Diablo 4 Malignant Rings Drop Rate & Fast Target Farm (Solo/Group) Guide

11/10/2023 2:02:57 PM

This guide covers efficient methods for farming specific Malignant Rings from the Echo Varshan boss in Diablo 4. Repeatedly challenging Varshan is the best way to target a certain ring drop.

Group play for grinding Grim Favors through shared world events dramatically increases your chances of rare ring drops. Solo routes are also provided to maximize summon attempts. Covered are acquiring Varshan's parts, crafting if needed, and optimal group/solo strategies for rapidly gaining the currency required to summon the boss continuously. With a steady stream of Grim Favors, you can improve your odds of obtaining your desired class ring through increased encounters.

Diablo 4 Malignant Rings Drop Rate

Let's first have a look at some of the drop rates of the Malignant Rings in Diablo 4 Season 2, which can vary depending on the method of acquisition:

Drop Rate from Echo Varshan Boss Encounter: The Malignant Rings have a fairly high drop rate when obtained from the Echo Varshan Boss encounter in the Malignant Burrow. Many players have reported getting them in their first few tries.

Drop Rate from Regular Unique Drops: There are reports of players getting Malignant Rings as regular unique drops from various sources in the game. However, the drop rates for obtaining them this way are generally lower compared to the Echo Varshan boss encounter.

Target Farming: Each end-game boss in Diablo 4 has a list of unique loot that can drop, and Varshan has a claim over the Malignant Rings. Target farming Varshan on World Tier 3 or World Tier 4 is considered the most consistent method for obtaining the rings.

Random Drops: Like other uniques in the game, Malignant Rings can also drop randomly from defeating dungeon bosses or searching chests. However, the odds of finding them this way are quite low, so it is recommended to focus on target farming if you specifically want a Malignant Ring.

Will I Get a Higher Drop Chance For a Class-Specific Malignant Ring by Farming with a Class-Specific Build?

No, the drop rate and class-specificity of Malignant Rings are not influenced by the character build you are using. It means you do not have to use a Sorcerer build to have a better chance of getting a Sorcerer-specific Malignant Ring in Diablo 4. Once you defeat the Echo of Varshan, there is a chance for a Malignant Ring to drop. This is purely based on chance.

How To Target Farm Specific Malignant Rings Fast in Diablo 4?

To target farm a specific Malignant Ring, you need to repeatedly defeat Varshan on the desired World Tier. By doing so, you increase your chances of obtaining the specific ring you are looking for. So here we break down the fastest methods to farm Malignant Rings from Varshan:

Summoning Varshan:

Varshan is the boss from the Season of the Malignant and is the key to obtaining Malignant Rings. To summon Varshan, you need to go to the Malignant Burrow located beneath the Tree of Whispers.

Varshan Summon Materials:

To summon Varshan, you will need four of his Malignant Body Parts, including the Malignant Heart. The other body parts are Gurgling Head, Blackened Femur, and Trembling Hand. You can obtain these body parts from the Whisper Caches, which are rewarded with 10 Grim Favors by Tree of Whispers. While the Grim Favors can be collected by completing Whispers quests and defeating Grotesque Debtors during Blood Harvest and world bosses.

Crafting Missing Parts:

If you are missing any of Varshan's body parts, you can craft them at the Alchemist using the Malignant Heart and other materials [2]. The recipes for crafting the missing parts are as follows:

Trembling Hand: Malignant Heart + 4 Baleful Fragments + 15 Veiled Crystals

Blackened Femur: Malignant Heart + 4 Coiling Wars + 15 Veiled Crystals

Gurgling Head: Malignant Heart + 4 Abtruse Sigils + 15 Veiled Crystals

Defeating Varshan:

Once you have gathered the necessary materials and crafted any missing parts, head to the Malignant Burrow and perform the Ritual of Hatred to summon Varshan. Defeat Varshan in World Tier 4 to have a chance of obtaining a Malignant Ring. It's important to note that the drop rate of the Malignant Rings is not confirmed, so you may need to face Varshan multiple times to obtain the desired ring.

D4 Grim Favors Fast Farming Methods (Group & Solo)

As can be seen from the above steps, in order to farm Varshan's boss repeatedly quickly, we have to obtain enough Grim Favors to exchange for Whisper Caches and Malignant Body Parts to summon Varshan. Therefore, if you want to farm Malignant Rings quickly, the key lies in how to get more Grim Favors quickly. The following methods will definitely help you:

Grim Favor Fast Party Farm Methods:

Before we start, we recommend going to a party with friends or any players because you'll be getting 4 times of loots - one summon gives everyone one loot, so go with your friends, and clan members, or looking for the party in the Trade Channel or on Discord to farm together.

1. WB & Legion Chance From Elites (5/3 Grim Favors)

Some of the ways of farming the Tree of Whispers can be more profitable than others simply because you're getting 5/3 Grim Favors together with a chance of additional jobs for elite monsters.

2. Blood Harvest (5/3/3 Grim Favors)

Now one of the second methods we recommend going as a party is going for the Blood Harvest, this will provide you with 5/3/3 grim favors. Now if you go for the Blood Harvest, every hour there will be 3 grim favors, 3 grim favors, and also 5 grim favors, together with especially if you summon on a Blood Harvest, this can be completed very quickly. Notice that this won't take you long especially you go as a party, simply because those quests are usually sharable, and as your friends and also your party members kill those monsters in the zone, you'll be able to get credit for killing those monsters. And this is also a really good way to get additional grim favors.

3. PvP Zone Quests - Kill Boss (8 Favors)

One of the other ways of getting additional grim favors is actually going for the PVP boss. If you have an account that has unlocked World Difficulty 4 and then if you party up with your friends who also have characters that haven't done the PVP boss, you can do this as a group and one of the players can be looking for the boss in two of the PVP zones. You can be doing this on multiple other accounts and each time you kill the PVP boss, you'll be able to get 5 Grim Favors that go with all the players. So this is a sharable event that can give you lots of grim favors very fast.

4. PvP Zone Quests - Purify The Seeds (3 Grim Favors)

In the PvP Zone, there is also the Purify The Seeds harvest, so what you want to do is after killing the boss, go to any of the artists, Purify the Seeds by standing in the zone, and get 3 more grim favors. So by killing the PVP boss and purifying the seed, all of a sudden you'll be getting 8 Grim Favors on a party of 4 members. And this means you can get a lot more Wisper Caches in the Tree of Whispers which is a really good way.

5. PvP Zone Quests - Try On Different Characters (8 Grim Favors)

Now one additional method of doing the PVP boss is that: if you see the boss spawn and you don't have a quest, what you can do is you can log onto a different character that has unlocked World difficulty 4. Ideally, you can do this with your friends, so one of the friends will play a character that can kill the boss fast, and the rest of the friends can come over to Seething Abomination to look for the PVP boss and come over to Purify Seed of Hatred to get the Grim Favors. You'll be able to get 8 Grim Favors using old characters and you can do this once every 3 days because we think this has a duration. So if you have lots of characters as long as they unlock World Tier 4, you can do this as a party to get lots of Grim Favors through the PVP zone - 8 Grim Favors together if you do this correctly.

Best Grim Favor Solo Farm Methods

1. Complete World Quests with Grim Favor Rewarded (20+ Grim Favor per Hour)

Now coming to one of the non-sharable ways that you can do as a solo player is that to clear the dungeon solo to get 5 Grim Favors. Ideally, there is a maximum number of dungeons you can clear within an hour we believe, for example, 5 Grim Favors from Corrupted Grotto. There will be a number of dungeons that are available every hour you can clear those as a single player. You can rush those dungeon in about 2 to 5 minutes and this will give you 5 Grim Favors. So after doing all the group events, if you still want to farm for the non-shareable boss, this is one of the best ways to do as a solo player.

Now we have tested, if we go into different zones of the dungeons as a party, this doesn't work, so we do believe the players will have a different set of dungeons that is available for the Grim Favors so unless you're in the same dungeon that is cleared this won't work in a party. So this is one of the best ways to do as a solo player to get more grim favors and summons, and you would even get 20+ Grim Favors by clearing those dungeons every hour.