WoW Classic Era (Vanilla) Tier List 2023 - Best Class for Fast Leveling in Classic Era

4/15/2023 2:33:15 PM

The population of the Classic Era server has been increasing quickly over the past few months, and there are lots of rumors about the comeback of Vanilla WoW. If you are going back to the game, which class should you level first? Today we’ll go over a class tier list for WoW Classic Era/Vanilla servers 2023, ranking the best classes for leveling fast. 

WoW Classic Era (Vanilla) Tier List 2023 - Best Class for Fast Leveling in Classic Era

Classic Era is exploding in population, which class to pick for the WoW Vanilla 2023? Below is a WoW Classic Era tier list by tomatosaucin with the best to worst classes ranked in terms of 1-60 leveling.

S Tier: Hunter, Mage

- Hunter is an S to your leveling specialization, the first 10 levels without a pet are pretty miserable, but as soon as you get your pet, it's a whole new game, by level 10, you get your quest and need to tame three pets, then you get your permanent pet and you are just slingshotting to 60 on a hunter, your pet is tanking the damage, it's probably the single best questing class in the game. Overall, it's extremely good, it's more of a solo class, and you're not going to get involved in dungeons on a hunter because they just don't lend themselves very well to dungeon-content, they're more of a single target-focused class, but they are so fast for leveling.

- Mage is another S-tier class but for extremely different reasons. Although it does well in solo questing, where it really excels is in AOE. For the leveling of Mage in WoW Classic Era, not only can you go in solo AOE farm and have a good time doing that, but you also plug in so well into dungeon groups. Mage is the ultimate dungeon specialization in Classic Vanilla, between dungeon groups and AOE farming you're in an awesome spot on a Mage and you can just solo grind mobs and quest if you wanted to in a PVP, you can play Mage in any way, it's a great time, it's also one of the best mining specializations.

A Tier: Druid, Rogue, Warlock 

- Leveling from 1 to 10 on a Druid is easily slow, your level 10 quest to get Bear Form is a little bit difficult, but once you get that, it’s smooth sailing up to level 20, and you’ll get the Cat Form at level 20. Cat Form is absolutely awesome, you can stealth just like a rogue and you do a lot of damage, you have self-healing, and you have a ton of utility, if you enjoy the open world, PVP druid is also one of the most fun classes. Overall, Druid is really good for 1 to 60 leveling.  

- Rogue is very fast to level and you can have a lot of fun in this specialization, combat leveling is a blast. It is not going to be the fastest trip from 1 to 89, but for the pure journey, it is pretty fun. If you go combat, you can pull multiple mobs every two minutes, when your blade flurries up and that just adds to you crushing through mobs. Although it takes a little longer, it lends itself very well to the leveling process. 

- Warlock is definitely the king of the A-tier, it’s actually an A+ tier for the 1 to 60 leveling experience, they fall off a little bit in raids but you need them for Banishes, warlocks are always going to be needed raids in Classic Era, now if you decide to be warlock like the tank class of PVP, it's a lot of fun, it's actually the best 1v1 class in the game, so get a lot of mileage out of your warlock if you decide to level it up in Classic Era. 

B Tier: Priest, Shaman 

- Priest is a B tier here, it’s middle of the pack and becomes very good at endgame, Priests fit into a lot of different roles. Shadow is a lot of fun once you hit 40 and you become this open-world god, but on the way up to 40 you're probably playing one discipline and it's a good time, Shadow is also very Mana intensive, so you're drinking a lot, you're also drinking a lot on the mage, but you don't really have the same AOE capabilities a mage has.

- Shaman is another one of those specs where the first 40 levels don't feel that great, although they're also kind of interesting. Enhancement Shaman at endgame is a ton of fun even PVP level 40 plus, you do counter a lot of classes out there, Elemental Shaman with the spell batching was a blast, it's the middle of these specializations. 

C Tier: Warrior 

It's the hardest back to level in the game by far, but you get into your 30s and 40s and you end up getting a ravager out of Scarlet Monastery, what you can then do is become one of the best dungeon specializations in the game, what you can also do on Horde with Warriors, you can run four Warriors. playing Warrior Solo is probably is actually one of the most frustrating experiences, you're heavily reliant on engineering, probably the most reliant on engineering class in the entire game as well as consumables. 

D Tier: Paladin

- Paladin is one of the most boring specializations in the game, it is a good healing class in Vanilla for both PVE and PVP, but in terms of the leveling speed, Paladins are generally slow compared to other classes.  

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