WoW Dragonflight 10.1 Ranged DPS Tier List & Rankings - Best Ranged DPS Specs in Season 2 Dragonflight 10.1

5/5/2023 4:09:52 PM

Today we are going to be presenting the WoW Dragonflight 10.1 ranged DPS meta tier list, ranking best DPS classes in 10.1 Season 2. We're likely not to see too many changes before the start of the next season, so these are predictions.

WoW Dragonflight 10.1 Ranged DPS Tier List & Rankings - Best Ranged DPS Specs in Season 2 Dragonflight 10.1

Elemental Shaman (A-Tier)

This is a low A-tier spec in comparison to some of the other A-Tiers. But elemental shaman did receive a single target buff quite recently, so that is going to help them a lot there, there's definitely something they needed. They are amazing in AOE and that is being helped by their tier set going into next patch, they are getting a storm keeper every 40 seconds, this has just been reduced to one charge of your storm keeper instead of the two. But apparently, you were getting two, it's only one now but this is going to be an amazing tier set going into next season for Mythic+. Having that extra storm keeper proc during an AOE fight is going to be insane, massive maelstrom gem, massive damage at the same time and Elemental was already incredible in AOE scenarios. They definitely did struggle with single target as well, but they have received some buffs recently, from their 4 set as well they are also getting some more maelstrom generation. So that is definitely going to help out their single target. 

This spec is going to be very strong for next season. In general, the Elemental Shaman has always slept on in Mythic+, it has amazing utility, you've got your cap totem, you've got your Earth Ellie to help out your tank and recover from any wipes that could be possible, you've got the shortest kick in the game, you've also got ancestral guidance which is amazing off healing coming from the Elemental Shaman. The only problem that Elemental does suffer from is the fact that it is quite a squishy class, they did get a bit tankier coming into Dragonflight with the buffs to astral shift. However, it's not up there with the tankiest of specs so that definitely does limit them. All in all, a very solid pick going into next season.

Devastation Evoker (A-Tier)

This spec is going to surprise a lot of people next season, it is pumping out some insane damage. They have some of the best front-loaded AOE burst in the game, you really cannot compete with them, they are demons in AOE and they have some decent single target as well. Obviously, they are losing the Evoker staff going into the next patch. But with the talent rework and also the tier set just giving them passive extra damage that definitely helps their single target as well. From the PTR, the tier set is doing around 10% of your overall damage over the course of a key and it is completely passive as well. So they are looking very strong for next patch from a damage perspective. Like the Elemental Shaman, they lack in the defensives department, they're arguably a bit more tanky than the Elemental Shaman and they've got two charges of their hardened scales, they've also got Zephyr which is some really nice utility for your group. But they've got multiple stops through their tail swipe and their knockback ability as well. You've got the deep breaths done if you're talent into it. Most importantly, they are one of the few lust classes in the game as well. This is definitely some very handy utility and would definitely help you get into more groups if you're pugging. And for these reasons, put Evoker in the top of A tier. It is looking like a machine going into next season.

Shadow Priest (S-Tier)

They're having another rework going into 10.1, but this is looking like a very promising rework for the spec. A lot of Shadow Priest Mains aren't too happy with the direction that the shadow priest gameplay is going. Their tier set is feeding into the psychic link gameplay even more which is a very potent damage profile for Mythic+, feeding all of that damage into a priority target and cleaving passively onto surrounding enemies. By default with your shadow crash ability you're probably going to be cleaving on a minimum of 8 targets, that being said though you probably will dot up a few more mobs if there are any more present and then you're just going to be absolutely blasting on the meters. This spec is looking scary for next season especially in AOE. It is pumping out some ridiculous numbers and the damage profile having that prior damage is very important in Mythic+. The only downside of this damage profile is it will hold back their single target a little bit, because Blizzard aren't going to be able to buff their single target without indirectly buffing their AOE at the same time. So their single target isn't looking the strongest is still looking good but just not the strongest, so they are going to struggle there in comparison to their AOE where they are going to be on top form. With a shadow crash ability as well, this is also going to help the ramp that the class has always suffered with. So you're going to start off packs with a big old burst and then be able to sustain that and even creep up while other specs are going to fall down. They generally are quite a tanky spec and for this reason we're whacking the Shadow Priest straight into the S tier. This is definitely looking like one of the strongest range for next season.

Marksmanship Hunter (B-Tier)

They have a bit of a lackluster tier set giving them an extra bit of single target damage and a bit of extra cleave as well. They have insane burst AOE potential but this does fall off in higher keys where other specs can climb. And surprisingly going into next season they actually have a really respectable single target damage. Being able to talent into their windrunners guidance which did get nerfed recently, but you still have a ridiculous uptime on true shot really helping out with that single target damage that they lacked before. They do bring some unique utility as a hunter as well, you've got your binding shot or your scatter shot which a lot of people do forget that we can take that as an extra single target stop especially nice for pugging. You can summon a pet for last though with Marksmanship specifically, it is very finicky. And then you have your traps as well which is nice for some extra stops or some slowing utility. Being a hunter as well you are on the squishier side of things especially as an MM Hunter. You do have access to quite a few defenses, but you just fall over especially as this spec. So for the Marksmanship Hunter, put it in the B-tier. It’s going to end up being on the lower end of the B-tier, but still definitely a viable spec.

Arcane Mage (C-Tier)

The tier set for next season seems really weird and counter-intuitive, surely you'd want to pull all of your damage into your cooldowns is specifically as an Arcane Mage. We all know the burst potential this class has, but they seem to be trying to bridge the gap. The Arcane Mage’s rotation alone is a very difficult one to perform in Mythic+, but once you've got it down, it's not too high, but dealing with all the Mythic+ mechanics at the same time you've got the affixes, different mobs running around you, not being able to stand still in DPS like you would on a training dummy is going to really impact your rotation, and therefore your DPS and when compared to the other two major specs as well it really is a lot of effort for little reward.

Being a mage though, you do have some nice utility, you've got your Arcane intellect, you've got your bloodlust as well and also talents like dragon's breath. Mage is just one of those classes as well that if you play well and know where the damage is coming, you can be a tanky spec. With abilities like ultra time where you can literally just pretend that the damage didn't happen as long as you time it correctly, you've got your ice block and you've also got your barriers. When you do compare the Arcane Mage to its firing Frost counterparts, it's really kind of lackluster and for that reason put this one in the C tier. 

Beast Mastery Hunter (B-Tier)

It does look like the tier set is going to give us some nice damage going into next season. The two set is just going to be a flat damage buff to our single target which is also going to translate into AOE through kill cleave.  Beast Mastery has some of the best single target in the game and also some very nice sustained AOE especially on mass pools. We wouldn't consider Beast Mastery a squishy spec anymore. The spec in season 1 and towards the end of the season, it’s like one of the tankiest specs. You've got your fortitude of the bear and survival of the fittest which are very nice and potent defensive cooldowns, you've got your exhilaration on a very short cooldown especially with all the CDR it receives and you have your turtle as well as a pseudo immunity. As a Beast Mastery Hunter as well, you get a bit of extra utility in comparison to the Marksmanship Hunter in the way of a single target stunned through intimidation. For the MM Hunter, you've got your binding shot, you've got your traps, it's easier to lust as a BM Hunter as well although you do lose a defensive. The Beast Mastery is definitely a better pick than the Marksmanship Hunter for season 2 and for that reason we are going to put this in the top of the B tier.

Destruction Warlock (A-Tier)

The tier set for next season is definitely a weird one, getting that extra fire damage is going to be huge for Destro especially on the AOE pulls that is already a king of. In those massive AOE pulls, you really cannot come close to the Destruction Warlock, it is an absolute monster, it's got some decent single target damage as well. The only scenario that the Destruction Warlock does lack is up to those 5 targets in those cleave scenarios, it definitely does struggle to keep up in these kinds of pulls. Being a Warlock, they are one of the tankiest classes in the game, you've got your hailstones which is also a nice piece of utility for your group as well. You've got lots of passive shielding, you've got unending resolve, you've got dark packed. The list really goes on for the Warlock is an absolute tank of a class. It does bring some niche utility as well, you've got your gateways for any skips that we do find out about. You've got the hellstones specific to the Destruction Warlock as well, you've got some infernal stuns and also an AOE stun in Shadow Fury. For these reasons, we are going to put it in the top of A tier. 

Demonology Warlock (A-Tier)

Similar to the Destruction Warlock, we also have the Demonology Warlock as well which can be placed in the top of the A tier too. These two could definitely be interchangeable depending on the week dependent on the affixes. Demonology's tier set is looking insane for next season, giving you that one and a half minute burst damage profile with your tyrant and your fell guard at the same time. Regardless of what type of pull it is whether it's AOE or if it's a boss fight, it's going to allow you to do some insane damage buffing up all your Demons and also doing damage themselves. This is really nice as well because you're getting that priority damage on those mobs that do need to die quickly. Demo has some really strong cleave damages well through their dread stalkers and this means that they're not too reliant on how the tank or group pulls because regardless of the situation, they can deal insane damage. Again, being a Warlock, you are incredibly tanky, you really are going to struggle to die on these classes and you also bring some nice utility for your group in the way of healthstones. So these two could easily be swapped out or even end up in the S tier, they are very high A tier. And depending on the dungeon and how the tank pulls, you could easily see either of these being better than the other and better than most of the range specs.

Fire Mage (A-Tier)

It did just receive a 6% damage nerf to ignite which is pretty much most of its damage. So prior to this, it probably would have had a higher ranking although it's still going to be a high ranking. The tier set does seem pretty underwhelming for next season, but this doesn't really matter because fire just does so much damage by itself anyway. We all know how strong those combustion windows are and Fire Mage scales really well with secretary stats as well which is going to help them even more going into next season. Fire also has the benefit of having one of the best damage profiles in the game, firing all that insane burst damage into a priority target and then passively cleaving which is uncapped as well. You really cannot ask for a better damage profile especially in Mythic+. 

Fire Mage has some great single target damage as well which is especially nice for those tyrannical weeks and to get the most out of your Fire Mage, they are definitely going to perform much better on those higher keys where the mobs are going to live that much longer allowing that ignite to spread and tick. Fire Mage has also arguably the tankiest of the Mage specs being able to talent into quarter rise, a lot of Mages don't but having a cheap depth is completely broken. It is definitely going in the A tier just behind the Devastation Evoker.

Balance Druid (A-Tier)

They are losing their insanely overpowered tier set from season 1. The new tier set is decent but specifically for AOE it's really not going to help too much with single target and that is definitely something we're going to see from the Balance Druids next season. They are really going to struggle on those single target encounters. The AOE might be able to carry them, we've seen Balance Druids doing a lot of damage on the PTR and they're also not going to have as much ramp time now that you don't have to apply to up to 20 stellar flares to get your damage rolling, but the Balance Druid is definitely taking a big blow from season 1 where they were pretty much on top the whole season. Balance Druid is a really tanky spec though whenever you know there's some big damage coming in just drop into bear form. You've got barkskin on a short cooldown as well, you've got your well-honed instincts talent, renewal for an instant heal if you need it and Nature's Vigil for some passive healing if you need it and also for your group. Balance has always been the king of utility for mythic+, you've got your solar beam which is very unique and very broken when you can stack mobs up and lock them out. You've got your in-cat raw for another AOE stop, Ursol's Vortex and Typhoon which can be used as another AOE stop or even to help your tank out and then you also bring the mark of the wild buff fuel group which is going to really help out over the course of a dungeon. Balance is going to be strong for next season, so put him at the bottom of the A-tier.

Frost Mage (B-Tier)

As for Frost Mage, it is one of the three specializations available to the Mage class. Frost Mages focus on using frost-based spells to deal damage and control the battlefield. They have a range of abilities that allow them to slow and freeze their enemies, making them an excellent choice for kiting and crowd control. Some of the key abilities and talents available to Frost Mages include Frostbolt, Ice Lance, Frozen Orb, Frost Nova, and Cone of Cold. Frost Mages are also known for their ability to create defensive shields and heal themselves.

In terms of gameplay, Frost Mages excel at burst damage and crowd control, making them a strong choice for both PvP and PvE content. They are a highly mobile class and can be played effectively in solo and group situations. So we are going to put it in the top of the B tier. 

Affliction Warlock (B-Tier)

Going into next season with the new tier set, you're going to have a lot more of a burst of your damage profile. Your cooldowns are seeming to line up a lot better as well and you're going to have this up for every pack. The new tier set is definitely going to help out is lacking single target as well, but when compared with the other specs in the Warlock class, it just does not even cut it close, it definitely is still a decent spec but it is just not in the same league as Destro and Demo. It brings some nice survivability to the group as well through the healthstones. You've got your gateways and also your summoning stones if you've done a skip and being a Warlock is a very tanky class. So for that reason, put the Affliction Warlock in the middle of the B tier just in front of the Marksmanship Hunter. Affliction is going to deal some very respectable damage next season. The tier set seems to be really helping them out.