Elden Ring 1.09 Top 5 Incantations for PVE - Best 5 PVE Incantations in Elden Ring

4/25/2023 5:11:11 PM

We're going to go over the most underrated incantations in Elden Ring, this is just going to be a top five and just for PVE as well.

NO.5 PVE Incantations: Frozen Lightning Spear

This one obviously is a frost lightning base attack to where it does we call Initial slam attack and gets a follow-up lightning storm, now the total overall damage of this thing is very good, especially against larger bosses themselves because that storm attack does hit over and over again and does decent frost build up, now with this spell it does have one really annoying thing about it in that the follow-up storm attack doesn't actually connect sometimes if enemies are too close, because maybe it just needs like a larger AOE, and it doesn't actually come out as fast so there's plenty of times where it just misses and combined with the fact that this thing does actually cost 29 FP it can be pretty daunting to want to use, however, what you do got to keep in mind is that this thing does frost build up and it's going to be your best frostbite option in terms of having it with a faith-based build because frostbite is probably one of the best if not the best status effect in the game, because not only does it actually decrease the enemy's HP by 10, it also debuffs them by 20 for like the duration of the frostbite itself which is honestly really amazing so I definitely recommend using this with your faith based build because a lot of enemies can actually be frostbitten in this game, so it's definitely very handy in that regard, even pairing it alongside weapons like the dragon halberd and the dragonscale Katana are also very handy because you can expect into 34 Faith use this use things like golden valves water just boost your total overall damage.



NO.4 PVE Incantations: Darkness

When enemies walk into it, they actually get blinded for about seven seconds, now what this means is that that is completely De-Aggro and you pretty much become invisible to them, now how is this useful, one, if you're actually going to get everyone to buy a bunch of different enemies you can just use the indication they can walk into the cloud you can just like run away you can actually open up your map and teleport elsewhere or you can just like fully charge your most powerful attack and actually just end up one-shotting them if you wanted to ends being that they actually de agro, your next attack will just end up being doing just more damage because when enemies aren't Aggro onto you they just end up taking 15 to 20 more damage, so you can pretty much just see this indication as something you can just use in the hated battle, and your next attackers is going to do 15 to 20 more damage which is something kind of like how Royal net resolve, it's slightly different and for only 18 Faith requirement you can pretty much use it on a bunch of different types of builds and I think 24 FP as well, it's not too bad now in terms of the things that we do have problems with, it's that sometimes when you actually use it against a large group of enemies, some enemies actually don't even get diagorate.



NO.3 PVE Incantations: Discus of Light

This build might actually have the best damage to FP consumption in the entire game, it's just that good, now basically what it is some holy disc that actually you throw out has very decent range and actually does return to you as well, now basically, it does very decent damage can go very fracking constantly spam it over and over again and for only 3 FP, three FP that's barely anything, and the requirements are very low as well it does actually have an intelligent space requirement, because it is a golden order indication 13 both intelligence and Faith, but this thing actually does have very decent uses and actually works very well with certain types of Ashes of War, specifically, carrying retaliation and golden retaliation, so we definitely recommend using this one a lot because it's probably one of the better projectile based spells in the entire game.




NO.2 PVE Incantations: Aspects of the Crucible: Tail

This is a melee based incantation to where it does a cool tail or swipe, and we can do a follow-up tail swipe if you actually have it fully charged as well, and for only 20 FP it does enormous damage and stagger and Posh damage as well as you can probably tell by the gameplay enemies are just getting posture broken extremely quick with this thing and when fully charged enemies against flying as well, it doesn't actually consume any additional FP if you actually have it fully charged, and it actually works with something like the godfreys icon to just make it do even more damage, and for only 20 FP, it definitely is worth, it now if I were to change it would be nice actually to just have it only consume 10 FP per tail swipe would be a lot nicer, so it's definitely one of the better melee based indications in the game definitely my favorite aspects of The Crucible type incantation as well.



NO.1 PVE Incantations: Noble Presence

This thing is another melee arranged incantation, it does this cool AOE Shockwave attack that does actually do decent stagger damage decent damage itself, and it does very nice posture damage on top of all of that and for only 20 FP you can constantly spam it over and over again, it's very nice and you get that cool black flame damage over time effect as well, and if you actually use the godskin noble robes, you actually just do 20 more damage when you actually use this any quotation, you can also fully charge it as well to make it as send enemies flying and obviously when enemies get set flying, you can actually prepare and actually charge up your next attack and just keep constantly spamming it over and over again, it is very similar to something like the Wrath the Gold's incantation, however, this one this consumes half the amount of FP and probably does just as much damage, and it's fire damage is all not wholly damaged which is obviously going to be very good against most bosses in this game as well and for only 20 FP and 26 Faith requirements.