D4 Season 1 Best Class & Build after 1.1.0 Patch | Diablo 4 1.1 Tier List

7/19/2023 3:17:56 PM

With the huge nerfs and buffs that happened to classes in the 1.1.0 patch before Season of the Malignant, let's update the new tier list of D4 Season 1 best class & build to play!

D4 Season 1 Best Class & Build To Play

Diablo 4 Season 1 Best Class & Build After 1.1.0 Patch

The first season of Diablo 4 begins on July 20th. Without a test phase and only two days before the start of the season, the associated season patch was released. This 1.1.0 patch includes many class adjustments, game changes, and all new features like a new quest line and everything related to the Season of the Malignant theme. The buffs and nerfs for class balance obviously affected the meta tier list in the game. So now what is the best class to play for Season 1?  We are going to update the new D4 Season 1 Tier list, basing all changes on all the classes as well as the builds on the character.

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  • 1. Druid (S Tier)

There really doesn't seem like a lot of significant changes have happened to Druid, we think actually the Storm Druid got a buff across the board so we are going to put Druid at A Tier here, they seem to be very fun to play in Season 1 no matter with the Shred build or storm build. What's more, with the Buffs to Tornado, the build was already S-tier here now would get more powerful in Season 1! Druid also got Buffs to Boulder, so we can see potential Boulder build be meta in the first season. So overall with multiple variants, we think Druid is going to be the best class in the game.  

D4 Season 1 Best Druid Build To Play: Tornado Build

This efficient build primarily revolves around a single button, effortlessly summoning tornadoes as a summoner to annihilate foes while employing buffs to bolster your strength and that of your allies. Ideal for both solo play and group engagements, this druid build combines the potent Tornado ability with the prowess of the Werewolf form. The Storm Roar Headguard, a unique item, grants your storm skills the benefits of werewolf skills, amplifying their effectiveness. With its simplicity, this build allows you to tackle nightmare dungeons and conquer various endgame challenges with minimal exertion.

  • 2. Rogue (A Tier)

Rogue got some significant Buffs, before the patch we would probably put Rogue at S tier with Druid. Now we are not so sure they could be the meta in Season 1, they got significant reductions to vulnerable damage from the crossbow, they receive 65% less vulnerable damage from the crossbow and 50% less crit strike from the implicit of one-handed swords which they always have two of, so now it's looking like Penetrating Shot might be a little bit better than Twisting Blades. but with the massive Nerfs to crit and vulnerable, we could be seeing a lot less damage from Twisting Blades. Also, the Trap builds were nerfed significantly with the cooldown however you are able to get the cooldowns back quickly.  Though the two best builds for Rogue did get nerfed, we still think Rogue is incredibly fun to play being able to have all that movement and so many solid builds, and that's why we are putting Rogan A tier here.

Best Rogue Build For Season 1: Twisting Blades Build

This build is among Diablo 4's finest options at present. Its main emphasis lies on empowering buzzsaw blades, allowing you to thrust your daggers into foes and execute multiple enemies upon your return. The play style resembles that of an agile assassin. This build is effective for both solo adventuring and cooperative gameplay.

3. Barbarian (B Tier)

Barbarian is probably going to be the hardest one to put on this tier list because the Barbarian could go between A, B, and C but we are going to put Barb in B. HoTA probably just got nerfed because of the bug that was affecting it that made it do a lot more damage on the outer ring of the actual circle, so we are assuming they did Hoda got pretty much butchered and it's not going to be nearly as good. And the only Barbarian build left standing now is going to be Whirlwind, they did add a couple of patch notes that made Charge seemed like it was going to be really good. So depending on how good Charge is, we could see some movement, if charge ends up being bad barbarian's just going to be purely Whirlwind and that would make them just not that great, but right now Whirlwind you just spin to win and that's kind of like the only builds going into season 1 until more people theory craft and if we find out because upheaval just got a buff and maybe charge is really good, but we'll have to see with Barbarian.

D4 Season 1 Best Barb Build To Play: Whirlwind Build

The Whirlwind build has endured as one of Diablo's most beloved and potent strategies throughout the ages. Unleashing yourself as a destructive cyclone of steel, this build not only obliterates foes but also grants self-healing capabilities. Its versatility makes it ideal for various content, remaining formidable despite significant adjustments. Whether adventuring alone or engaging in group activities, this build excels in both scenarios.

  • 4. Sorcerer (B Tier)

There's a lot more variety in the builds of Sorcerer now after getting buffed, so we are actually going to put this class in B Tier here. There are probably a lot more varieties that you can go with, such as fire builds and electric builds will be very good in Season 1.  And the frost builds are going to be a solid option no matter for leveling or endgame running.  There was a unique item that was added to the sorcerer where they evade basically turned into a teleport. Blizzard nerfed a strong caster build so badly that it seems like they deleted it from Endgame. The class feels good throughout the campaign and early world tiers up to T3, but really starts to fall apart once you hit T4. Regardless sorcerer did get a lot of Buffs across the board, it is not as fun to play as Barbarian, but it is going to be better than Necromancer all around that's why we put it at B tier. 

D4 Season 1 Best Sorc Build To Play: Ice Shards Build

If long-range combat is your preference, this build empowers you to rain down a relentless barrage of ice projectiles upon your enemies, excelling at taking down individual targets. Whether embarking on solo adventures or participating in group scenarios, this build remains effective and adaptable.

  • 5. Necromancer (C Tier)

Necromancer's bone spear was nerfed. Overall we feel like Necromancer is boring to play, bone spear can one-shot everything, bone Spirit has a lot of setups and it just hits very hard. But since there's so much setup with clearing things, with the Bone Spirits you're not going to clear faster than a Barbarian and Druid, even a Sorcerer, so that build is just really good for bosses. But overall bone spear is probably still going to be the best build for Necro and it just got nerfed, so whatever you would consider Necromancer was at is now probably lower. The minion build actually got buffed significantly, so if you like pet builds you could definitely put Necromancer higher, we think the pet builds might actually be decent but they'll not be meta. Here we are going to put Necromancer in the C tier because the only strongest build on Necromancer in our opinion is going to be the bone spear build and the only fun Builds in this class are going to be the blood lance build and the minion builds. 

D4 Season 1 Best Nerco Build To Play: Bone Spear Build

Discover a compelling Bone Spear build for the Necromancer in Diablo 4 that breaks free from dependence on skeletons and golems. Our extensive experimentation, including completing the campaign multiple times, has led us to this setup. Despite investing considerable time in summoning skeletons, we highly recommend exploring this build centered around the core skill, "Bone Spear." Embrace the fact that the Necromancer is not restricted to summoning abilities alone and delve into this exciting alternative.

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