for you to experiment with or turned into Elementium to upgrade your current gems to a higher item level using the work order system.

For now, though it is difficult to tell which of these gems will end up being the strongest choice for every single class, players are encouraged to experiment with a variety of gem accommodations to find the loadout which suits you the best. But if you're looking to gain some direction, most DPS and tank classes are advised to use the freezing ice stone as part of their core gem combo, while healers should prioritize obtaining the exuding seam stone as soon as possible. 

Gearing Method 6 - PVP Conquest Gear Catch-Up

If you're looking to dive into PVP for the patch 10.0.1, then your main could directly contribute to your odds of getting stocked up with bonus versatility-heavy items, using the Crimson equipment chess added in this recent update. To purchase one of these equipment chests, you need a character of at least 1400 rating in any PVP bracket, these chests only cost 375 conquests to purchase and can be sent to any of your old characters within your entire account. These equipment chests contain a random item of PVP Conquest gear, appropriate for your loot spec, anything from weapons, trinkets, accessories, and other armor slots. Because the reward from this chess is random, they are best suited to help out freshly leveled characters, but the cost of this chess is fairly low, meaning that you can buy them in bulk, especially useful if your main has been sitting on piles of Conquest this season after getting fully geared.

And for now, this is going to be the full list of how to take advantage of some of the new catch-ups added in patch 10.0.7 which we strongly recommend you take advantage of before the 10.1 patch. 

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