Dragonflight 10.2.6 Class Changes, Buffs & Nerfs - Top 7 Massive Nerfs in Dragonflight Season 4

3/13/2024 5:19:24 PM

10.2.6 might go live this week, we don't have any confirmation just yet, but there are some interesting hints that we're going to go over in this guide. There are also some huge class changes, buffs and nerfs coming through for retail servers which we haven't seen in quite a while. Then the cataclysm beta also started up this week, there's a lot to talk about, so let's break it all down!

Dragonflight 10.2.6 Class Changes, Buffs, Nerfs - Top 7 Massive Nerfs in Dragonflight Season 4


To start with Presto Druids will see a 12% increase to Rejuvenation healing which is quite significant when you consider how often they use that ability. 


- Preservation Evoker will see a handful of changes to try and help them see some more playtime.

- Time of Needs clone’s overall healing has been increased by 100%. So a huge buff right there and time of need clones living flame healing was also bumped up by 16%.

- Live Giver’s flame will heal for 40 and 80% of damage done up from 35 and 70%.

- Inherent resistance was doubled up to a 4 and 8% magic damage reduction buff up from 2 and 4%.

- And then attuned to the dream increases healing done and received by 3 and 6% up from 2 and 4%. So a lot of healing buffs and some defensive buffs thrown in for good measure to help Preservation Evoker stay alive while dashing around the battlefield.


Hunters made the list this week, there is a 3% buff to all damage and pet damage for Marksmanship and the same 3% buff to all damage and pet damage for Survival. 


Frost Mages will also see some buffs this week, flurry damage has been increased by 25%. Waterbolt and Water jet damage from your Elemental will being increased by 25%. Frostbolt damage is also up 10% and then Ice Lance damage has been increased by 5%. So some sizable busts for the main damage components of a Frost Mages kit. 


Mist Weaver monks have a bit of back and forth this week, all of their healing is going to be reduced by 6% which definitely isn't ideal, but then they're going to see a 6% buff to Sheilun’s Gift, Jadefire Stomp and Expel Harm. So those abilities will just stay the same, but everything else will see that 6% reduction.


Subtlety Rogues are the only spec to receive nerfs this week by the looks of things. Eviscerate damage has been reduced by 6%, but that will not apply to PVP combat. It definitely could have been worse.


For Elemental Shaman, a lot of buffs this week with a handful of nurse for some overperforming specs as well.

WoW Dragonflight 10.2.6 Release Date

Patch 10.2.6 still doesn't have any solid information about what the patch will contain content wise besides that new special event. And we still don't have a release date even though it's supposed to launch this month. We don't have too many Tuesdays left in March for this patch to go live and patch releases usually have a week's notice at the very least. But the dev team is still completely radio silent. 

A March release date fits neatly into the content cadence Blizzard has kept to throughout Dragonflight, putting patch 10.2.6 about two months after patch 10.2.5, which launched on January 16. That would give us a WoW patch 10.2.6 release date on March 19, 2024, with Dragonflight Season 4 content coming to the PTR shortly afterwards.

Note: The release date of 10.2.6 and the start of season 4 are not tied at all which then frees up 10.2.6 to go live whenever the dev team wants it to.

Classic Cataclysm Beta is Now Live

Classic cataclysm beta just started up its testing cycle which means we're one step closer to that launching for real. If we look at the road map for classic, that also means we should see the next phase of Season of Discovery sometime soon, probably in late March or early April, that's the next thing on our list before we head into cataclysm pre- patch and launch. And then finally the level 60 phase of Season of Discovery after that. So classic players have quite a bit of content to look forward to over the next few months.

Classic Cataclysm DPS Tier List - Best PVP Classes Cataclysm Classic

S Tier

Blood Death Knight

Unholy Death Knight

Balance Druid

Fire Mage

Ret Paladin

Shadow Priest

Resto Shaman

Affliction Rogue

Subtlety Rogue

A Tier

Feral Druid


Frost Mage

Disc Priest

Arms Warrior

B Tier

Frost Death Knight

C Tier

Survival Hunter

Arcane Mage

Elemental Shaman

Destruction Warlock 

Assassination Rogue

D Tier

Combat Rogue

Guardian Druid

Resto Druid

Beast Mastery Hunter

Prot Paladin

Holy Priest

Demonology Warlock

Fury Warrior

Prop Warrior

Guess you ask