Diablo 4 1.1.3 XP Farming Glitch Guide for Season 2 - D4 1.1.3 New Hotfix, Red Dust Glitch

9/8/2023 3:21:36 PM

Let's talk Diablo 4 Hotfix in Patch 1.1.3, XP farm glitch, infinite elixir, malignant heart, and D4 gold after Patch Diablo IV! Tips and tricks!


Hotfix Patched This Glitch

This hotfix has been rolled out to all players, for bug fixes, fixed an issue where curse Scrolls of Chaos could be used outside of the field of hatreds, and then right underneath this there's another bulletin point for stability. What you might be wondering is what's the huge deal about this whole scroll issue, if you did not know there was a huge massive exploit where you could potentially be immune in the PVP Zone, of course was a No-No and blizzard decided to fix it right away as you can tell, and this was shared quite a lot over at the Reddit and the Diablo IV forms, over on Blizzard's side.


New Mounts & Armor Found

There have been some mounts that have yet to be discovered and not only are there mounts, and armor found.

  • -Mysterious Mounts: Grisly Calico, Plains Yearling

  • -Enigmatic Armor: Barding of Elemental Fury, Barding of Rathma, Lorath’s Barding, Phantom Barding

  • -Untraceable Trophies: Golden Sextant, Lightbearer’s Guidon


Red Dust Glitch

What you could do is yield a crap ton of red shards, it appears that this is actually back again, and there are multiple users reporting killing Bots or at least defeating maybe an exploiter of some sort that's able to do this, now to be honest in this case, it's not someone exploiting the game because they're way past the cap limit and so you might be thinking how is this possible we have no clue, maybe they're manipulating some sort of files and they're using a bot to be able to grab more than that's attended.

 2023-09-08 144150

Final Tips

This whole update is going to be about Season 2's vampire powers, and how they work, it is going to be just like the amulets where you have to equip a jewelry piece into the amulet or one of your jewelry pieces in order to gain some sort of power, that's going to be kind of like it, it is pretty simplistic, but that seems like a very simple way for them to implement like a mechanic like that is just to use the same exact mechanic just you implement the jewelry piece or the gym into the jewelry piece and then you're able to gain that power if that happens cool, we'll take it for what it is, but if it's not, because a new mechanic with this would be awesome.