WoW SoD Phase 3 Leveling Guide for 40-50 - How to Level Fast in WoW Classic SoD

4/7/2024 11:18:25 AM

Welcome to our comprehensive WoW SoD Phase 3 leveling guide. Here, we'll explore various strategies to efficiently level from 40 to 50, share essential tips and tricks, and provide insight into preparations you can make before Phase 3 goes live. Whether you're planning to power through with questing or dungeon runs, this guide will give you the edge you need to swiftly reach level 50.


Pre-Launch Preparations for WoW SoD Phase 3

1. Quest Stacking

Before Phase 3 arrives, gather 20 completed quests to turn in as soon as the phase starts. This can catapult you to level 41 almost instantly, putting you ahead of the competition. Additionally, collect items that start quests to exceed the 20 quests limit.

2. Collecting Green Hills of Stranglethorn Pages

Stock up on the Green Hills of Stranglethorn pages to complete five additional quests for a further experience boost.

3. Cloth Turn-ins for City Quartermasters

Prepare stacks of Wool, Silk, and Mageweave Cloth for each city Quartermaster to complete these quests across all main cities.


Leveling Tips and Tricks for WoW SoD Phase 3

1. Utilizing the 50% Experience Buff

Launch day brings a special buff increasing experience gains by 50% from levels 40-49, accelerating your leveling process significantly.

2. Cozy Sleeping Bag

Obtain the Cozy Sleeping Bag from a quest chain for an additional 3% experience gain for two hours, and share it with party members.

3. Teleporting to Main Cities

If your Hearthstone is on cooldown, use the Battleground queue trick to teleport to a main city by having someone in that city sign you up for a Battleground.

4. World Buffs

Acquire various world buffs, including the Darkmoon Faire buffs, which can increase damage or other stats. Use the Chrono-Boom Displacer to store and reactivate buffs as needed.

5. Epic Crafted Quest Chain

Complete your level 40 epic crafted Quest chain to gain quick access to Feralas through an NPC in Booty Bay or Stranglethorn Vale.

6. Flight Paths

For Phase 2 veterans, ensure all necessary flight paths for levels 40-50 are unlocked. Newcomers should prepare for Phase 4 by securing flight paths for the 50-60 segment.


Where to Level: Dungeons vs. Questing

-Dungeon Farming

From levels 40-45, consider running Scarlet Monastery, Cathedral, BFD, or Razorfen Downs. At level 45, shift to Zul'Farrak or Maraudon, where you'll find plenty of quests and potential pre-BiS loot.


Questing could be the fastest way to level, especially with the 50% experience buff. Follow a well-planned route for efficiency.


Leveling Route from 40 to 50 for WoW SoD Phase 3

  1. Turn in Prepared Quests: Kickstart your leveling by handing in your 20 prepared quests.

  2. Arathi Highlands & Alterac Mountains: Tackle quests here for substantial experience gains.

  3. Stranglethorn Vale: Focus on slaying quests and elite mob quests.

  4. Swamp of Sorrows: Progress to level 43 or 44 here.

  5. Tanaris: Stay until level 46 or 47, and consider running Zul'Farrak.

  6. Feralas: Gain one or two levels and then return to Stranglethorn Vale to complete the southern quests.

  7. The Hinterlands: Continue leveling here until reaching 49.

  8. Searing Gorge or Tanaris: Choose either area to reach level 50, or save Searing Gorge for Phase 4.

Remember, whether you choose questing or dungeon farming, the journey from 40 to 50 can be quick and rewarding with the right preparation and strategy. Utilize this guide to enhance your leveling experience and be one of the first to reach the new level cap in WoW SoD Phase 3. Happy leveling!