WoW Dragonflight Season 2 & Season 3 Loot and Upgrade Chart - How to Loot in Dragonflight S2 & S3

9/22/2023 9:52:48 AM

The raid is missing rare drops, which if like Season 2, should have slightly different tracks/ilvls from the normal drops. We'll be adding those once they are on the PTR. The wow guide includes an updated Season 2 and Season 3 chart for those who need it.


How to Loot in Dragonflight Season 2


How to Loot in Dragonflight Season 3


How it Works

What this means for gameplay/progression is that the gear treadmill will be more gradual, and current mythic-geared characters will have far less advantage going into the next tier. In prior tiers/expats if you had mythic gear from the current tier you could start progressing heroic difficulty raid in the next tier right away, but this time that won't be possible (or be significantly harder). Mythic guilds will have to start with low keys and normal raids like everyone else.