Dragonflight Season 3 Best 2v2 Comps Ranking | WoW 10.2 2v2 Arena Tier List

10/1/2023 12:58:15 AM

Here are the best 2v2 comps for each class that will dominate the arena in Dragonflight 10.2 Season 3!

WoW Dragonflight 10.2 2v2 Comps Tier List - Best 2v2 Arena Comps for Season 3

The changes and new tier sets brought by the 10.2 Patch will affect the performance of each class in Season 3, and new meta comps will also be formed in the most popular PvP content 2v2 Arena. Let's take a look at which 2v2 comps will maintain their dominance heading into WoW Dragonflight Season 3, and which specs will become the new best partners to be invincible in the 2v2 arena.

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  • 1. Havoc Demon Hunter + Holy Paladin (S Tier)

This composition is ranked as S-tier and is considered one of the best 2v2 comps in Dragonflight. Havoc Demon Hunter has the best instant crowd control (a 10-second fear on a 54-second cooldown), while Holy Paladin can use Hammer of Justice to stun the enemy healer every 30-40 seconds. The composition can CC the enemy healer for 24 seconds every 40 seconds while doing unhealable PvE damage, mortal strike effect, and endless mobility.

  • 2. Feral Druid + Holy Priest (S Tier)

This composition is also ranked as S-tier and is known for its versatility. Feral Druid can switch between unhealable cleave damage and Convoke depending on the matchup. Holy Priest brings double PI, Mindgames, Lifeswap, fast MD, double Dispel, and Rez legendary. Feral is tankier than ever in Bear if you don't pick Cyclone (which you don't need with a Priest in Dragonflight because Priests can now break slows via Fade to land fears every 30 seconds guaranteed).

  • 3. Fury Warrior + Resto Druid (S Tier)

This composition is ranked as S-tier and is known for its high sustained damage strong bursts and great survivability. Fury Warrior has an AoE fear dispel on a 1-minute cooldown to counter the new Demon Hunter fear and all Priests. Warrior has Def stance, Impending Victory, Storm Bolt, 2x charge, and short Leap, what's more, improved mobility for Warriors is especially useful in 2v2.

  • 4. Arms Warrior + Resto Druid (S Tier)

This composition is also ranked as S-tier and is similar to Fury Warrior + Resto Druid but with slightly less uptime on 40% MS. Restoration Shaman/Arms Warriors is a good combination for the 2v2 bracket. The article explains that the team's strength lies in its ability to deal high burst damage and crowd control. The Restoration Shaman can provide healing support while the Arms Warrior can dish out damage and apply pressure to the enemy team.

  • 5. Windwalker Monk + Preservation Evoker (A Tier)

In 2v2 Arena, the Windwalker Monk's main goal is to relentlessly attack the nearest enemy until they have no cooldowns left, while primarily playing with a healer. The Preservation Evoker, on the other hand, focuses on keeping the team alive and dealing damage when the kill target is stunned. Before dealing damage, it's recommended to put the enemy healer to sleep using Sleep Walk.

  • 6. Unholy Death Knight + Holy Paladin (A Tier)

The Unholy Death Knight + Holy Paladin composition is effective in both PvE and PvP content in Dragonflight. Unholy Death Knights in Dragonflight focus on a core rotation of spending runes with Festering Strike and Scourge Strike to deal damage. Holy Paladins, on the other hand, excel at providing healing and support to their teammates. Combining the two classes allows for strong damage output from the Unholy Death Knight while the Holy Paladin keeps the team alive with their healing abilities.

  • 7. Survival Hunter + Discipline Priest (A Tier)

The Survival Hunter + Discipline Priest composition is a formidable duo in the Dragonflight 2v2 arena. This combination is known for its ability to control the middle of the map and apply pressure to enemy players. The Survival Hunter's ranged and melee attacks, combined with the Discipline Priest's versatile healing abilities, make them a force to be reckoned with. The Hunter can harass enemies from a distance using traps and stuns, while the Priest keeps them alive with their healing spells. Together, they can work together to secure victories in the arena.

  • 8. Demonology Warlock + Restoration Shaman (A Tier)

The Demonology Warlock + Restoration Shaman composition can be a strong combination in Dragonflight 2v2 arena. The Demonology Warlock brings sustained damage and strong crowd control abilities, while the Restoration Shaman provides healing support and additional crowd control options. Together, they can apply pressure to the enemy team and survive for extended periods of time. 

  • 9. Marksmanship Hunter + Restoration Druid (A Tier)

The Marksmanship Hunter + Restoration Druid composition can be a strong combination in Dragonflight 2v2 arena. The Marksmanship Hunter brings high burst damage and ranged control, while the Restoration Druid provides strong healing and crowd control capabilities. Together, they can apply pressure from a distance, control the battlefield, and sustain themselves through the Druid's healing abilities. However, success in the arena also depends on individual player skill, teamwork, and coordination

  • 10. Outlaw Rogue + Preservation Evoker (A Tier)

Outlaw Rogue in 2v2 is commonly paired with a healer because it requires some time to build up its power. It excels in longer games due to its durability, sustained damage, and crowd control abilities. It is beneficial to play with healers who can provide both damage and crowd control support, or with healers who prefer a defensive playstyle and perform well in dampening situations. Playing with a Preservation Evoker can help you survive deep into dampening because they have high healing output and don't easily run out of mana.

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