How to Get a Three-Star Island & Unlock K.K. Slider to Your Island in ACNH

8/8/2023 11:24:10 AM

Gabrielle Castania's July 31, 2023 update: Now that Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been out for a while, we'll show you how to acquire a three-star island so you can play K.K. Slider as soon as possible.


How to Check Your Progress With Island Evaluations in ACNH?

To check your progress with island evaluations in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH), follow these steps:

  • -Talk to Isabelle: Isabelle is your island's resident representative and can provide information about your island's current evaluation. Head to the Resident Services building and speak to her.

  • -Choose "Island Evaluations": When you talk to Isabelle, select the "Island Evaluations" option from the menu she provides.

  • -Review the Evaluation: Isabelle will give you feedback on your island's current rating and provide suggestions on how to improve it. She typically rates islands on a scale of one to five stars.

  • -Take Action to Improve: Pay attention to Isabelle's suggestions and work on addressing any issues she mentions. Common areas for improvement include adding more furniture, decorating outdoor spaces, planting flowers, and keeping your island clean.

  • -Check Back Later: Once you've made changes based on Isabelle's feedback, wait for a few days and then talk to her again to get an updated evaluation. Keep refining your island until you achieve your desired rating.


How To Get A Three-Star Island in ACNH?

To get a three-star island rating in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH), follow these steps:

  • -Fulfill Basic Requirements: Ensure that you have basic infrastructure on your island, including Resident Services, a Nook's Cranny shop, and at least three villagers living on the island.

  • -Decorate Your Island: Start adding decorations and furniture to your island. Place items like furniture, flowers, trees, and fencing. Create designated areas like outdoor cafes, picnic spots, or gardens. Incorporate a variety of items and styles to make your island visually appealing.

  • -Plant and Maintain Flowers: Plant a good amount of flowers throughout your island, including different types and colors. Water them regularly to keep them blooming and vibrant.

  • -Clean Up Clutter: Remove any unsightly items, such as weeds, randomly placed furniture or dropped items. Ensure your island is clean and free of clutter.

  • -Consider Paths and Landscaping: Create pathways using custom designs or in-game path tools. Designate spaces for different activities and make your island visually organized and planned.

  • -Place Outdoor Furniture: Add outdoor furniture to various parts of your island, such as benches, tables, chairs, and other decorative items. Create cozy spots for relaxation or socializing.

  • -Talk to Isabelle: Speak to Isabelle at Resident Services and ask her for an island evaluation. She will provide feedback on what you can improve to reach a three-star rating. Take note of her suggestions.

  • -Address Feedback: Work on the areas Isabelle mentioned and make the necessary adjustments. This may include adding more decorations, planting more flowers, or improving the overall aesthetics of your island.

  • -Rinse and Repeat: Repeat the process of speaking to Isabelle and making improvements until you achieve a three-star rating. Isabelle will provide updated feedback each time you talk to her.


How To Invite K.K. Slider To Your Island in ACNH?

To invite K.K. Slider to your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH), you need to achieve a three-star island rating and complete a few additional steps. Here's what you need to do:

  • -Reach a Three-Star Island Rating: Follow the steps mentioned earlier to improve your island's rating until you achieve a three-star rating. Speak to Isabelle at Resident Services for island evaluation and work on her suggestions.

  • -Complete Tom Nook's Tasks: After reaching a three-star rating, Tom Nook will announce that K.K. Slider is coming to your island for a special performance. He will give you a task to complete before K.K. Slider's arrival.

  • -Upgrade Resident Services: In order to complete the task, you'll need to upgrade the Resident Services building from its tent form to a proper building. To do this, you need to have at least three villagers living on your island.

  • -Complete Tom Nook's Request: Tom Nook will ask you to place more infrastructure ACNH items, like bridges or inclines, around your island. Fulfill this request by building the required number of bridges or inclines as specified.

  • -Wait for K.K. Slider's Arrival: Once you have completed Tom Nook's request, K.K. Slider will come to your island the following day to perform.

  • -Attend K.K. Slider's Performance: On the day of K.K. Slider's performance, go to the plaza area on your island. K.K. Slider will perform a live concert, and you can enjoy his music along with your island residents.

  • -After the performance, K.K. Slider will give you his "K.K. Slider Song." You can either listen to it or obtain it as a record to use in the music player and customize your island's background music.

Once K.K. Slider has visited your island, he will return every Saturday to perform in the plaza. This allows you to request specific songs from his diverse repertoire. Enjoy the music and continue to enhance your island with his tunes!