WoW SoD Best Hunter Pets for Leveling, Raid, PvP in Season of Discovery Phase 1

12/4/2023 3:59:06 PM

In WoW Classic Season of Discovery, the pet meta for Hunters is still focused on pets that provide utility or buffs rather than pure damage. With this guide, we go over the best WoW SoD hunter pets for leveling, PVE raiding, and PvP flighting in Phase 1!

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WoW Season of Discovery Best Hunter Pets for Leveling, Raid, PvP in Phase 1

In WoW Classic Season of Discovery, Pets will be a more impactful part of the hunter's damage and abilities thanks to changes like better scaling and the potential of new runes. As hunters gain access to more talents and runes, slower-hitting pets could become viable options. The Beast Mastery talent in particular may enable slower pets to keep up damage. Hunter Pets with either fast or slow attack speeds could find niche roles, depending on player specializations and talents unlocked at level 25. So here we break down the best Hunter Pets for Raid and PvP in WoW Classic SoD so far:

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1. Scorpions (For Leveling & Raid)

Whether or not you've heard by now Scorpids are an extremely powerful pet for hunters now and the best choice for both PVE and PVP activities. For starters, the reason why scorpions are so powerful for hunters is that scorpion poison scales off of our attack power, and also kill command's 60% damage boost does not consume charges and you will snapshot the 60% as long as the kill command remains active with the scorpion poison instead of dropping down to 40% and then a 20%. It also benefits from the 30% damage Boost from Beast Mastery and the 10% stats from the aspect of the line, so you can see where we're kind of going with this in terms of total damage boost to Scorpid poison. Now there is one important point to take note of with scorp poison, and if you happen to apply scorp poison before the kill command, you will have to wait for the duration of the dot to fall off the Target and then use the kill command before reapplying scor poison as there's no overwrite.

Downside to Scorpids In Raids

There is one final thing to note with scorpions and it's a rather unfortunate thing because most raids will have two or three Hunters, only one hunter in the group can benefit from the DPS of scorpion as the second or third Scorpio in the dungeon or Raid will just refresh the initial Dot from which other Hunter lands scorpion poison first and apply its own separate poison to for the second or third Hunters. You'll need to figure out which hunter gets the benefit of scorpion but the other hunters will have to run something else such as a wind serpent as they are your next best pet option.

Where Can You Find Scorpids?

Where can you find a scorpion to tame and get going with this pet? You have a few options and you can tame any of the following Scorpids listed as they all have the same stats in Season of Discovery:

Hunter will have an easier time taming these pets as they're all in the starting zone for Orcs and Trolls, and you can tame the Venomtail Scorpid, Scorrupted Scorpid, or the Death Flare, all of these are in durar. Or you can opt for the Silithid Creeper and Silithid Swarmers in the Southern Barons.

How to Use A Scorpid Pet?

Now that we know why scorpions are so powerful and where to tame one, let's put everything together and how to use it in an encounter:

  • 1. First off this is the talent build you will want to use, you will have all 16 points in the Beast Mastery talent.

  • 2. Start with the aspect of the line active, make sure you have your Beast Mastery Rune active

  • 3. Finally use the kill command.

  • Afterwards, all you have to do is set your pet on the Target and make sure scorpion poison is set to AutoCast, make sure no other abilities except for growl are learned, and keep growl turned off when you're in a dungeon or raid.

2. Wind Serpent (For PvP, Leveling, Raid)

Wind Serpent is the king for low lvl PVP pre-prowl and also a solid choice for raid and leveling as it can deal significant damage to bosses. It might be better for PvP since it's ranged but it still runs out of focus quickly even with the 80% increase regen. The reason wind serpents are used is because lightning breath has a 20-yard branch and it goes through armor.  The Wind Serpent is the only pet in the game that has a ranged attack called Lightning Breath. This ability allows the Wind Serpent to deal damage from a distance, making it useful in certain situations. The Lightning Breath ability of the Wind Serpent is a ranged nature damage ability that can be used against enemies. It has a 20-yard range and consumes a significant amount of the Hunter's focus. This ability can be useful for pulling mobs from a distance or dealing damage to enemies that are out of melee range.

Downside to Wind Serpent

It's important to note that using Lightning Breath consumes a significant amount of the Hunter's focus. This means that Hunters need to manage their focus carefully when using the Wind Serpent's ranged attack.  Some players have suggested that Blizzard should consider changing the pet meta for Hunters in the WoW Classic Season of Discovery. One suggestion is to improve the Wind Serpent's current advantage by making it a ranged pet similar to the Warlock's Imp. This could potentially address the issue of melee pets being more susceptible to boss mechanics.

Where Can You Find Wind Serpent?

To obtain a Wind Serpent as a Hunter pet in WoW Classic Season of Discovery, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Locate a Wind Serpent in one of the aforementioned zones such as Deviate Coiler (15-16 level), Deviate Stinglash (16-17 Level), Deviate Dreadfang (20-21 level), or Dleviate Venomwing (20-21 level).

  • Ensure that you have learned the Tame Beast ability, which is available to Hunters at level 10.

  • Approach the Wind Serpent and initiate the taming process by using the Tame Beast ability.

  • During the taming process, you will need to complete a channeling bar while avoiding any interruptions or attacks from the Wind Serpent.

  • Once the taming process is complete, the Wind Serpent will become your loyal pet.

  • Pet Training: After taming a Wind Serpent, you can train it to learn new abilities and improve its stats. Visit a Hunter trainer to access the Pet Training interface, where you can teach your Wind Serpent new skills and enhance its performance.

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