WotLK Classic Noblegarden Event 2023: Egg Locations, Rewards, Mounts, Achievements & Tips

4/10/2023 10:25:24 AM

Noblegarden event is WOW Classic's shortest holiday and represents the modern tradition of easter egg hunting in-game. There's not a whole lot to this holiday but it's a great time to start leveling a brand new character and to collect unique items not attainable any other time during the year. This is the complete guide to the WOTLK Classic Noblegarden event.


WotLK Classic Easter Event Guide 2023: Egg Locations, Rewards, Mounts, Achievements & Tips

Noblegarden coincides with the date of easter in the Western world this means that Noblegarden will always occur on a Sunday at some date between March 22 and April 25. In 2023, it'll be on April 9. In modern WoW, this holiday has been expanded quite a bit both in terms of content and the length of time this holiday occurs. While it only lasts for one day, in WoW Classic Noblegarden is a week-long event in the current version of the game. Next, we talk about the Wotlk Noblegarden Event 2023, so you will know the Easter eggs' locations, prizes, mounts, and achievements.


WOTLK Classic Noblegarden Egg Locations 2023

The WOTLK Classic Easter event takes place across the six starting zones in Azeroth. For alliance, this includes Dun Morogh, the dwarf and gnome starting zone, Elwynn Forest the human starting zone and Teldrassil the night elf starting zone. For horde players, this includes Durotar the ore control starting zone, Mulgore the tauren starting zone, and Tirisfal Glades the undead starting zone. You'll find brightly colored eggs scattered throughout all these locations which all have a chance of dropping copper coins and prizes. They aren't faction restricted, so Alliance can still gather eggs in the horde zones and vice versa, but there isn't really a benefit to doing this. The purple dots on the maps just show some of the possible egg spawning points, but there are certainly more eggs to be found in these zones even in the areas that aren't marked. Eggs are typically found against the base of a tree or up against another object, so don't expect to find them laying out in the open. After gathering an egg, it will respawn eventually. Just like herbs and ore, but it's best to move around to find them since respawn times will vary and can take several minutes.


WOTLK Classic Noblegarden Event Rewards 2023

Common Prize

There are two categories of prizes found in the eggs, common and rare for a total of 6 unique prizes overall. The common prizes you can find include lollipops, candy bars, and chocolate squares. These restore 61.2 health over 18 seconds and will increase your stamina and spirit by 2 for 15 minutes if you spend 10 seconds eating them. These are notably different from the candies of the same name that can be obtained during the Hallow’s End event which scale with your level and restore 3 of your health and mana for 25 seconds without a stamina and spirit buff. If you're a mid to high-level player, these candies don't provide much value to you. But if you're creating a brand new character this is probably the best day out of the year to do so considering the free coins, free buff, and free food sources you have around while you're leveling.


Rare Prize

The three rare prices have a less than 1% drop rate and are all cosmetic items. There's a white tuxedo shirt that is visually identical to the tuxedo shirt that tailors can make with level 240 tailoring. There's also the black tuxedo pants that are visually identical to tuxedo pants which is another item tailors can craft starting at level 245. The last rare prize is the elegant dress which is sadly the only truly unique cosmetic item in the WOTLK Easter Event. However you can craft a white version of this dress called the white wedding dress with level 250 tailoring, but the pink coloring seen on the elegant dress is unique to that item. As a fun bit of trivia, this was originally called the easter dress during the first WOW Noblegarden event back in 2005 but it was changed to be the elegant dress the following year.


WOTLK Noblegarden Egg Hunting Tips 2023

None of these items is bound on pickup so they can also be traded to other players and sold on the auction house. There aren't any unique eggs or unique rewards specific to any of the zones, so just picking one zone to egg hunt in should eventually yield all the items you want. But because of the contrasting colors, Mulgore and Dun Moreaux are probably the easiest places to look for eggs. To make the eggs even easier to find, you can also go into the main menu and under graphics reduce the ground clutter slider to one. This will hide bits of grass on the ground that look visually appealing but can make the eggs more difficult to see. It also helps to pull back on your scroll wheel to zoom out your camera as wide as possible. While Noblegarden is a great time to level up low-level characters keep in mind that mobs in these areas can be found anywhere roughly from levels 1 to 10. So it's always going to be easier and faster to egg hunt on a higher-level character especially one with a mount since the mobs aren't ever going to try to bother you and attack you. It may also be useful to have alt characters in each of the starting zones, that way you can always log out and switch to another zone if the one you're egg hunting in becomes overcrowded.


Wotlk Classic Noblegarden Event Mounts 2023

On Sunday, April 9 2023 Noblegarden begins and it's everyone's first chance to get the Noblegardener achievement in WoW Classic. This achievement is required to get the Reigns of the Violet Proto Drake which is a very rare 310% move speed mount, one of only a few mounts with that speed. There's only a limited time to take advantage of getting this Mount because Noblegarden ends on April 16th. If you don't get the achievement, you'll have to wait an entire year to get another chance at it. So this is your warning to get this achievement completed.


Wotlk Classic Noblegarden Event Achievements 2023

Achievement 1 - I Found One

You need to find a brightly colored egg, you can find one of these in any of the starting area towns where you first find a mailbox. Towns like Bloodhoof Village, Brill, Razor Hill, or Falconwing Square if your Horde or Dolanaar. Goldshire, Kharanos, or Azure Watch if you're Alliance. Choose your town carefully because you're going to be spending a lot of time there collecting eggs. If there are too many people there also collecting eggs, you might be better off trying a different town. Towns like Azure Watch will probably have less competition than Kharanos or Goldshire. For horde, Falconwing Square or Bloodhoof Village will probably have less competition than Razor Hill or Brill. In total, you will need to collect anywhere from 100 to 355 Noblegarden eggs depending on your luck each Noblegarden egg has a chance to give you an item you need for the meta-achievement. But if it doesn't ever drop, you could also just buy the items you need for Noblegarden chocolate which each egg has a high chance of containing. But make sure to save at least 100 Noblegarden chocolates because you'll need them for an achievement we'll get to later. The items you need for the meta-achievement are a spring rabbit's foot, spring flowers, spring robes, black tuxedo pants, a white tuxedo shirt, and a Noblegarden egg.


Achievement 2 - Spring Fling

You need to summon your pet rabbit, using the spring rabbit's foot that you found in a Noblegarden egg or bought for Noblegarden chocolate. Then bring your rabbit near another player with their rabbit out in the four starter towns where you can find eggs while you're in Gold Shire or Falcon Wing Square.


Achievement 3 - Noble Garden

We recommend also going into the major city for the achievement called Noble Garden. You need to hide a brightly colored egg in Stormwind if your alliance or Silver Moon City if you are horde. The brightly colored egg can be bought for 5 Noblegarden chocolates or found in a brightly colored egg on the ground. You can also loot the egg once you hide it if you're still looking for chocolates.


Achievement 4 - Blushing Brides

While you're in a major city might as well work on the next achievement called Blushing Bride. While wearing a white tuxedo shirt and black tuxedo pants, kiss someone wearing an elegant dress. It'll be easy to spot someone with a dress, it's a vibrant pink, and doesn't matter if they are male or female as long as they're wearing that dress. The dress also drops from eggs or can be purchased in case you are wondering where to get it, but you don't need to wear it yourself.

Achievement 5 - Desert Rose

You will need spring robes so make sure you have that before you start. You need to go to each of the following deserts and use your robes to plant a flower, Thousand Needles, Desolace, the Badlands, Tanaris, and Silithus.


Achievement 6 - Hard Boiled

While you're in Tanaris and Silithus, stop by the Un'Goro Crater and go to the Golakka Hot Springs for this WOW Classic Noble Garden event achievement. You'll need a friend to turn you into a rabbit using the blossoming branch. Once you're a rabbit, you'll automatically start popping out eggs and the only other requirement is to be in the Golakka Hot Springs and Un'Goro Crater while that's happening and the achievement is complete.


Achievement 7 - Chocoholic

This achievement is easy. All you have to do is eat 100 Noblegarden chocolates, spam click 100 of them or make a macro to spam and this achievement is complete.


Achievement 7 - Shake Your Bunny-Maker

The last achievement in WotLK Classic Easter event is the hardest. You need to find a female of every race that is at least level 18 and place bunny ears on each of them, using spring flowers that you found in a Noblegarden egg or bought for Noblegarden chocolate. It has a five-minute cooldown, you'll have a harder time finding the player than waiting for the cooldown. Battlegrounds and Wintergrasp are your best bet for finding opposing faction females if you're on an imbalanced server.


Once you complete this final achievement that's it you successfully completed the Noblegardener achievement in our one step closer to the Violet Proto Drake.


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