ACNH Glitches 2023: Animal Crossing New Horizons Glitches That Still Work & Get Patched

7/25/2023 4:53:38 PM

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, there was a bunch of different glitches available in the game, many would get patched out, while some of them are still remaining in the game. So let’s get into ACNH glitches 2023 that are still working and get patched now.  

ACNH Glitches 2023 - What Glitches Are Still Working in Animal Crossing & What Are Not

ACNH Glitches That Still Work in 2023

There are some glitches that still work in the game and maybe you can make use of them to add some fun and get some unexpected profits, such as unlimited bells.  

1. If you have some sort of furniture up on a cliff, there's a chance that one of your villagers will launch themselves from the ground to go sit up on top of whatever furniture is up by the cliff for a long time, there have been restrictions on where you can put certain furniture pieces or where you can grow trees, specific trick you can do is to put trees in places that you aren't normally supposed to.

2. By placing different items like panels or furniture near each other, you can actually create full-on secret entranceways to different areas that you have hidden away on your island, this is just really cool if you're trying to hide some good stuff that you have and maybe you have others who could go in your account but you don't want them to find it.

3. For Tarantula Island and Scorpion Island, one of the islands you could fly to during the Mystery Island tours could result in you just getting scorpions or just getting tarantulas, which could be really lucrative. As the tarantula is one of the most valuable bugs in the game, each tarantula sells for 8,000 bells at Nook’s Cranny and 12,000 bells if you sell it to Flick. 

How to get to ACNH Tarantula Island in 2023? The first thing you need to do is spend 2000 Nook Miles for a Nook Miles Ticket, and you can actually increase your odds of making a regular island tarantula Island by cutting down all of the trees, breaking all the rocks, and moving everything else to the beach depending on what month it is since the game is requiring to spawn in some sort of insect at any given moment on this island. The likelihood of you getting a tarantula will become increased since there isn't a spawn opening for rocks or trees, this method works really well during March and parts of April. Remember to upgrade your pocket space before you go hunting tarantula to be able to carry more items.  

ACNH Tarantula Island

ACNH Glitches That May Get Patched

1. There was a glitch that allows players to merge with objects, and people can take advantage of that to get some really fun screenshots of their villagers. You may see people sitting in swimming pools and other ACNH items, you could use glitches like this to get extra items and duplicate stuff. 

2. There was also a way where you could glitch up to the fourth level of your island, which you normally can’t access, and you can even place items on there, which is a new way for decoration. Though this would end up getting patched out. 

3. There was also a glitch where if you had a cliff built all the way up to the fourth level, even though you couldn't get up onto it if you shot a present in a balloon out of the sky and it landed on the fourth level, that present would just be stuck there with no way of getting up to it to grab it and it wouldn't go away until you saved and quit and started up the next day.

4. There was a glitch that players used to do to be able to hide the HUD on their own so they could take screenshots without showing all of the stuff on camera, this would end up getting patched though the feature would be implemented, making the need for the glitch not really necessary.

5. If you have a villager who's moving out and is in boxes, you have someone come over to talk to the villager to get them to move to their Island, and then you disconnect while you're online, the villager's house will remain on your Island if you try to visit them, there will be text that pops up and tells you the villager has moved out, you can't go inside the house and interact with them anymore.