10 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Build in NBA 2K24 | NBA 2K24 Build Mistakes Guide

9/8/2023 5:42:47 PM

Creating a successful build in NBA 2K24 can significantly impact your performance on the court and your overall gaming experience. However, it's important to approach the build creation process strategically and avoid common mistakes that can lead to wasted VC. In this article, we will explore 10 crucial mistakes to avoid when creating your build in NBA 2K24, enabling you to optimize your VC usage and build a dominant player.

NBA 2K24 Build Mistakes Guide - 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Build in NBA 2K24 

#Tip 1

Be sure your build meets the requirements for the animations that you want. There's nothing worse than making a guard build and then finding out you don't get the dribble animations you want or making a slasher, and finding out you don't meet the criteria for the contact dunks or the certain NBA player dunk package that you wanted. Make sure you check out those animation requirements. They're going to be posted online eventually, but let's say you get the game immediately when it first comes out, you can create a 60 overall player, go into the game and search through the animation store and find out. Whatever the animation thresholds are, you can go in and find out exactly what it is, same thing with guard you could go in and find out what dribble style, what behind the back, what crossover you think you're going to want to use and make sure you meet the ball handle and the speed with ball requirements to get the animations you want. Otherwise, you're going to put all this VC into a build and then not even be able to use the animations that you want, you're going to end up having to remake the build, now you've paid twice the amount of money for one build. Make sure you get those animations that you want before you invest all that VC into the build.

#Tip 2

A lot of people will make multiple builds in a year, you might have your guard build, your center build, your lockdown build, 2, 3 builds however many buildings decide to make. Let's say you plan on making two builds, a guard build and a center build. We recommend you start with the center build to start the game because it is a low risk build. A center build is a lot easier to create and not mess up. So you don't essentially have to worry about dribble animations, you don't have to worry about as many shooting and dunking animations in terms of what your build is able to unlock right. On a center, the big thing you want to have is the correct attribute spread. It might end up being a mistake in terms of like let's say you went Hall of Fame rebound chaser, and it turns out gold is basically just the same as Hall of Fame, we find out little things like that throughout the year, but your build is still viable. But if you make your guard build and it turns out you went 90 ball handle, but all the best animations that people find are at 95 ball handle. Now your guard build is basically trash and you got to remake it. You won't have that on a low risk build like a center or a low risk build like a lockdown, where animation thresholds are not that big of a deal. All you got to do is make sure you have the right attribute spread. Get the badges that you want and your build will be set for the year. 

The problem with the guard builds are they're high risk builds, we don't know the best dribble animations when the game first comes out. You can look at the requirements all you want. But we don't know what works and what doesn't, we don't know if gold Speed Booster is trash and you need hall of fame or we don't know if gold Speed Booster is the same as Hall of Fame. So those things in terms of guard builds are literally make or break for the build. But in terms of a center build or a lockdown build, those builds are a lot more low risk builds and if you plan on making one of each, start with the low risk build.

#Tip 3

The next one tip to not mess up your build on NBA 2K24 is understand what each attribute actually does. So for example, if you're new to 2K, you probably think you are upgrading acceleration, that's going to change how fast player reaches top speed when you are running on the fast break, but as more experience 2K players know, acceleration only affects your first step when you have the ball in your hands. What affects how fast you run up and down the court is your speed. So for example, if you have a 90 speed, and I have 90 speed, but I have 90 acceleration and you only have 50 acceleration, if neither of us have the ball and we both start on the baseline and we run to the other baseline, we will both get there at the same time. But logically, you would think the player with the higher Excel would reach top speed quicker, thus getting to the other Baseline quicker. That's not how 2K works, acceleration only affects when you have the ball in your hands and there's other attributes like that. So do a research and make sure to find out exactly what each attribute actually affects before you start pumping up attributes that your type of build doesn't even need. 

#Tip 4

Pay attention to when you're selecting your physicals on your player, the height, weight and wingspan. As you change your height, weight and wingspan in this year's builder, you'll see over on the side there, it actually shows you what badges now your build potentially can unlock depending on where you put your attributes. But it's nice to know that by putting up build by maybe one tick of wingspan or by putting them up even just one pound, now instead of unlocking a badge at silver we get it on gold or not unlocking a badge at all, now we can get it on bronze, you can see it just off of what your physical selections are. So pay attention to that this year, that's going to be a key in terms of not missing out on badges and not missing out on badge levels that your build potentially could have had. But you just didn't even pay attention to what you're doing on your physicals. Physicals affect badges more than ever and they're allowing you to see exactly what badges are affected when you change your physical. 

#Tip 5

The next mistake to avoid when creating your build in NBA 2K24 is give your build time before you judge it. We've seen people waste hundreds of dollars of VC, they create a build, they don't give themselves time to max out their badges or max out their attributes. You're in a 90 overall with a few badges running around the park, you're getting cooked and you're like this build's trash, and making a new one. So give it some time, don't throw away a couple hundred dollars into a build, just because you didn't even put the time in to get the build maxed out. A lot of times a build that you create especially a very nuanced build, you need everything for the build to come together and really feel good. Now there's other builds that you know even at 85, a big center, you get the job done, but even those builds maxed out, they're going to feel a lot better than when you first start out. So give it time, max the build out and then judge the build before you just throw a bunch of money into the dumpster.

#Tip 6

Create your build to fit your play style. Use those build videos and those streamers opinions to help you, take that information in but to mold the build around how you want to play. That's the only way you're really going to enjoy your build and have success on it. Taking somebody else's best build is not going to be your best build, you need to take all that information from all the build videos and all the streamers opinions.

#Tip 7

Keep the new badge system in mind. When you're creating your build, the tiers are not like how they used to be. You don't need a certain amount of badge upgrades to unlock a build. For example, you could only have one category up in defense. Let's say you just put 93 perimeter defense, before to get gold clamps and gold challenger and all these other elite defensive badges, you would have to put up other defensive attributes to unlock badge upgrades. But that's not how it works anymore, even if a badge is on S-tier or A-tier, you don't need badge upgrades to unlock those. You have all the badges your build is potentially able to have, so don't be getting confused thinking in the past. You can be a little more pick and choose of where you put your attributes because any badge that your build potentially unlocks, you will have that badge, you don't have to spread out badge upgrades like you used to. So don't create your build thinking in the 2k23 builder system, this is 2K24, there's no badge upgrades to be unlocked, whatever badges your build gets, you will have.

#Tip 8

Create your build to it not only the game modes that you play, but the teammates that you plan on playing with. Now if you plan on playing with randoms, that's kind of tough on the second one, but definitely the game mode one you can still follow. A build that's good on the once court is very different than a build that's good in 5v5. On the ones court, you don't even need pass accuracy on your build. Also if you plan on playing twos or threes, reate your build specific for the game mode you plan to use it in. Obviously, some people play multiple game modes, so you can balance it across a few. But you got to base it off of what you plan on playing and also in terms of who you plan on playing with.

#Tip 9

Take your time in the Builder. The Builder is very different, complicated, very more limited in terms of what attributes you can get on your builds. It's going to take some time to adjust to do not rush into making a build, put 100 or 200 dollars into a build and then end up hating it, because you rushed and you spent 10 minutes in the Builder. Take your time in that Builder, really try to figure it out, watch videos if you don't understand how something works, get people's opinions before you invest hundreds of dollars into a build that you're going hate and then you're going end up having to reinvest more money.

#Tip 10

Whatever build you end up making, make sure it's a build that you're going to enjoy even if you make the quote-unquote best build, best guard build, lockdown center build, if it's a build you're not going to have fun playing on, you're not going to like the build. It's gotta fit your play style, fit your game mode, fit playing with your teammates, it's got to be a good build that you can actually have success on. But also it's got to be a build that you like playing. Don’t create a build to shoot threes, you're going to get bored of that very quickly if you like to defend and rebound and play in the paint. Create a build that fits how you want to play the game.

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