Diablo 4 Tears of Blood Glyph Tier List - Best Unique Glyphs Ranked for Rogue in Abattoir of Zir

11/20/2023 6:32:17 PM

A new unique glyph from the Abattoir of Zir is coming to Diablo 4 Season 2. In our D4 Abattoir of Zir Unique Glyph tier list, we go through every single unique paragon glyph available for the Rogue class to get an understanding of what is this, how strong is it, what can we look forward to if we do push it to level 200, and how that also affects rare nodes.

Diablo 4 Best Unique Paragon Glyph For Abattoir of Zir

The Diablo IV Tears of Blood Unique Glyph is obtained as a prize for finishing an Abattoir of Zir dungeon and may be leveled up to Level 200. Without further ado, let's dig into this Diablo 4 Tears of Blood Glyph tier list, we're ranking the best Rogue unique glyphs to see what that mathematical percentage is going to be applied to us and our characters going forward to dominate Sanctuary and have a nice time. 


1. Starter Paragon Board

After you've slotted all the appropriate nodes and you get the maximum benefit from a Tears of Blood level 200, here's what you can expect with the data that we have so far. You're going to enjoy 3,636.1% increased multiplicative damage, an additional 49.8% damage, 50 dexterity, and 498 armor. Two rare nodes on the Starter Board also get affected that are Lawless and skillful. 

-The Lawless rare node will provide you with an additional 1047 additional armor and 35 dexterity assuming you hit the bonus requirements.

-Skillful rare node is going to provide you with 10 14.7% increase damage and 35 dexterity.


2. Cheap Shot Paragon Board

Moving on to the best cheap shot board for the Rogue class in Diablo IV Abattoir of Zir. With all nodes selected, you can enjoy 4,288.9% increased multiplicative damage, an additional 74.7% damage to crowd-controlled enemies, 50 dexterity, and 14.9% damage reduction from slowed enemies. The two rare nodes on the cheap shot board are the devious and the Wiles rare nodes. 

-Devious will provide you with a 157.18% increase in damage to crowd-controlled enemies and 35 dexterity.

-Wiles rare node will provide you with 62.8% damage reduction from slow to enemies and an additional 35 dexterity.


3. Eldritch Bounty Paragon Board

When maxing out all of the nodes available to get the best benefit for Tears of Blood, you're going to receive 3880.9% increased multiplicative damage, an additional 37.4% imbued skill damage, 50 dexterity, and an additional 10% potion healing. The two rare nodes on this board are going to be Potent and Dosage. 

-Potent is going to give you 157.1% per increased imbued skill damage and 35 dexterity.

-The Dosage rare node provides you with 41.9% potion healing and plus 35 dexterity. Assuming you hit all the additional requirements for these rare nodes.


4. Deadly Ambush Paragon Board

When maxed out with all of the nodes available for the Tears of Blood at level 200, you're going to receive 4,125.7% increased multiplicative damage. You're also going to enjoy 24.9% damage to enemies affected by trap skills, 50 dexterity and finally 10% damage reduction from enemies affected by trap skills. The two rare nodes on this board are cunning and Engineering. 

-Cunning provides you with 41.9% damage reduction from enemies affected by trap skills and 35 dexterity. 

-Engineering will award you a 104.7% increased additional damage to enemies affected by trap skills.

5. Exploit Weakness Paragon Board

Whenever you maximize all the options for this Tears of Blood, you're going to receive 3,717.7% increased multiplicative damage, 24.9% vulnerable damage, 50 dex, and then plus 10% potion healing. The two rare nodes on this board are going to be Artifice and Dosage. 

-Artifice will provide you with 104.7% increased vulnerable damage and 35 dexterity.

-Dosage provides you with 41.9% potion healing and 35 dexterity.


6. Tricks of the Trade Paragon Board

When maxed out with all the options available will yield 4,125.7% increased multiplicative damage, an additional 498 armor, plus 50 dexterity and an additional 39.8% damage to Elites. The two rare nodes on this board are Lawless and Focused. 

-Lawless provides an additional 1047 armor and 35 dexterity.

-Focused will yield 167.5% damage to Elites and 35 dexterity. It's important to remember damage to Elites also counts as player damage.


7. Leyranna’s Instinct Paragon Board

When maxed out with the Leyranna’s Instinct board, you're going to appreciate 4,044.1% increased multiplicative damage, you're also going to gain 31.1% damage for 10 seconds after dodging an attack, an additional 50 dexterity and 7.5% resistance to all elements. The two rare nodes on this board are Feint and Tolerance.

-Feint will give you 130.9% additional damage after dodging an attack and 35 dexterity.

-Tolerance will provide an additional 31.4% increased resistance to all enemies and 35 dexterity. 


8. Cunning Strategy Paragon Board

The Cunning Strategy board when capped out will provide 3,880.9% increased multiplicative damage, 34.9% increased core skill damage, 50 dexterity, and an additional 498 armor. The two rare nodes on this board are Lawless and Finisher. -Lawless will yield 1047 additional armor and 35 dexterity.

-Finisher provides a 146.6% increase in core skill damage and 35 dexterity. Assuming you have the additional resources hit, you get a bonus from both rare nodes.


9. No Witnesses Paragon Board

Capping this out will give you 3,962.5% increased damage, 49.8% damage, 25 intelligence, an additional 19.9% maximum life, and 25 dexterity. The two rare on the No Witness board are Training and Knowledge. 

-Training will give you a 41.9% increase to maximum life and 35 dexterity. 

-Knowledge will grant you a 13.8% additional increase in damage and 35 intelligence.


D4 Tears of Blood Glyph Tier List

Now that we know every board, we've socketed in every single core node as much benefit as we can. Here's the D4 Abattoir of Zir unique glyph tier list, ranking from all the boards, the most multiplicative damage from first to last.

1. Cheapshot - 4,288.9%

2. Deadly Ambush - 4,125.7%

3. Tricks of the Trade - 4.125.7%

4. Leyranna’s Instinct - 4,044.1%

5. No Witnesses - 3,962.5%

6. Cunning Stratagem - 3,880.9%

7. Eldritch Bounty - 3,880.9%

8. Exploit Weakness - 3,717.7%

9. Starter Board - 3,636.1%