NBA 2K24 Season 1 Leveling Guide to 40 - Fastest Way to Rep & Level Up Fast in NBA 2K24

9/20/2023 2:50:31 PM

In this guide, we are going to give you all the secrets you need to know about rep and level up in NBA 2K24, the fastest way to reach level 40. We explain the all-new web system, what it means, what are the rewards, we are going to explain the specific actions you can do that maximize your rep in the quickest way possible.

NBA 2K24 Season 1 Leveling Guide to 40 - Fastest Way to Rep & Level Up Fast in NBA 2K24

NBA 2K24 has taken the gaming community by storm with its immersive gameplay and lifelike graphics. One of the key aspects of the game is leveling up your player to reach the maximum level of 40 and unlock various rewards and abilities. We will explore the fastest way to hit level 40 in NBA 2K24.

How Seasons/Levels Work in NBA 2K24

There are a lot of big changes this year, it's very different from if you played 2K22 or 2K 23, there are some huge changes we want to tell you about and how to wrap up fast and level up fast effectively in this system.

So this year like in previous years, we really didn't have a rep system, we had seasons and we had levels which they still have in the game, but there was no rep system. This year, it's split into two distinct things, there's seasons in this rep, seasons work like it did in previous years, you have a season pass except this time, every time you hit a level, it's crushed into, so current gen and next gen will get these levels. You get level 30 on current gender, level 31 next gen which some people have been saying is the method that we're going to talk about is play current and apparently these levels are really easy. If you get a micro and you get a MyTeam reward and they also added like you can buy level skip, so if you are impatient, you can buy your way to level 40 under the old system, it's kind of pay to win, you can buy special passes, so there's a premium system at the start. So that's how levels work, if you want to do seasons, it's pretty simple, it's easy to hit Level 40 like in previous years. And you can activate XP coins, hit them really quick. This year, all the levels are evenly spaced, so level 1 is just as hard as level 40, they're all the equals length of levels.

The New Rep System in NBA 2K24

The real reward and the great thing about this year is the rep system. You will not start gaining rep or gain any progress to rep until you join an affiliation. 

Rep is a kind of player reputation progress that can help earn different rewards including gear, clothes, and accessories, and can also be used to provide a boost to the player’s stats as well. The rep points are further divided into MyREP and Affiliation REP. The points under the MyREP represent the total rep points earned in the whole game while the Affiliation rep points are those that are earned only by linking the player to one of the two available affiliations, the Elite and Rise.

Every player in 2K24 starts off with the Rookie rank in the rep system. With the progression in the game, the player will follow up different levels to reach the top 10 which is the highest level in the rep system. Following is the list of all the tiers along with their levels and the rewards you gain for reaching that rep level.

Rep Rewards:

Rookie 1

Rookie 2 - gain 5x Gatorade Boost and 10x Skill Boost for each skill

Rookie 3 - Unlock new badge-improving drills


Starter 1 - unlock Two Way Tenacity Booster, 10x Gatorade and 20x Skill Boost for each skill

Starter 2 - unlock an extra Turbo meter without gym workouts

Starter 3 - gain bonus Daily Rewards, 25x Gatorade Boost and 50x Skill Boost


Veteran 1 - gain 50,000 VC and unlock Recharge Booster which improves adrenaline bar recharge

Veteran 2 - Defensive attributes gain +1 bonus and improved Rebirth, Rebirth 2.0 is unlocked

Veteran 3 - gain 100,000 VC, Shooting Attributes are increased by +1 and 99x Gatorade and Skill boosts are unlocked

Top 10

It is the highest level for the REP system. All in-game attributes gain a +2 bonus.

How to Rep Up Fast in NBA 2K24 - How to Increase Rep Fast in NBA 2K24 

  • Engage in Pro-Am and Rec Center Games: Playing Pro-Am and Rec Center games not only offers a refreshing multiplayer experience but also provides substantial rep points for your player. Coordinating with your team and performing well in these competitive game modes significantly accelerates your leveling journey. Additionally, ensure that you fulfill your assigned role on the court to maximize your team's efficiency and improve your chances of winning, resulting in increased rep gains.

  • Participate in Events and Daily Challenges: Take full advantage of the various events and daily challenges offered in NBA 2K24. These activities grant significant rep points and unique rewards upon completion. Keep an eye on the in-game calendar to stay updated on the schedule of events and make sure to participate actively to earn extra rep and level up faster.

  • Playing with friends: While teaming up for the game, you must try to involve some friends with high REP in the squad. This will help you increase your REP faster by winning the games.

  • Play on a higher difficulty: Playing the game at higher difficulty levels also helps you gain REP points faster. You can increase the difficulty level of the game by going to MyCareer. Additionally, you can also set the Trae Difficulty challenging in MyGM settings as well.

Best Places to Get Rep in NBA 2K24

- Season Events is so crucial, there's events pretty much every weekend if you want to rep up fast and even some of these apply to Seasons, but most of these are rep now. 

- Every Friday, Club 2K, 2x rep and that's how a lot of people cheated, you might see these bet bars and they move extremely slow this year, so starter bar 0.1%, you may only get one or 2% even on the Ricky bars because there's not that many rep levels as we showed. But people are moving fast because you're taking advantage of these events. Club 2K, you want to play that. 

- Strikeout, this is going to be good on this Saturday, so they have a weekend and two extra to four, think about that for what's up you play one game that's the same as you playing four games. So these are really huge opportunities.

Different locations to rep up in NBA 2K24 & best rep glitches: 

  • Elite and Rise Bar: Both of these parks are great ways to get games to different players. 

  • Poem is the new glitch for getting rep points in NBA 2K24 but basically depending on what tiers you unlock and get, you can be getting like 1.5 times rep or 2x rep every single game if you're a high tier in the game. So you want to play this level up your proam team, that's going to be very key and they made it radically good rewards because if you've seen before, there's no point playing for him, but Forum can be extremely good this year.

  • The other is the theater, the theater has a lot of different modes. If you ever find yourself lost and off the teammate, but really want to get rep, then make sure to go in here to the theater, because the theater is great for rep and they always have something going on in some events and you can just imagine they can walk in there. So if you're having trouble getting games or you don't really have a teammate, go to the theater.