Dragonflight 10.1 Fast 447 iLvl Gearing Guide: How To Get iLvl 447 in Season 2

5/10/2023 11:11:55 AM

How to get iLvl 447 in Season 2? We want to get as much gear as good as we can get it, as fast as we can get it.

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1. Crest Spending Basics

What crafts should you spend liberally, and what one should you be a little bit more stingy with well, as a heroic curve Raider who'll be jumping into normal on week one and then progressing through Mythic plus fairly quickly, Drake fragments will be plentiful enough for us, we'll use them quite often because we're also doing the world content that earns them, but wyrm's crests those will be a bit more rare, so we'll be conserving the wyrm's crests and we'll be using to upgrade good normal mode slots, and that basically means trinkets tear and any very rare pieces that we're lucky enough to get.


2. The Massive Caps

Cap increases by 150 each week.


3. Getting Gear: Ideal Breakpoints

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4. Easy Gear Sources

There are a few other good sources of gear to be aware of the world boss and the new dungeon Quest. At the same time, it does say heroic, we've seen people say that Mythic Plus does count for it as well but anyway doing that gets you a Drake Crash Twitch you won't need as much, and then a 415-bit of champion gear that obviously can be upgraded all the way up to 437. Obviously, if that's like a tear, a trinket, or a weapon you'll be one happy gamer, now the time walking weekly Quest also drops similarly strong gear making it relevant even to heroic Raiders when it previously wouldn't have been. Then the dungeon weekly Quest will drop we assume the hero has one out of five gear that can be upgraded all the way up to item level 441.


5. Farming Crests

You know all the gear sources, let's handle farming our crests,  if will raid therefore gets you 100 Crest fragments and for Mythic plus 12 timed runs is what you'll need to do to hit the cap of 150, at least that's the cap in week one, what type of fragment you get depends on the Keystone level that you are doing, now on top of that doing your Fyrakk Assault sand your Zaralek Cavern content will also get you a few Drake crests, we think the way that you can get some more of those albeit very inefficiently is killing rares, because those rares will give you one fragment, but that's a lot of time and we think you're probably doing M plus.

Crest Fragmrnts

  • Bosses-10 Fragments

  • End Bosses-15 Fragments

  • Timed M+ Keys-12 Fragments

  • Depleted M+ Keys-5 Fragments


6. Vital Aspect Crests

As for the Aspect Crests, you don't quite have that much heroic gear you've already made your craft and stuff and just have a few of them spare and you could actually really use some extra wyrm's crests to get your normal gear, way up an item level well the good news is you can convert your extra aspect crests into worm ones if you want, remember the cap increases 150 a week that means that these in no time will feel virtually uncapped.


7. Spend Cleverly

It only costs crests to upgrade a slot beyond the highest item level your character has got in that slot, do your guild runs raids on Tuesday and Sunday and you do Mythic plus between and after right, you'll probably be Mythic Plusing like even a crest level above what you're currently raiding at gear from the Vault.


8. Massive Crest Savings

Maxing your vault is extremely strong, maxing your Vault almost completes a gear slot for the duration of the patch,  if you get a piece of 441 Vault gear, the slot is just done, because if you get any other piece of gear in that slot, let's just say it's a trinket, you have you get a shitty trinket from The Vault but it's a level 441 well if you were to use that it would mean that any other trinket you get can very rapidly be upgraded up to that item level, only using flight Stones,  it's a 50 discount on those flight Stones.


9. Crafting Plans

You can immediately craft your best at item level 447 which will cost you an enchanted aspects Crest which is made by an enchantress costing four aspect crests in addition to some other mats including Dragonthyst which are the new Alchemy Train me that likely will be quite expensive, the four Aspects Crest you'll ideally want are from Mythic raid and M plus dungeons Beyond Keystone level 16, so timing five keys at 16 is enough to get you those four crests which should be your major week one goal as a priest and looking at the loot pool from Aberrus.


10. Tier Gear Improvement

Tier is way more accessible this round, so Sarkareth drops an Omni-Token that can be turned into any piece of tier for anyone in the raid, and this will really help you because it's a 100 drop right item that is just awesome, and obviously the upgrade system means that your normal mode tier is still super valuable because it can go up to eye level 437, so even if you're progging heroic clearing normal mode is a really good idea because of those carrier items, those Trinkets and that Tier gear that will really help out your rate, then we've got the Catalyst, it releases June 13th which is actually a week earlier than before relatively speaking.


11. Guaranteed Bit of Tier Gear

We've got a very important thing which is the Draconic Mark of Mastery, this gives you a piece of heroic item level Tier gear, a token that you can trade in for one, and it's earned by doing one of three things, number one, two thousand Mythic plus rating, so just hitting Keystone Master, the second one is getting ahead of the curve heroic, and the third one is getting a PVP rating of 1600 which being real for quite a lot of us is very doable within the first week or two.

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