WoW Dragonflight 10.2 Tier Set Tier List - Ranking Best Tier Sets In Dragonflight Season 3

9/8/2023 7:30:42 PM

The patch 10.2. PTR finally dropped on WoW Dragonflight which means new tier sets dropped from the newest raid Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope. Some classes have great sets, some have pretty poor sets. In this Dragonflight 10.2 tier set tier list, we rank the best tier sets.


WoW Dragonflight 10.2 Best Tier Set - Dragonflight Season 3 Tier Sets Tier List

In World of Warcraft Dragonflight, a tier set is a set of armor pieces that provide a bonus to a character's abilities when two, four, or six pieces of the set are equipped. The bonuses vary depending on the class and specialization, but they can provide a significant boost to damage, healing, or survivability. Compared to other previous seasons' tier sets, all the color schemes are different between classes. Tier sets are a powerful way to improve a character's performance, and they are a coveted item for many players. If you want to find out the Dragonflight best season 3 class tier set, watch our ranking!  


S Tier

Demon Hunter

This is also the Dragonflight best season 3 set. It's in the top tier on the Dragonflight 10.2 tier set tier list and probably the best leather set behind the Rogue. The normal set is pretty cool looks like a very stereotypical Demon Hunter but the Mythic set is awesome. The Heroic set might have the wrong helmet it looked like almost the same helmet from the normal set but it also fits. This Mythic set is just awesome with a white skull on the helmet is just great.


What makes all the Shaman sets great are ghost wolves that are on the shoulders. It reminds you of the spirit wolf that you get as a Shaman is really cool. The Heroic set is a blue set which is the most striking. You’ll also like the Mythic set as well. This is one of the Dragonflight season 3 best-tier sets. The Mythic set is as striking as a Heroic set except instead of being blue, it's red.


The Hunter tier set isn’t great overall but the color schemes are great. It is a little dopey, it doesn't look very cool. However, the dragon shoulder pads that you see throughout all these are pretty sweet. Heroic on this is yellow rather than the green we've seen for all the play classes and the Mythic set will take your breath away. This set alone seems very worth going for. The black and purple with the really cool shoulder pad effects are awesome.

A Tier

Death Knight

Death Knight is one of the best Dragonflight 10.2 tier sets over all of them. The normal set is just so clean, this black and bone colored. Green for the Heroic that also works. Mythic is purple and we don't really see too many effects on it but they're going to be in the shoulder plates. the final plate.


Rogue has a really cool set of models but not a great color scheme. Raid finder is all right. Normal is going to be the best because it has dark gray and orange, It does look very Halloween-themed. Heroic is very Rogue looking with green for poisons and black and dark. The Mythic set is probably the best out of all of them if not the normal set with black and red.


Warlocks always have cool sets, they always know what they're doing with Warlocks. Some of the color schemes do seem recycled from previous sets in the expansion whether it's PvP sets whether it's raid sets from both of the prior seasons. A lot of these color schemes look familiar but the model itself is really cool and this Mythic set is just awesome. It just says Warlock so clearly.

B Tier


The raid finder set definitely beats their last season's set. Normal is also pretty cool and it looks very silver moon with red and gold. It would pair well with the transmog. Heroic is green and Mythic is any with a purple and white one with some orange on those daggers on the shoulder plate which is pretty cool.


The Druid sets overall have some weird colors for Druid with white and blue. This looks more like something from Bastion and Shadowlands than it does looking like a standard Druid set. A normal Druid set looks like something from the emerald nightmare rather than a standard Druid set from the emerald dream. But overall it is the best Dragonflight 10.2 set for Druid. Heroic has the familiar green that we've been seeing a lot among the classes but overall it's pretty cool.


Monk has a crane motif on the shoulders but overall the monk sets are not great until we get to Mythic. But the Heroic one has the familiar green that we've been seeing for so many other of classes. The Mythic set has a dark purple and dark blue with striking vibrant pink is a really cool color combination and works really well.


The priest has a pretty cool set but it's nowhere near as cool as last season's. The normal set does look, it looks almost very Diablo more than World of Warcraft. The spirit healer on the shoulder is cool and the hood of the spirit healer on the shoulders matches almost the hood of the actual armor set. The Mythic set is the best set here that has the particle effect on the shoulders.


Mage has the best Mage sets in recent years. This is just the most stereotypical-looking Mage set you could ever see. The colors though don't seem to go up in value. Raid finder looks the worst and then Mythic looks the best. These all just look like different groups of Mages that would have existed in the Kirin tour and just hung out with each other, rather than any armor set particularly being more cool or powerful than another one.

C Tier


The warrior has pretty weak sets this time around. The normal set looks like the raid finder set but slightly darker. Heroic set which looks like the other sets. Finally, we have the Mythic set which does look unique.


D Tier


Raid finder is the best WoW Dragonflight season 3 tier set for Evoker. Normal actually is pretty high, the Heroic set doesn't really enjoy. This muted neutral tone bronze with green is not a combination. However, the Mythic set is pretty cool as well but overall the normal set is the best.

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