Dragonflight 10.1 Most Fun PVP Tier List - Season 2 Best Fun PVP Specs in WoW Dragonflight

5/12/2023 11:01:12 AM

Are you struggling to pick a main for patch 10.1 are you really worried about living with regret going through the grind of gearing something up, it just doesn't deliver the experience that you're Desiring and you really want to avoid that situation altogether. Then today's guide is going to be great for you because we're going to be going over a tier list of how hyped we're for these specializations available in patch 10.1 which is most likely going to be a main(S Tier) for us, which is going to be a good alt(A Tier) pickup, what's a solid(B Tier) pick but maybe not fitting within the lines of our preference, what's looking like a meh (C Tier) option, and what's like a total pass (D Tier) we're really not even acknowledging it whatsoever this is not going to be on the basis of power or strength if you want that type of tier list we've got it.

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WoW Dragonflight 10.1 Most Fun PVP Tier List

Let's get started here this is a PVP-focused tier list as well to take into account.

S Tier (Main)

  • -Balance Druid

  • -Arms Warrior

  • -Enhancement Shaman

  • -Discipline Priest

  • -Preservation Evoker


A Tier (Alt)

  • -Unholy Death Knight

  • -Shadow Priest

  • -Elemental Shaman

  • -Affliction Warlock

  • -Restoration Shaman

  • -Demonology Warlock


B Tier (Solid)

  • -Destruction Warlock

  • -Havoc Demon Hunter

  • -Feral Druid

  • -Devastation Evoker

  • -Survival Hunter

  • -Arcane Mage

  • -Windwalker Monk

  • -Retribution Paladin

  • -Holy Priest

  • -Outlaw Rogue


C Tier (Meh)

  • -Frost Death Knight

  • -Fury Warrior

  • -Beast Mastery Hunter

  • -Fire Mage

  • -Frost Mage

  • -Holy Paladin

  • -Assassination Rogue

  • -Subtlety Rogue


D Tier (Pass)

  • -Marksmanship Hunter

  • -Protection Paladin

  • -Restoration Shaman

  • -Mistweaver Monk

  • -Guardian Druid

  • -Vengeance Demon Hunter

  • -Brewmaster Monk

  • -Blood Death Knight

  • -Protection Warrior


We got Protection Warrior here probably just going to be passing on this, just not really super interested in testing out the tank specs, so let's organize this here on like what's intriguing us the most so balancer again there's a lot of bias here but we think it is a really fun class, Arms Warrior enhance probably will play discover evoker, a Holy DK really excited to try this as an A Tier possibly bring Shadow Priest a little bit close or reflection like a little bit closer. Destruction Warlock just with how powerful it is has got us interested in it, maybe curious to see what the chaos bolts, and the instant cast builds these are like B Tier picks, and then C Tier pick is like you've got to really want to like the play style these ones are dirty fun, Frost DK, Fury Warrior, Beast Mastery Hunter, they're dirty fun, you want something simple and have some success you'll like these, but they're really stuck on their strategies, fire Mage, Frost mage, we feel like you'll feel inferior and again this is probably where performance is actually interfering with how fun they could be, you'll struggle with the other casters and their output in our mind, Holy Paladin, really simple and basic healer to pick up definitely really good if you're a beginner, probably will be in a much better spot than last patch since there's a competitive play, but we think it's still on the simpler side we would get bored of it pretty fast, Assassination Rogue again kind of simpler Rogue specialization straightforward kidney shot tunnel down the target, Subtlety Rogue, it's just plain the same as the subtlety Rogue has, so we're kind of open for something different to come in with all those crowd control changes, to try and bring something new to sub so it's really just not grabbing our attention, but if you want that hit and run play style.

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