WoW SoD P3 DPS Tier List & Rankings - Best DPS Classes & Specs in Season of Discovery Phase 3

4/2/2024 4:58:25 PM

Phase 3 of World of Warcraft Season of Discovery is launching soon, which class and spec is the top choice for the new raid Sunken Temple? Today we’ll go over a WoW SoD Phase 3 tier list that is ranking the best DPS for raids.  

WoW SoD P3 DPS Tier List & Rankings - Best DPS Classes & Specs in Season of Discovery Phase 3

Below we present the SoD P3 DPS tier list & ranking from the best to the worst based on the addition of new runes and class changes in the next phase in WoW Classic Season of Discovery. 

1 - S Tier: Marksmanship Hunter, Enhancement Shaman, Destruction Warlock, Fury Warrior, Arms Warrior

- Marksmanship Hunter is ranked at S tier on the SoD Phase 3 DPS tier list due to strong sustained damage, excellent single-target damage, passive party buffs, and control utilities that push it above other specs for both raiding and high-level group PvE

- Despite receiving many nerfs, Enhancement Shaman maintains an S-tier DPS for raids because of its high damage and bringing Windfury buff to melee groups.

- Destruction Warlock has strong simmed damage even though with the loss of Reign of Fire. The utility places Destruction above Fire Mage but below top melee, its progression focuses more on support than pure DPS.

- Concentrating on the DPS Warrior, Fury and Arms are both S-tier, they carry over immense damage potential for SoD P3 thanks to gear scaling, sustain, and buff synergy with melee-oriented groups for both progression and farm tiers. Melee groups maximize with Arms/Fury buffing each other and benefiting from Enhancement totems. 

2 - A Tier: Beast Mastery Hunter, Fire Mage, Assassination Rogue, Elemental Shaman, Frost Mage, Retribution Paladin

- BM Hunter is among the nice DPS specs in Season of Discovery Phase 3, they have high damage output from pets while Hunters can focus on mechanics, which allows for less skill-capped gameplay. 

- Fire Mage is going to be an A-tier spec for its consistent AOE and damage via Pyroblast, new phase 3 runes increase their potential. Mages may have utilities like buffs, CC, and interrupts but damage output caps them below the S tier. Fire brings consistent damage for raids while Arcane and Frost have niches.

- Assassination Rogue has been put in mid-high A tier where slightly below Fire Mage, strong rune synergies elevate Rogue damage potential, keeping them a competitive damage dealer for raids in progression even without armor pen yet due to high-performance gear availability.

- Elemental Shaman is slightly above Fire as mana resets and has strong utility.

- Frost Mage received some buffs like Deep Freeze and Icy Veins resetting cooldowns, plus the good single-target damage, pushing it up to the A tier. Frost comes with viability with survivability talents and multiple damage talents stacking.

- Ret Paladin is strong for raids with mana-less sustain from Crusader Strike and blessing of mana. Exorcism damage is amazing with potential crits from Art of War talent, the improved Hammer of Wrath is a DPS increase. But it becomes reliant on outside buffs or gear without proper support. 

3 - B Tier: Feral Druid, Survival Hunter, Shadow Priest, Arcane Mage

- Feral Druid receives improved Tier 4 set items and talent points but loses Rip/Moonfire ranks. Druid brings Leader Buff and Dreamstate/Tranquility raid support. Feral damage lacking but comp requirement.

- Survival Hunter, also the melee hunter is put at B tier, it is more dangerous and the progression prioritizes safety over marginal damage gains.

- The damage output of Shadow Priest relies on Shadow Word: Pain and Void damage, which isn't impressive, the unconfirmed debuff utility rather than the guaranteed damage role pulls it down. 

- Arcane Mage is rated lower B tier as its simplicity but damage relies on new rune, it may be taken by less skilled players. Based on the Mage changes, the Displacement rune allows 3 total Blinks which could enable unique raid mechanics. Malefic runes add damage over time or single target potential.

4 - C Tier: Affliction Warlock

- Affliction Warlock damage lags Destruction but buffs Shadow Priest damage, if comps allow, the choice is flexible, Destruction is a better pick for powerful support while maintaining strong damage. 

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