All NBA 2K24 New Badges - How Does the New Badge System Work, How to Progress Badge Levels in 2K24

8/31/2023 6:38:05 PM

NBA 2K24 introduces a revamped badge progression system, offering a more streamlined experience to unlock and upgrade badges. Alongside this new system, 24 additional badges have been incorporated, providing players with a wider array of gameplay options and strategic advantages. With these badges, players can customize their builds, enhance their skills, and create a more immersive and rewarding basketball gaming experience in NBA 2K24. Here’s everything you need to know about how the new badge system works, how to progress through levels, and every new badge added to NBA 2K24.

NBA 2K24 New Badge System & How Does It Work?

The badge progression system in NBA 2K24 has been redesigned to offer a more streamlined and player-friendly experience. Badges will now be categorized as S-Tier, A-Tier, B-Tier, and C-Tier, with S-Tier being the best and C-Tier being the worst. Unlike previous years, badges will now progress or regress based on your performance on the court. Players can use Perks to speed up or slow down the progress of a specific badge. In addition, there are training facilities available, such as the Gatorade Training Facility and Chris Brickley’s Gym, to help players improve their skills in specific areas.

NBA 2K24 Badge Level Progression & How to Progress Your Badge Levels in NBA 2K24?

In NBA 2K24 MyPLAYER mode, the badges' levels are determined by how often they are used. Badges that are used frequently and effectively will progress to higher levels of your potential, while those that are used infrequently or not at all will go to lower levels. 

- To upgrade your badges, you will not only have to successfully use the skill or move on the court but also meet the rating requirement depending on the badge’s level and tier. For example, if you want to upgrade your B-Tier Claymore badge to the Hall of Fame level, it won’t be enough to simply score three-pointers as the badge description indicates. Your player will also need to have a Three-Point Shot rating of 92.

- To upgrade the Claymore badge to HoF level your player needs to have a Three-Point Shot rating of 92.

- As if this weren’t enough, there are also other new features called Badge Perks, Performance Multiplier, and Floor Setters that will help you to upgrade your badges faster or to prevent their level from decreasing even if you don’t use them.

New Badges Coming to NBA 2K24

NBA 2K24 introduces 24 new badges, expanding the range of abilities and strategies available to players. These badges offer unique enhancements and advantages in various aspects of the game. Below are some examples of the new badges you can expect in NBA 2K24:

  • Post-Fade 

  • Phenom

  • Open Looks

  • Free Points

  • Spot Finder

  • Float Game

  • ScooperBunny

  • Spin Cycle

  • Two Step

  • Precision Dunker

  • Hook Specialist

  • Bulldozer

  • Whistle

  • Relay Passer

  • Touch Passer

  • Big Driver

  • Blow-By

  • Physical Handles

  • Speed Booster

  • Triple Strike

  • Fast Feet

  • Right Stick Ripper

  • Immovable Enforcer

  • 94 Feet

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