Dragonflight Season 3 Prep Guide: Top 10 Things To Do Before 10.2 Patch

10/8/2023 11:05:32 AM

With the upcoming WoW Dragonflight Season 3, here are some quick reminders for what to do before patch 10.2. We will go over the season content and provide you with a list of the Top 10 things to do and avoid before WoW Patch 10.2 Guardians of the Dream.

WoW Dragonflight 10.2 Season 3 Preparation Guide

WoW Dragonflight 10.2 Season 3 Preparation: What To Do (Not To Do) Before Patch 10.2

The 10.2 patch in WoW Dragonflight, titled "Guardians of the Dream," is the final content update for 2023. It introduces a new zone called the Dragon Isles, a new raid, new dungeons, and a new legendary item. Patch 10.2 also includes class tuning changes, new Druid forms for all specs, and the implementation of the Dragon Isles Pathfinder, allowing regular flying in the Dragon Isles. Before the release of patch 10.2 Guardians of the Dream, it's important to be aware of some key reminders for WoW Dragonflight Season 3. While some of these may be familiar, there are a few that you may not have considered. Let's take a quick look at the season content and highlight what you should and shouldn't do before the patch arrives.

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1. Complete Ahead of the Curve & Cutting Edge Achievements

Consider going for the usual stuff like the ahead of the Curve and Cutting Edge rate achievements before they go away.  In addition to these achievements, players can also earn gear rewards from defeating Raszageth the Storm-Eater on Heroic and Mythic difficulty. The gear rewards include a Primalist tier helmet piece and ilvl 411 gear.

2. Keystone Master, Hero

Keystone Master is also worth going for if only for the mount just for a bit of transparency this happens to be our personal record if you want a clue into like what it takes. And if you got that already maybe go for Keystone Master, Hero on top of that, the dungeon teleports for The Season's on Mythic plus dungeons are still up for grabs if you can time a plus 20 in each dungeon.

3. Obsidian Spectral Earthstone

The usual set of PVP rewards will also be going away as in the usual mounts and title what is not going away is your chance at the Obsidian Spectral Earthstone which gives a visual enhancement to The Season's gear. This item is linked to what looks like a seasonal achievement but it asks you to eventually complete the Aberrus raid on Mythic with no obligation to do it by a certain time, that means you can complete this years from now and still get the enhancement.

WoW Dragonflight 10.2 Season 3 Preparation - 3

4. Not Need To Stress Too Much Over Gearing Now

What we suggest you shouldn't do is to stress too much over gearing up your main or alt in preparation or the new season. The item level jump going into Season 3 is going to be so high that you're going to get Whiplash and we're already seeing grumbling from some players about how their efforts at gearing feel pointless. We are not going to argue that but we are also not exactly telling you to stop getting gear at all.

WoW Dragonflight 10.2 Season 3 Preparation - 4

5. Get Champion and Hero Gear From Turbulent Timeways Event

Right now we're enjoying this Turbulent Timeways Event that gives very easy opportunities to pick up champion and hero gear. We don't suggest that you take the time and effort to try and upgrade these items to their Max because like we just mentioned there's going to be some amazingly powerful gear that drops next season. We do suggest that you hold on to this gear though especially if they can unlock Transmog appearances if upgraded.

WoW Dragonflight 10.2 Season 3 Preparation - 5

6. No Need To Farm Any Crests Now

Here's a quick reminder about gear upgrades in WoW Dragonflight, in order to apply upgrades, you need a number of flight stones and crests. However, if for example you have a fully upgraded Champion class helmet item level 437 and you get a new Champion helmet that you feel like using, you don't need to use Crest to upgrade and there's a flight Stone discount. Basically, gear that is lower level relative to your own is easier to upgrade. Now let's fast forward to season 3. Since item levels are going to be higher in the upcoming season, it's not going to be so surprising to get an item level 460 something helmet early on, that means that old season 2 helmet that you have or heck any helmet that you have that has an item level under 460 is no longer going to need crests, which also means there's no point into holding on to or farming any crests at all for this season.

7. Farm Eligible Gear for Transmog

So definitely farm up eligible gear for Transmog for the remainder of season 2. You might need to make some Bag space because we presume that flight stones are going to be zeroed out and turned into like gold or something. But this old gear is still going to have some use especially after you throw them into the Revival Catalyst with no cost or cool down for the purpose of getting more Transmog

8. Farming Alchemical Flavor Pockets

These next suggestions are more or less speculation based on the current PTR, so if anything consider the risks and then make your own decision. While there's only a small handful of new crafting recipes introduced in Season 3, keep in mind that most crafted goods are going to stay relevant thanks to the seasonal upgrades, that means that many 10.1 materials like Obsidian Cobraskin and Zaralek Glowspores are still going to be relevant from limited testing glowspores do drop from Gathering nodes in the Emerald Dream Zone with possible changes in future builds. At the moment glowspores only come from Metamorphic Ore deposits and not herbs, this means that there's still going to be a lot of traffic in Zaralek Caverns if nothing changes. We also have yet to confirm whether Shadowflame Essence - the reagent from Everest is going to have new drop sources, that could mean the supply of Shadowed Alloy would drop off a cliff, and prices of related items like the belt upgrades could skyrocket. Like we said though we are just telling you to keep an eye open and to not act too rashly. But if you do have the time to keep farming those Alchemical Flavor Pockets, they're still moving and it's super easy to make attempts each week.

9. Getting All Dragon Riding Glyphs

This will sound weird at first but make sure that you have all the Dragon Riding Glyphs that you can possibly get before the patch, that way on day one you can respec your dragonriding to pick up Swift Skimming, just take points off of we don't know like Airborne Recovery. This is a super minor thing to do but in case you're not going to be in the mood to pick up new glips right away, shift your points and focus on what you want to do. This upgrade makes high-speed dragonriding more efficient especially when doing dragon races

10. Completing Shandris Questline

Most everyone should have done this too, but just in case complete the short Shandris questline that starts in Valdrakken below the Seat of the Aspects. You're required to do this once and then your alt will have the option to use an item that lets you skip this introduction and then progress straight to the Emerald Dream

For now that's it, just a few things to take care of before they're gone and some small things to prepare for ahead of time.

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