WoW Dragonflight 10.1 Best PvP & PvE Build - Top 10 Best M+ Builds In Dragonflight Season 2

5/13/2023 5:29:53 PM

With the recent talent changes as of last week, we are the best M+ builds in World of Warcraft Dragonflight patch 10.1. In this Dragonflight season 2 M+ build guide, we’re going over the top 10 best builds for PvP and PvE.


WOW Dragonflight 10.1 PvP & PvE Build Guide - Top 10 Best M+ Builds In Dragonflight Season 2

Do you enjoy dealing heavy damage, providing support to your allies, or being a tanky frontline in Dragonflight season 2? Think about the type of role you want to fulfill in the game and what playstyle suits you best. Determine your goals within the game. Are you primarily interested in PvE (Player vs. Environment) content like quests and dungeons, or are you more focused on PvP Build Guide: (Player vs. Player) combat? Your goals can influence the optimal build for your character. Welcome to Dragonflight season 2 PvP and PvE build guide. It's meant to prepare you to play the spec in 10.1.


1. Havoc Demon Hunter

At the end of the patch 10.1 PTR cycle, Demon Hunter actually received a few changes and buffs namely two talents accelerating blade and serrated glaive. Serrated glaive now caused the enemies hit by froglave to take 20% increased damage from cow strike and eye beam as well as having its duration increase to 15 seconds. The accelerating blade now has been changed as well to cause the throw blade to deal 60% increased damage to its primary target when dropping off by 30% for each target hit. Changed from it is 20% for each target it's bounced to basically making a better priority and cleave tool. There also was some class tuning done where demons bite, demon's blades, fellblade, and chaos strike have all been increased by 8% and they fix the bug that prevented Chaos Theory from giving its bonus crit chance to the offhand hit of cash strike and Annihilation. Havoc Demon Hunter is also receiving a brand new tier set with 10.1. The two sets is every 175 fury you spend, you gain seething Fury which increases your agility by 8% for 6 seconds. The 4 set is that each time you gain seething fury, you gain 15 fury and the damage of your next eye beam is increased by 15% stacking five times. In combination, the Buffs and the tier set do allow us to explore a brand new build option for a pure single target.

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2. Fury Warrior

The second-best Dragonflight 10.1 PvP build is a Fury Warrior. This Fury Warrior build and play style will be very very strong and a lot of people will hate playing versus us. Fury Warrior is an underestimated class in 10.5 and 10.7.  Now it got nerfed multiple times, it felt like the damage was predictable as well as consistent damage and such. But with the full set and the stats and the builder we’re going to propose, you have the consistent damage part really well, but also the burst part very well, and you will be able to burst at any point.

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3. Enhancement (Doom Nova)

This is the best Enhancement build, the new storm build (Doom Nova) for Dragonflight season 2 M+, and the one raid encounter where you need AOE. The storm builds were previously called physical builds and the reason behind this rebranding is simply there's a lot less focus on the physical aspect of this build and more so on. If you're new to enhancement or you found the elementalist build from season 1 just a tattoo complex, then this build is a lot more straightforward with a lot less micromanaging. There's also been a lot of updates to our talents and abilities going into 10.1 like fire nova doing flame strike damage now which is both fire and physical damage rather than just fire. Meaning it benefits from the standard feral spirit wolfies, the legacy of the frost witch, and double dips with our new tier set bonus.

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4. Discipline Priest

Discipline Priest is a class that is actually being really popular when it's opening and it's been OP since the last patch and it's going to be even more OP on this patch.  Discipline Priest builds provides both healing and damage mitigation, making them versatile and difficult to take down. Their shields and damage absorption abilities can help protect themselves and their allies.

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5. Holy Paladin

This is the Holy Paladin guide that is centered around Mythic Plus and this is one of the best Dragonflight 10.1 PvP builds that most people are playing in Mythic Plus. It's a build where we use normal wings, we're not really using avenging crusader in dungeons anymore. That's because ever since 10.0.7, they did add some talents above our core healing especially our water glory healing a lot. Therefore, making us not really need to rely on avenging crusader that much. Even before it was already evil, we were already able to just use normal wings. Because normal wings are always going to be more damaged since it's also going to be buffing the damage of our consecration. 

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6. Restoration Shaman

If you want to play Resto Shaman in Dragonflight Season 2+, the Resto Shaman is looking like a fantastic pick in patch 10.1 with awesome healing throughput great passive damage, and all the utility that you could want. The two set bonus makes it so when you cast healing rain, each Ally with your Riptide on them is healed by Tidewaters and the four set bonus makes it so each Ally healed by Tidewaters increases your healing done by 1% for 6 seconds and increases the healing of your next healing wave or healing surge by 10% and your next chain heals by 2%. The set is going to reward you for having Riptides on people when you drop healing rain. Having Riptides up is basically just part of playing Shaman correctly, so you should be benefiting from this pretty passively. Given all the synergy between the chain heal talents and just how strong that build is it seems unlikely that this is going to be strong enough that you're going to want to drop the flow of the tides for it and talent around the tier set instead. So not really a fantastic set for Mythic+, especially since it's purely healing-based and doesn't contribute to damage at all. Stronger heals are stronger heals and you'll want to pick it up when you can.

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7. Guardian Druid

At the end of Dragonflight season 1 going into 10.1, bear tanks are easily the least represented tank in high-end Mythic+ keystones. But you don't need to panic because there are promising signs that there might be changes going forward in 10.1 season 2. What really kills the tanks on one shot tends to be magical damage and non-physical damage. Unlike other tank specs that have a very variety of toolkits to deal with short cooldown magical tank Busters like dark claws or haunting gazes and fortified tempo serpent keys. Guardian Druid itself just lacks specific abilities that allow them to mitigate magical damage effectively. In 10.0, that does not mean that bear tanks are weak as a tank going into season 2. If played well, they're just as viable as other tanks with a little more planning and deployment of proper defensive cooldowns.

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8. Restoration Druid

Discipline Priest

There are a lot of great Dragonflight 10.1 Disc Priest build guides. Discs’ talents are pretty locked in, you won't need to do much talent swapping between dungeons. We're going to be running a build that focuses on Shadow Covenant and the class tree is super standard pre-stuff working our way toward power word life which is a great addition to the disc kit and gives us an emergency healing tool. Then the build really starts to come together by taking Shadow Covenant and then Embrace Shadow to increase its duration. Bissell reverie makes our shadow spells do 20% more atonement healing and then work down past mind bender into inescapable torment increasing our mind bender damage similar to the shadow plane.

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9. Blood DK

Blood DK is arguably the hardest time to play amongst all the six packs, but it's also the most rewarding tank spec if you play it right. Most tanks just watch a single resource, but as a blood DK you need to watch over two types of resources. The first is runes and the second is runic power. A certain level of complexity when it comes to min-maxing a blood DK. However, this is also a double edge sword because if a blood DK is played well, technically it's fully in control of its own destiny of whether it lives or it dies. But if you play poorly, you are the squishiest of tanks, you go from 100 to zero in the blink of an eye. Play like a God and you feel like there's no situation where you don't have your entire destiny in your own palms and you have the most amount of self-healing amongst all the tanks to the extent where it's socially acceptable for you to beat your healers consistently on the healing meters. You also have the most defensive cooldowns out of all the tanks out there. The only thing people nitpick about a Blood Death Knight in Dragonflight is basically its damage output versus other tanks. It's not amazing but it makes it up in spades by letting your healer contribute way more to DPS because of the blood DK's own ability to self-sustain.

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10. Shadow Priest

Shadow Word: Death cooldown is now 10 seconds and now generates four insanity. They did nerf its damage to compensate but they did want to make Shadow Word Death be something that doesn't feel bad to press. The other change to call out is a psychic scream or AOE fear and then void tendrils. Now hit all enemies within eight yards instead of Captain 5. It's basically a full AOE stop now assuming the mob can be feared which is nice. Void tendril's use case is still kind of iffy but it's there if you need kind of a mass route and you can get melee. So that does mean you might get more use out of psychic voice or maybe even a petrifying scream inside of keys. The talent tree has received quite a lot of changes,  they removed a bunch of stuff.

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