Diablo 4 Best Season 2 Starter Leveling Builds For Each Class

10/1/2023 8:02:21 PM

The upcoming season, called Season of Blood, is set to arrive on October 17th and will be packed with new features and changes. So it is time to focus on setting up the best Season 2 leveling builds to dominate the world of the powerful vampiric dark lord.

Top 5 Diablo 4 Season 2 Starter Builds - Best Rogue, Druid, Sorc, Necro, Barb Leveling Builds

Diablo 4 Season 2 is hyped and crammed with changes and new features, no doubt new mechanics will more or less change the class meta in the upcoming seasonal update. But any time the most relaxed builds in Diablo 4 could be your ideal season starter option, that you don't need complicated rotations for your skills or practicing the right times to attack. In Diablo 4, the clicking of your character and the constant complicated rotation of your skills can be really annoying in the long run. For this reason, we have selected the best Season 2 starter build for each class that can destroy opponents with little effort or practice!

We will now briefly explain the builds, reveal what they consist of, and explain their usefulness for various activities.

  • D4 Best Barbarian Build for Season 2: Thorns Build

Thorns Barbarian Build is a popular choice for leveling in Diablo 4. It offers a unique variation of the melee playstyle that the Barbarian tends to excel at. While other Barbarians charge into battle and tear through their enemies with Whirlwind or send Shockwaves across the ground with Hammer of the Ancients, the Thorns Barbarian takes a more relaxed approach - the strategic tactic of 'stand there and do nothing.' Although this often suffices to tempt most enemies into foolishly impaling themselves continuously, there are certainly those who believe in simply withstanding us; resisting the urge to yield to our provocative challenge. Well, when our words are not enough, sometimes we must apply force. Even the toughest adversaries cannot escape the clutches of our steel grip as we compel them to either seal their own doom or slowly flay them until death truly becomes the only escape.

  • D4 Best Rogue Build for Season 2: Twisting Blades Build

The Twisting Blade Poison build is one of the most effective and straightforward builds for the Rogue class. It focuses on dealing high single-target and AoE damage with a combination of melee and ranged skills. This endgame build relies heavily on using Twisting Blades with Poison Imbuement and Trap Skills to apply crowd control effects on groups of enemies1. The build emphasizes maximizing the effectiveness of the Twisting Blades skill while incorporating poison damage to weaken enemies over time. It is designed to burst down and eliminate large groups of enemies with a single skill rotation. The build includes various gears, skills, aspects, and affixes that you will need to play it effectively.

  • D4 Best Sorcerer Build for Season 2: Chaining Lightning Sorc Build

The Chain Lightning Sorcerer build in Diablo IV is a highly effective and powerful build. It utilizes the chaining effect of the Chain Lightning spell to release devastating electricity that jumps between enemies. This build is designed to deal substantial damage to multiple targets and is particularly effective in clearing groups of enemies. With the right skill allocation and proper gear, the Chaining Lightning Sorc Build can be a formidable choice for players in Diablo IV. It offers a visually impressive playstyle and can be a great option for both leveling and endgame content.

  • D4 Best Druid Build for Season 2: Pulverize Druid Build

The Pulverize Druid Build is a powerful Diablo IV build for the Druid class. It emphasizes massive ranged area-of-effect (AoE) damage and strong defenses. While excelling in at-level content and Nightmare Dungeons, it may have limitations in the highest tier dungeons due to weaker single-target ability. The core skills of this build are Pulverize and the Shockwave Aspect, which deal damage in a cone-shaped area. To enhance single-target damage, you can align the radius of Pulverize with the shockwave to hit enemies twice per cast. The build benefits from triggering the Earthen Might Key Passive, enabling frequent Pulverize usage with guaranteed critical strikes. Grizzly Rage, Earthen Bulwark, and Trample provide crowd control immunity. Most of the legendary aspects for this build are found in the Codex of Power, requiring only one item drop to get started. In Season 1, Shockwave is even available in the Codex after completing Chapter 2 of the Seasonal Journey, making it an ideal starter option.

  • D4 Best Necromancer Build for Season 2: Blood Surge Necro Build

The positive thing about the necromancer is his skeletal minions that he can send into battle. If you have assembled your minion build correctly, you can use debuffs to weaken your enemies and use buffs to strengthen your minions. So you stay in the background and leave the fighting to your minions. The Blood Surge Necromancer Build is an overpowering AoE build that excels in dealing high DPS and providing continuous healing. It is a resilient and nearly unkillable build that performs well in all types of content. This build rewards players with deep mechanical knowledge and a dedication to acquiring the necessary gear. For a fresh start, the Blood Surge Necromancer Leveling Guide is highly recommended as it allows for speedy leveling and effortless progression through the first 50 levels. This build is suitable for everyday activities such as events or patrols in Sanctuary.

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