WotLK How to Get Jeeves in Phase 3 - WoW WotLK Jeeves Making & Farming Guide 2023

4/25/2023 3:58:12 PM

In WoW WotLK, Jeeves is highly coveted by players due to his convenience and usefulness, and is often considered a must-have for any serious raider or PvPer. To make sure that you can craft your Jeeves as soon as WotLK phase 3 launches, there are a few things you're going to need to do. 

WoW WotLK Jeeves Crafting & Farming Guide 2023 - How to Get Jeeves Fast With Phase 3 WotLK Classic

Jeeves is for engineers and it grants you bank access to very skilled engineers and perform mundane tasks such as buying, selling, and repairing for anyone with a one-hour cooldown. So having access to your bank on the go without having to do those Argent tournament dailies is a really good thing. 

To make Jeeves in WotLK phase 3, you will need to be an engineer with a skill level of 450 or higher. Once you have achieved this, you can obtain Jeeves schematic from a vendor named "Dalaran Engineering" located in Northrend's capital city, Dalaran. This vendor can be found in the Magus Commerce Exchange area of the city. The schematic for Jeeves requires a number of engineering components to create, including a Titanium Toolbox, two Titansteel Bars, and two Volatile Earth. These materials can be obtained through various means, such as mining, purchasing on the Auction House, or trading with other players. 

Here are the full details of getting Jeeves from phase 3 in WoW WotLK Classic 2023.

Complete steps for what is the best way to get Jeeves WoW WotLK 2023

  • Repair Bot 74A

- To be able to get Jeeves, you're going to need a few different recipes. First of all, for the repairbot 74A (2), you're going to have to go to Blackrock depths. There are a few ways you can do this depending on whether you have the Direbrew Remote or you've got a friend that's got the Direbrew Remote, because quick access to BRD using this can be extremely useful. If you do have it when you use it, it's going to send you into the grim guzzler and this is going to cut down a little bit on travel time. All you need to do is turn around and go the opposite way to if you was going to go forward in the instance. So when you come out of where you actually spawn in turn right, go past two packs of Fire Guard destroyers, come through the room and take the first right to where the boss is with the Golems. 

Then you'll see the recipe on the floor, you just click on it and it will teach you how to make the recipe. 

Now to craft these, you're going to need fuse wiring, there's several places you can get fused wiring, you can even go to Gnomeregan and get fuse wiring, but you can actually craft these as well. So if you don't have the Direbrew Remote, you can do this and even if you do have the Direbrew Remote, also do this. It's quite a long way to go, but if you head over to winter spring, you can get two recipes. You can get a recipe for the seaforium charges and you can get a recipe for the fused wiring. Now depending on the price of fuse wiring on your server, getting the recipe to be able to craft it yourself is going to be useful and picking up the seaforium charges means you're not going to need the Direbrew Remote. You're going to make yourself two seaforium charges, head into Blackrock Deapths and you're going to try and pull as little trash as possible.

You're then going to run straight right through the big area called detention block and you're going to take your first left. When you get around the corner, there's going to be a door on your right hand side this is where the seaforium charges is going to come in handy. So all you need to do is just click the seaforium charge in your bag and then click on the door it takes a few seconds and it's going to blast it open.

how to get Jeeves with phase 3 WotLK

Next, you're thinking you probably need the shadowforge key to undo the shadowforge lock, you'll also be able to use the seaforium charge on this as well. There are bigger ones possible from TBC, but these are the biggest ones possible in original vanilla.

You're now basically just going to follow the corridor round, keep going now through the door that would have been locked. If you didn't use powerful seaforium charges, keep following the corridor round just avoiding as much trash as possible.

Then when you actually get into the main open room, you immediately want to go right down the ramp and the boss is going to be directly in front of you, exactly the same boss that we're looking for which is the Golem Lord.

- Then just going to click on the recipe on the floor and learn how to make the 74as. Taking those seaforium charges just makes this so much quicker than worrying about getting the shadowforge key. If you've got the shadowforge key already, then you don't need the seaforium charges. But it’s still recommended going over and getting the fuse wire and recipe anyway.

If you are going all the way to winter spring not for the seaforium charges and it's only the fuse wiring, you can get the fuse wiring from a vendor in Shattrath as well, just down in the lower city on the far southeast of the map, might just save you a little bit of time.

  • Repair Bot 110G

Next up, the other Jeeves recipe we're going to need is the Repair Bot 110G. So if you did just head over to Shattrath to go and get your fuse wiring recipe, you might as well now head over to Blade’s Edge Mountains. More specifically, heading over to Ogri’la, it doesn't take very long for this recipe to drop. In fact, you can get it within 4 five kills, but you're wanting to kill the Gan’arg Analyzers. Once you've killed him, just loot them and you'll see there you go Schematic Field Repair Bot 110G.

How to get Jeeves recipes WotLK Phase 3 & where to farm Jeeves?

Now you've got those bits done, you should move into Wrath of the Lich King content. So you're going to want to go to Terrace of the Makers. There are two things you're going to want, one's particularly easy to get and one can be a bit of a pain. The main one you want is the actual Jeeves recipe itself. So you're going to want to go to Terrace of the Makers and kill those Library Guardians and then break them down via engineering and you're wanting to get the Jeeves recipe. 

There is other place you can get this, you can even get the Jeeves recipe inside Ulduar. But if you haven't actually got it, this is a chill place to farm Jeeves recipe. On the map, it's just on the Northern side of Grom’arsh Crash Site. The first thing you're going to get pretty much killing the first mob is going to be a quest that you need which is Scrap-E access card. This is to make the Scrap-E construction kits from Wrath of the Lich King content which we're going to need 20 of, just accept the quest go up the stairs into the main building which is the inventors library and then you're going to hand the quest into scrap e. To be able to hand this quest in though, you are going to need four handful of cobalt bolts and 5 overcharged capacitors. If you've got these on an alt, you can just re-log and send them over. If you haven't got them and you don't want to spend any gold, you're actually going to get these materials by breaking these mobs down when you're grinding on them anyway. However, they are fairly cheap to craft and you could even sell some on and make a little bit of profit. But get yourself 5 overcharged capacitors and 4 handful of cobalt bulks in whatever way you need to.

How to craft Jeeves recipes in WotLK Classic?

You're doing the quest on and simply talk to scrap-e again and he's then going to give you another quest where you have to just go to the terminal, this is where you'll then learn the recipe. It's just a matter of crafting everything that you need. 

- So first off, you need 2 repair bot 74as. Thanks to the fact that you went and got the recipe from winter spring for fused wiring, you can craft these with just some copper bars that you'll turn into delicate copper wire and a couple of essence of fire each. It's worth noting though when you craft one, you're actually going to get 5. So you only need to do one cross to this for your repair about 74as. For the delicate copper wire, this is actually made by Jewel crafting. So if you're engineering jewelcraft and this isn't going to be a problem. But if you're tailoring, you might need to make a delicate copper wire on an alt. So craft these two and you're one step closer to getting your Jeeves.

- Once these are crafted, we now need to move on to making the field repair bot 110 G's and we need 10 of those. This is only two crafts because each craft actually makes 5. If you've got a minor, going around and mining the stuff is going to make this a hell of a lot cheaper. If we go to the auction house and we have a look, we're going to need 16 adamantite bars. So we'll just go ahead and buy 16 of these. We'll need Handful of Fell Iron Bolts which always check see if the fell iron is cheaper than the bolts because you'll be able to make Fell Iron Bolts with just Fell Iron Bars. So these are 468 each whereas if we was to look at the Fell Iron Bars, we're going to be able to craft them and make some profit. We're also going to need two Khorium Power Cores. These are a lot more expensive because even if you look at how to craft them, they need Khorium bars and Primal Fires. So once again, it actually does work out cheaper to buy the materials and then you could potentially sell these as well.

- While all the bits are crafting for the 110G Repair Bots, we can move on to the Scrapbook Construction Kits. These come from where we've done the quest earlier to be able to make the Scrapbook Construction Kits from when we was in storm peaks. These make 5 each time, it's 10 saronite bars for five and we need 20 in total. So we need 40 saronite bars and then we're done with all the repair bots. What you're also going to need is 8 titansteel bars which they are going to be quite an expensive part to all of this. You're also going to need 30 handful of cobalt bolts. Now if you were farming for quite a while to get your Jeeves recipe in storm peaks, odds are you probably farmed 30 of these without even needing to buy them off the auction house or go mining and make them yourself. Finally, we need 2 King’s Amber.

So, all the recipes for making Jeeves in WotLK Classic phase 3 are:

  • Field Repair Bot 74A (2)

  • Field Repair Bot 110G (10)

  • Scrapbot Construction Kit (20)

  • Titanseteel Bar (8)

  • King’s Amber (2)

  • Handful of Cobalt Bolts (30)

Extra tips

Now there are a couple of ways you can prepare to get these now. So as you log in, the first thing you can do is buy the two kings ambers and then craft your Jeeves.

Assuming there's no changes to what there was back in the day, you'll be able to get epic gems, rare gems, uncommon gems from either prospecting titanium, alchemy transmute, purchase them with honor or purchase them with emblems of heroism. So with the amount of raiding we do, by far the easiest way is just to make sure you've got 40 emblems of heroism because each King's Amber will cost 20 each and just buy two of these instantly when phase 3 goes live. If you do a lot of PVP or you just want to jump in a couple of winter grasps, because that's all it's going to take between now and phase 3 launching for 10000 honor you can get one King's Amber. So a couple of winter grasps, do the quests, get 20K honor, leave it sat there, as soon as it launches, go to the vendor either in Aggramar or Stormwind, buy your two kings Amber, make your Jeeves. 

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