Top 4 EA FC 24 Best Evolutions To Evolve In Toughen Up | FC 24 Best Toughen Up Evo

11/25/2023 3:21:06 PM

New Evolution is coming to EA FC 24 Ultimate Team. Bump up a favorite player with increased physical stats and press proven. Today, we’re going to break down the top 4 best FC 24 Toughen Evolutions to evolve.


EA FC 24 Best Toughen Up Evolution  - Top 4 Best Toughen Evo Cards To Evolve In FC 24

FC 24 Toughen Up Evolution is completely non based on a position which is always nice. You do have to have a max of 70 pace so it's not necessarily for your meta players. 60 shooting has to be a minimum, max 89 shooting, passing 87 max as well as defending 85 and physical 83 with again a maximum of 9 playstyles. With this FC 24 Toughen Up Evo, it is very easy to unlock as well. Next, let's check the top 4 FC 24 best Evolution cards to evolve in Toughen Up.


FC 24 Toughen Up Challenges & Rewards


Level 1 Rewards: Pace +5, Passing +4, Dribbling +1, Physical +1

Level 1 Challenges: Win 1 Squad Battles (or Rivals/Champions) match on Min, Semi-Pro, using your active Evo player in game.

Achieve 1 Clean Sheet in a Squad Battles (or Rivals/Champions) match on Min. Semi-Pro, using your active Evo player in game.



Level 2 Rewards: Pace +5, Passing +4, Dribbling +2, Physical +1, PlayStyle: Press Proven

Level 2 Challenges: Win 1 Squad Battles (or Rivals/Champions) match by at least 2 goals on Min, Semi-Pro, using your active Evo player in the game.


Best FC 24 Toughen Up Evolution Cards To Evolve


Tripper is considered a good EAFC 24 Toughen Up Evolution card for the right-back position, especially for Premier League teams. He has an 87-rated base card and an 88-rated inform card. Opting for the inform version of Trippier could be a worthwhile investment due to the improved overall stats. Tripper is the best EAFC 24 Toughen Up Evolution card to get in terms of a right back. It's a hard position to get the max player from. So if you've not got one already, that's a great shout. You can also get an 87-rated Trippier if you don't want the inform but definitely go for that inform.


2. Silva

Silva is a perfect no-brainer because realistically not many of these FC 24 Toughen Up Evolutions are going to get in your team. If you want to put a specific player in a lower-rated one, it's a nice upgrade, you get a bit of pace. But none of these are going to fit in most of the teams in FUT Champs. The best thing you can do is use the fodder of him and put Bernardo Silva in. It's a perfect card and it saves you a lot of FC 24 coins. Bernardo Silva can go up to 90 rated with 94 passing and 95 dribbling in two matches. Even for Folder, it's a massive W. 


3. Kanté

Kanté is a good option for those looking for Saudi links. He gets a fantastic boost as well, 88 rated there. An insane Evolution for only two matches. He is a potential candidate for a flashback or a future boosted card, especially considering his pace upgrade in the Evolution. Kanté is the third-best EA FC 24 Toughen Up card on the basis of the fact that you're going to have Saudi links eventually and it's a nice Pace upgrade for him. Obviously a bit more passing as well, add a Shadow onto him, and you're absolutely golden and he ends up with 87 Pace which is not bad.


4. Partey

Partey is not a bad player to use for Toughen Up in EA FC 24. He has 90 passing, 78 pace that's not awful if you are looking at an Arsenal team. Whether he gets an upgrade as well, he's probably one of the ones you take a gamble on that he might not get an upgrade. If he does, is it going to be a +2, a +5, or a +10? He's one that normally doesn't get too many.

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