Elden Ring Arcane Dragon Build 1.09 - Best Blasphemous Blade Build in Elden Ring 2023

5/12/2023 11:59:35 AM

Let’s go over the best Elden Ring Arcane Dragon build after 1.09 Patch with weapons, incantations, talismans, stats, and more. 

Elden Ring Arcane Dragon Build 1.09 - Best Blasphemous Blade Build in Elden Ring 2023

This Elden Ring Dragon Build is insane after Patch 1.09, it deals really high damage with some of the best Dragon incantations, talismans, and powerful weapons.  

1. Dragon Build Stats

- Vigor 60

- Mind 50

- Endurance 23

- Strength 27

- Dexterity 20

- Intelligence 14

- Faith 35

- Arcane 46

2. Dragon Build Weapons

There are some options with this build, you can use two seals, or you can also use one seal in one hand and use the Blasphemous Blade in the other hand, if you run out of FP, you can just switch towards your Blasphemous. If you're running two seals, there is a benefit that it does increase your incantation damage, but on the other hand, you're sort of defenseless, if you do run out at FP, this is where the Blasphemous Blade comes in hand.

- Blasphemous Blade: a Greatsword in Elden Ring and one of the best weapons for endgame, to get it, you need to defeat the Praetor Rykard boss inside the Volcano Manor in Mt. Gelmir, and you will receive the Remembrance of the Blasphemous, you can then head over towards the Roundtable Hold where you can find Enia and trade the Remembrance for the Blasphemous blade. 

- Dragon Communion Seal: this is a great seal to use and it can be acquired in early games, once you defeat the Banished Knight, he will drop the Dragon Communion Seal.

3. Dragon Build Incantations

What are the best Dragon incantations to get for this build? Here are some of the recommended options, and to get these Dragon Communion incantations, the first thing you need to do is to kill a lot of dragons located in different areas to earn enough Dragon Heart items. For example, you can go to the Limgrave, north of Dragon-Burnt Ruins, and Caelid, north of the Cathedral of Dragon Communion, both of the locations reward one Dragon Heart and a number of ER runes. You can use four Dragon incantations or a Catch Flame with three of them.

- Ekzykes’s Decay: 2 Dragon Hearts

- Dragonmaw: 1 Dragon Heart

- Dragonclaw: 1 Dragon Heart

- Agheel’s Flame: 2 Dragon Hearts

4. Dragon Build Talismans

- Roar Medallion: it increases the damage of roars and breath attacks by 15%. To obtain it, you need to beat the boss of the Limgrave Tunnels dungeon in Limgrave. 

- Ritual Sword Talisman: this increases your damage when you are at max health. It can be found in the Lux Ruins near the southeast corner of the Altus Plateau. 

- Faithful's Canvas Talisman: this increases your incantation damage, you need to find it in Sellia Crystal Tunnel which is located in Caelid at the north end of the Swamp of Aeonia. You can also get the improved version of the talisman, that is Flock's Canvas Talisman. 

- Shard of Alexander: this greatly improves your skills, it is definitely worth using especially since we are using Blasphemous Blade. Complete Alexander the Iron Fist's questline to get it. 

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