WOW Dragonflight 10.1 M+ Tier List - Best M+ Melee, Ranged DPS, Healer and Tank Ranked In Season 2

5/4/2023 5:44:33 PM

Are you hyped for WoW Dragonflight season 2? The Dragoflight Season 2 M+ ranking is bound to change with balancing tuning and the talent reworks. Check our Dragonflight 10.1 Mythic+ tier list for melee DPS, ranged DPS, healers, and tanks. Our WOW Dragonflight 10.1 M+ rankings can help players make informed decisions about which characters or classes to play as, particularly in competitive or high-stakes scenarios.


Dragonflight 10.1 M+ Tier List & Rankings - Best M+ Melee, Ranged DPS, Healer and Tanks In Season 2

Let's explain the Dragonflight 10.1 Mythic+ tier list real quick. We got s tier which is the God tier. This is going to be the best M+ spec in season 2 so you're going to probably bring him the high dungeons. They're just really good and they excel at their specialization. A is awesome as well as pretty good. B is good like the middle of the pack. The specs in the C tier are the ones you probably won't bring to the high-end content but you can probably push them. D is sent help they need something, they need more love, they need some tuning and they need to be reworked.


Dragonflight 10.1 M+ Melee DPS Tier List


-Subtlety Rogue



-Retribution Paladin

-Outlaw Rogue

-Enhancement Shaman

-Havoc Demon Hunter

-Fury Warrior

-Feral Druid



-Windwalker Monk

-Arms Warrior

-Survival Hunter

-Frost Death Knight



-Unholy Death Knight

-Assassination Rogue


Dragonflight 10.1 M+ Ranged DPS Tier List


-Shadow Priest



-Demonology Warlock

-Destruction Warlock

-Devastation Evoker



-Frost Mage

-Beast Mastery Hunter

-Marksmanship Hunter



-Arcane Mage


Dragonflight 10.1 M+ Healer Tier List


-Restoration Shaman



-Discipline Priest

-Preservation Evoker

-Restoration Druid


B Tier

-Holy Paladin


C Tier

-Mistweaver Monk

-Holy Priest


Dragonflight 10.1 M+ Tank Tier List


-Protection Paladin



-Brewmaster Monk

-Blood Death Knight

-Protection Paladin

-Vengeance Demon Hunter



-Guardian Druid