Dragonflight 10.2 Brings 5 New Features & Changes - Great Vault, M+ Timers, Talents Swap & More in WoW Season 3

9/14/2023 11:50:35 AM

5 fantastic less known features of 10.2 are improving Dragonflight as an expansion. Crests becoming a currency and being able to be traded up for better crests. Talons no longer disappear when you take points away. The great vault will be buffed and you can even get your tier set with the Catalyst from day 1. All of these changes will make the game better and we'll explain how these can make the future of WoW amazing for new players and revitalize the game as a whole.

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5 Less Known Features in WoW Dragonflight 10.2 Season 3

World of Warcraft (WoW) Season 3 is set to soar to new heights with the release of Dragonflight 10.2. This eagerly anticipated update introduces a host of exciting features and changes that are sure to enhance our WoW experience in Patch 10.2. From the Great Vault buffed, Mythic+ timers extended, talents swap fixed, to crest currency improved. So, whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer, there's something in this guide for you (thanks to MarcelianOnline for sharing the video).

1. WoW 10.2 Talents Swap Fix

We are all familiar with the issues of the new Talent system, although it does make the game better and has improved all of the classes, it has made some annoyances concerning how new players engage with it and how you make your actual builds. 

Moving early points from the build will no longer dismantle, the extensive build that was tied to set points and instead the notes that will become unavailable will be signaled in a red color. And once a point has been assigned in a way that enables part or all of the points, they will revert back to looking like no normal. This is a big quality of life and improvement on the system which is something that players have been asking for for a long time. It makes it tremendously easier for new players to learn and engage with modern mock, which is a big issue at the moment concerning a lot of other systems across the game and it's good that we are essentially being addressed with the chord, the most basic, the first system ever which is your class.

2. WoW 10.2 Crest Currency Improved

Dragonflight is not the easiest expansion to get into, however, it is better than all the other expansions. Crests are also an issue, now in 10.2 crests will become a currency and will no longer take up space in your bags. They will be moved to the currency tab and that's how you're going to store them which is obviously going to free a lot of backspace and just makes it easier to manage. Not only that, there will be no more fragments for the crest, they'll just be the crests themselves, you won't load fragments that will turn into crest obviously, that wouldn't even work with the currency system since there's no way to interact with the currency per se.

Now low level crest can also be traded up to higher level crest which is something that definitely improves the whole crest system altogether. We already know that we can downgrade crests, let's say you can make one aspect crest or one wyrm crest. But the reverse hasn't been made possible, making it possible this way will enable players to be able to play lower level content and eventually get a big flux of crests like wyrm crest and things like that, that they can upgrade to the next level which from rope would be drake, from drake would be wyrm and from wyrm would be aspect which is really great to just make people have more relaxed time and more fun. The way that this will be enabled is that the low level crests can be traded up to higher level quests once every gear slot reaches a certain item level. This is available from 400 item level in each slot to make wyrm crests upgradable to drake crests and potentially this skills all the way to aspect crests. So you won't be able to just do it out of the box, but you will have to upgrade your gear in all of your slots and then essentially transfer to the higher level crest, because you won't need your low level crests anyway, so this is a good quality of life.

There's also a change to the cap which is kind of a nerf. Now the cap for the crest has been lowered from 10 to 9 per week. This will make it a little bit slower to fully upgrade your whole gear which is something that a lot of people don't particularly find very appealing clearly because whenever you're restricted in your progression, it's never really fun. However, we haven't yet played with the system to see exactly how it feels once we have hands-on experience which is very important to be implemented properly, because we did have systems in the past that we've criticized before being able to test it out and ended up being not that bad. And if the system is changed before it's even tested just because of the criticism, then it might turn into a bigger issue. The system is an improvement for new players and overall big quality of life for everyone in terms of engaging with the crest upgrade system, which is still at the end of the day a little bit too convoluted to last too long, it just has a couple of other problems that haven't been addressed, that hopefully will be addressed, because players will just be very vocal about it. First of all, just way too many currencies, once again every time we criticize this we keep getting new currencies and this has to be dialed down. Now we have 5 currencies to just upgrade the gear plus the event currencies, plus everything else that's going on into the game, it's just a little bit too many. There are too many gear types and levels, it does make it a little bit harder for new players to engage with. Although the quality of life of changing crystal currency does help new players, there are still issues such as these that will make it slightly harder. One thing that they can do is just make Champion gear be upgraded to hero gear with. This is something that's going to make it easier for people to engage with. 

3. WoW 10.2 Great Vault Buffed

The great Vault will be improved as well and the requirements through obtaining rewards will be lowered. First of all, the raid slots will change their required number of bosses killed from 3 for the first slot, 5 for the second, and 7 for the third, to 2, 4 and 7 respectively in the new raid which makes it a little bit better to get your first box because you only have to do 2 bosses at the very least and also ties into how the raid will probably be featured in terms of his difficulty and wings, so that it kind of makes sense when you progress them and how you feel your raid vault.

In terms of the dungeon slots, Mythic 0, heroic dungeons and time walking dungeons will also contribute to the vault themselves. This will make it easier for people to fill out their vault even by doing lower level content and still be rewarded for it, it will also make a lot more content relevant towards the end game. This is potentially way bigger than a lot of people might give it credit for, because it represents one step closer to making rewards more homogenized across content done and less restrictive for players. This essentially means that you can do whatever content you want and still have relevant rewards from each content to be able to use for anything else that you do. If you want to do your time walking dungeons, you don't have to feel like you're wasting time, it's a complete your Mythic+ grind, so you can unlock the full vault and that essentially transfers to Mythic 0s which is a really good source of gear, because there's more loot per dungeon in Mythic 0s than it is in Mythic+.

4. WoW 10.2 M+ Timers Extended

A big relief for players will come in Season 3 in the new dungeon pool for Mythic+. In season 3, the Mythic+ timers for the dungeons have been extended, this essentially gives us a little bit more freedom to be able to progress to the dungeon and not feel that intense of pressure of cleaning them out in time. However, at the same time, Season 3 dungeons are also longer and arguably more tedious to farm than the current Season 2 dungeons in our pool. The timer extension does help relief pressure from doing them in time, but this season is a good opportunity to revise another aspect of Mythic+ dungeon. The content is boring old and stale because of that we have received updates in Season 2 with no seasonal affixes being pushed further and the more annoying ones cut out, those changes are amazing for Mythic+. But unfortunately will only be temporary since the main issue of Mythic+ has not been addressed and that Band-Aid fixes will only get us so far which is what we're seeing in the timer being extended. Considering how much they improved Season 2 over Season 1 in Mythic+, we can only assume that we might be getting even more amazing changes for the dungeons in Season 3. 

5. Catalyst Week 1

One of the biggest changes that has been announced is that the Catalyst will be available from week 1 of the new Dragonflight Season 3. This has been confirmed in one of the more recent interviews with the Dev and essentially what they are looking to do is to make the whole system of the Catalyst feel a bit smoother, but also impactful. Essentially, the Catalyst will be available week 1, but the charges gained will happen once every two weeks. This makes it easier for non-raiders to start their tier Journey quicker while still making rating relevant towards the completion of tier sets. Raiders will get it faster and non-raiders will just not be as punished anymore. It's a potentially big quality of life improvement with more iterations in the future. It's still a sign that the system will continue to evolve potentially to a point where people can get their tier set from dungeons as well, maybe exclusively. 

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