WoW SoD Phase 2 PvP Tier List - Best PvP Classes & Specs for Phase 2 in Season of Discovery

2/17/2024 5:02:05 PM

Which classes and specs will be catered to the best for the dueling tournament in Season of Discovery? Let’s go over a PvP tier list of WoW SoD Phase 2 to seek out the strongest classes to solo.

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WoW SoD Phase 2 PvP Tier List - Best PvP Classes & Specs for Phase 2 in Season of Discovery

With World of Warcraft Season of Discovery steps into Phase 2, players can reach level 40, which classes and specs will dominate the PvP duels? The WoW SoD phase 2 PVP tier list aims to break down each spec and rank them from the best to worst based on class abilities, talents, and pros/cons. 

1. S Tier: Balance Druid, Beast Mastery Hunter, Demonology Warlock, Feral Druid, Subtlety Rogue

- Balance Druid is going to be a remarkably powerful DPS for PvP, it almost gets everything, you’ll have an extra range that nobody else has, and you can attack from range, and Balance Druid is thrown into S tier.

- Beast Mastery Hunter is going to be good, you're also getting Trap Launcher, you can use a snare trap and then use a normal freezing trap and launch them from far away, which could enable a lot of different gameplay than what you had previously in Cataclysm.

- Demonology Warlock for dueling and World PVP scenarios is going to be S tier, you can win a lot of 1v1 situations, even though a lot of the new warlock runes aren't spectacular. 

- Discipline Priest is probably the best PvP spec in Season of Discovery phase 2, you're getting Pain Suppression, and you can also run Dispersion if you're solo PVP and dueling, Dispersion reduces all damage taken and heals you for 25% of your maximum health over its duration, it's usable while you're stunned, you're going to be insane.

- Feral Druid is going to be an S-tier PvP DPS, you could demolish people, and you're going to have the extra mobility in cat form while running around outside. 

- Subtlety Rogue is definitely an S-tier melee DPS, it has an insane burst and also going to have Shadow Step.

2. A Tier: Frost Mage, Elemental Shaman, Enhancement Shaman, Restoration Druid, Retribution Paladin, Shadow Priest

- Frost Mage is really good, its survivability is way better than Fire Mage, it's probably not going to be the strongest, but is fairly good to play.  

- Elemental Shaman does not get some amazing runes, but the Maelstrom Weapon is good for dueling, you are going to be pretty durable and will be better than lots of other casters because of the ability to heal yourself. 

- Enhancement Shaman: the Maelstrom Weapon on Shaman is also good for this spec, it gives you instant cast spells and range damage, but your mobility is more limited, so you're going to struggle in some situations. It is put on the A tier, mostly because the healing enables it to be meta than other melee ones. 

- Restoration Druid is probably not going to be super fantastic, but it can beat a lot of classes that can't heal and sustain, you can run some damage runes and you can heal and eventually your Starsurge will kill them.

- Retribution Paladin is probably going to be insane, the main issue is mobility but you still have Avenger's Shield and Sacred Shield. 

- Shadow Priest is going to be pretty decent, Dispersion is nice because it's going to help your mana out, and you can still just offensively purge, which not a lot of other casters can do and you have decent healing.

3. B Tier: Affliction Warlock, Arms Warrior, Marksmanship Hunter, Assassination Rogue, Fire Mage, Protection Paladin

- Affliction Warlock does not have the Metamorphosis rune, which makes you tanky against melee attackers, lots of new runes are mediocre, Demonology Warlock is probably going to be better in SoD phase 2, so Affliction Warlock is put in the B tier. 

- For Arms Warrior, the main problem is lack of self-healing, this spec has never been super powerful in dueling, but it could be better than it was. You can get benefits from its mobility in combat. Arms Warrior will be ranked before the Affliction Warlock in the B-tier in terms of PvP in SoD phase 2.  

- If they nerf the pet, Marksmanship Hunter could easily jump up, you've got range over other people, which is a big advantage, but a lot of classes have way more Mobility than before, so it is probably going to be kind of mid at the start.

- Assassination Rogue gets Shadowstep, and so does every other spec, Subtlety is probably going to have more burst damage, there might be some situations where Assassination could be better, but it is not going to end up being ranked in B tier. 

- Fire Mage tends to be a mediocre spec, if it gets access to Deep Freeze it could be good.

- With Sacred Shield and Avenger's Shield, Protection Paladin is going to have a decent amount of damage and control, mobility is pretty limited. 

4. C Tier: Survival Hunter, Guardian Druid, Fury Warrior, Destruction Warlock, Protection Warrior, Restoration Shaman

- Survival gets the same types of trap benefits as the other Hunter specs, but because of the sustain, it is probably not a meta DPS for PvP.

- Guardian Druid is put in a lower tier, compared to other Druid specs, it is not that versatile for SoD dueling. 

- Fury Warrior is pretty similar to Arms and not very great at dueling.

- For Destruction Warlock, you have to cast way too much and his defense is not very good, it might be higher than Guardian Druid.

- Healing is probably going to be the issue for Protection Warrior, but in situations where you're fighting multiple melee, it's probably not going to be that bad. 

- Restoration Shaman can’t do as much instant damage as Restoration Druid, it is probably going to be a little better than Holy Paladin, but still not a good pick. 

5. D Tier: Holy Paladin, Holy Priest

- Holy Paladin is not going to do a lot of damage. 

- Similar to Holy Paladin, Holy Priest is not good for dueling due to the damage, it is more tilted towards healing.

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