Diablo 4 Uber Unique Power Tier List - Best Uber Unique Power with Abattoir of Zir in D4

11/21/2023 4:55:16 PM

Uber uniques in this game are insane, most of them are instant equips, but not all of them depend on your class and build, some require the right build to work, and sure they're worth it there but in many cases you could get an Uber that's not even great for you, which is a scary thought considering, how rare they are even if they're more viable to get these days, so of the seven Uber uniques, what's the rankings of these, what is the best and worst of the seven? We have the best Diablo 4 gold for you if you need.

Diablo 4 Uber Unique Power Ranking - Best Uber Unique Power with Abattoir of Zir in D4

 NO.7 - Ahavarion, Spear of Lycander

It's due to the simple fact that only two classes can even use it, and between the Druid and Sorcerer, there's a lot that won't even run the staff in many cases, that's not to downplay how impactful the affixes are and the effect has some serious potential especially in blood forges where you might need those stronger Buffs, you might desire that RNG to get conduit it multiple times in a row, but at the same time, you might also get greed three times in a row which is a lot more upsetting, it's very good but of all the Ubers, it's the one with the most awkwardness because of that RNG.


NO.6 - Ring of Starless Skies

Ultra good for bone spear builds and potentially a few others but too awkward to run in the current meta for most, so it's certainly not a casual slap, ring slots are so important right now, especially after the malignant Rings update, so it's quite hard to justify this slot unless it works for your build.


NO. 5 - Andariel's Visage

It's a shame that the life steel doesn't seem to be an actual 3%, but the life steal is still very nice to have especially for your little bit of extra survivability if you don't have the other incredible uniques, what surprised us though is just how strong the poison AOE actually is and the potential that it has with xals and a nice lucky hit build is there, it's certainly going to be insane for Rogues using poison builds which is quite popular and so for them in particular, this will be a lot higher rated.


NO. 4 - Doombringer

It's a great source of Health which is going to be great for hemomancy, but then the 20% damage reduction to those you can apply this effect to is huge, the problem is, it's not consistent, it's lookit based it might not trigger instantly when you need it to say in a blood Forge where you desperately need that damage reduction so you don't die, but thanks to it being one-handed, it should fit into most builds despite that.


NO.3 - The Grandfather

It's the insane DPS increase that is the grandfather and while only Necromancer and Barbarian can actually use this, it's an autoquip for pretty much any Barbarian because of how impactful that 100% improved quit damage actually is and at very least if you're a bone spear Necromancer you desperately want this weapon, it's that impactful other builds, it's a bit more Awkward.


NO. 2 - Melted Heart of Selig

It goes to the massive damage reducing amula, that will be gamechanging in difficult environments which we don't have right now but in the blood forges, it might be meta it might be the most important Uber unique with that in mind.

NO.1 - Harlequin Crest

This is the only Uber unique that every class in every build will likely immediately equip, it's pretty cool that that even exists in the game, the raw DPS potential of plus four to every skill is great, but it's also the other benefits of like lowering other skill CDs improving CC potency or the obvious straight 20% damage reduction for even wearing it, Disobedience takes a bit to get going might is something you have to maintain, this is just constant, so those are our averages, this staff is huge with good RNG it could actually be really impactful in blood Forge pushing, if you can repeatedly get conduit after conduit buff, making you damage immune, it could make normally impossible clears suddenly possible.

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