Fastest Way to Get Seething Slug Mount in WoW Dragonflight - Easy Dragonflight 10.1 Mount Guide

5/5/2023 9:49:13 AM

Today we are going to talk about the Seething Slug Mount, one of the brand-new mounts of patch 10.1 Embers of Neltharion. This Mount uses the new slug model which is actually introduced in 10.0 but is finally rearing its head in patch 10.1, and this is a very easy mount to get in WoW Dragonflight. We explain how to obtain Seething Slug Mount fast in 10.1 Dragonflight, and where are seething orbs located.

Dragonflight 10.1 Seething Slug Mount & How to Get - Seething Orbs Locations, WoW Easy 10.1 Mount Guide

The Seething Slug is a brand new mount in patch 10.1, it has a very distinctive appearance, with large eyes, a wide mouth, and a long, slimy body. You need to collect 3 Seething Orbs in Zaqali Caldera in Zaralek Caverns. Once they are collected, you will go to a shrine where you open a Seething Cache that contains the Seething Slug mount. To use the Seething Slug Mount, you first need to add it to your collection of mounts by learning it. Once it's in your collection, you can summon it by opening your mount interface and selecting it from the list of available mounts. When you ride the Seething Slug Mount, your character will sit on top of its back and hold onto two reins that protrude from its head. The Seething Slug will then move at the same speed as other ground mounts in the game, allowing you to travel quickly across the game world. 

Now let’s take a look at this WoW Dragonflight 10.1 Seething Slug Mount guide, learn steps on how to obtain the Seething Slug Mount in 10.1 Season 2, seething orb locations, and seething cache locations. 

How to Get the in Seething Slug Mount 10.1 WoW Dragonflight 

- To get this mount, you need to head over to the Zaralek Cavern which is the new zone of 10.1. And dragon ride over to the left hand side of the zone to the Zaqali Caldera. 

Seething Slug Mount obtaining in patch 10

- So this area of the zone is full of elites and annoying mobs but not too much of an issue. So what you want to do here is look for seething orbs. So these are like Shadow flame orbs which are around this area and the goal here is to get 3. Every time you click an orb you get a 60 min debuff and when you click the next orb it refreshes the buff up to an hour. So basically you have around 2 hours to find all of the orbs. 

- Once you find 1 orb, you want to fly around like bushes and buy the lava, a couple of people on Wowhead have found some locations for them. But essentially you just want to fly around this zone trying to find these orbs. It's pretty annoying because there is a debuff which does dismount you if you're on a dragon riding mount, so keep an eye out for that, that will stack to 10 and then dismount you. So it is a little bit annoying in that case.

- Now there is a way to avoid getting this debuff and that is to do it dead. So you can fly around dead as much as you like obviously and find the seething orbs. You won't be able to pick them up while dead, but you will be able to find them. However, this is probably going to get fixed by the time it goes live. But if it doesn't, you can just fly around and seek them out while dead and then pick them up once you're alive. But what you want to do here is just find 3 of these seething orbs around this area. This can be done in a group as well, so if you want to find a friend or some friends, definitely do that.

- Once you find your third orb, a hissing sound has come from the Northern Shrine, you want to head over to the Northern Shrine and over there will be the seething cache. Once you open the seething cache, you will get the Seething Slug Mount. One of the cool slug mounts, it feels really nice to run around on but a very easy mount to obtain with absolutely no prerequisites either, so this can be done on day one of patch 10.1.  

Potential Seething Orb Locations in Dragonflight 10.1 (Collected from Wowhead Commenters)

/way #2133 25.24 44.80 Seething Orb

/way #2133 27.95 51.21 Seething Orb

/way #2133 25.24 44.80 Seething Orb

/way #2133 26.70 47.00 Seething Orb

/way #2133 27.70 49.00 Seething Orb

/way #2133 27.95 51.21 Seething Orb

/way #2133 30.20 40.00 Seething Orb

/way #2133 31.18 51.95 Seething Orb

/way #2133 35.63 48.77 Seething Orb

/way #2133 36.20 44.01 Seething Orb

Northern Shrine Location

/way #2133 32.33 39.35 Seething Cache