SoD P3 PvP Tier List & Ranks | WoW Classic SoD Best PvP Classes & Specs for Phase 3

4/26/2024 5:20:21 PM

Which class currently dominates PvP in World of Warcraft Season of Discovery? This WoW SoD Phase 3 PVP Tier list aims to highlight classes and specs that stand out for group PvP compared to others, covering the best DPS, healers, and tanks. 

sod p3 pvp tier list

SoD P3 PvP Tier List & Ranks - Best PvP Classes & Specs in WoW Classic SoD Phase 3

Starting with strengths and weaknesses of different classes and specs, then we’ll present a WoW Classic SoD PvP tier list for phase 3, which is based on effectiveness and abilities in group PvP, considering their damage, survivability, utility, and more. On the whole, casters are more dominant in P3 than anticipated, as casters far outperform melee in Season of Discovery PvP.

WoW Season of Discovery Phase 3 PvP Tier List (DPS, Healer & Tank)

  • S Tier: Fire Mage, Shadow Priest, Frost Mage

  • A Tier: Balance Druid, Elemental Shaman, Affliction Warlock, Restoration Druid, Discipline Priest, Guardian Druid, Vengeance Demon Hunter, Arcane Mage

  • B Tier: Demonology Warlock, Marksmanship Hunter, Destruction Warlock, Enhancement Shaman, Assassination Rogue, Beast Mastery Hunter, Restoration Shaman

  • C Tier: Feral Druid, Survival Hunter

  • D Tier: Retribution Paladin, Protection Paladin, Arms Warrior

  • F Tier: Protection Warrior, Holy Paladin

1. Mages

Mage is one of the strongest classes for SoD P3 PVP with absolute damage advantages in BG, range, and utility. They can top damage meters while casting from range safely. Getting a stun on top of this makes them very strong in PvP. Fire Mages can one-shot with Combustion and have good defensive abilities. Frost Mages spam Freezebolt/Flurry for insane AOE damage. Arcane Mage excels in PvP group battles, especially towards the end of the battle. They can also use healing runes in the battles. 

2. Priests

Shadow Priest is also a god-tier spec, on the same level as Frost Mage, they can kill without ever casting a channeling spell, just using instant abilities, which is stronger than what melee can do. Their damage comes from instant casts making them very strong duelists, potentially even beating Mages 1v1. They bring insane utility with purge, dispel, and AoE silence in addition to damage. Playing Shadow Priest requires little thought compared to other classes - you can kill effectively without strategy.

3. Druids

Druids are also a powerful pick in PvP, they have diverse skills and transformation abilities, and can quickly adapt to various situations in combat. Druids can play the roles of healers, tanks or damage dealers, making them very flexible and threatening. Their AOE healing ability is excellent, and the tankiness can be increased with transformation. Balance Druids have better survival abilities than Elemental Shamans. Restoration Druids have strong survivability and are highly valued in group PvP scenarios. Restoration Druid could be an A-tier spec thanks to the strong AoE healing and survivability options. Feral Druid is placed in the C tier. They provide good burst damage and utility but are still susceptible to one-shots.

4. Shamans

Elemental Shaman deserves a good spot on this PvP tier list, providing powerful talent, damage reduction, and additional health. They are going to be performing well in battles, the powerful skills enable them to kill with one hit from a long distance, but are easily killed by melee attacks. Enhancement Shaman is arguably the best melee class but still gets placed in A tier. Healing buffs make them surprisingly tanky as well. Could potentially be S tier for their toolkit if not for reliance on healing and vulnerability to double caster damage.

5. Warlocks

Warlocks feel improved in terms of tankiness but lacking in damage, they are expected to be strong in group scenarios with additional changes. Warlocks tend to be rated in the middle of the tier list, around A and B tiers. Destruction Warlocks are tanky but still struggle against certain matchups, but not bad with the ranged capabilities and damage output. 

6. Hunters

Marksmanship Hunters are potentially better than Survival Hunters. Beast Mastery Hunter is considered an overpowered ranged DPS, they have high explosive damage and are ranked at a relatively high level on the SoD P3 tier list. Survival Hunter is not ranked at a high tier as the low self-healing and inability to avoid ranged caster damage.

7. Paladins

Ret Paladins struggle with their low survivability against casters. The healing skills of paladins are not flexible enough to effectively spread healing, and they also lack sufficient instant healing methods. Holy Paladin: needs buffs to compete with others.

8. Warriors

Arms Warrior has decent damage but is still rated D tier due to survivability problems, and requires perfect conditions to contribute. What makes Warriors struggling in PvP is their low survivability and inability to compete with casters. Protection Warrior has no advantages in terms of damage and fun. The survivability is close to zero.

9. Rogues

Assassination Rogue can perform well in PvP as a powerful melee spec, it is rated highly for its damage output and crowd control abilities. Rogue's ability to quickly eliminate opponents with burst damage makes them formidable in PvP encounters. They also possess tricks and mobility that allow them to outplay opponents and secure kills. Despite being squishy like other melee classes, their tankiness is comparable to Warriors. Assa Rogue will be put below Enhancement Shamans for group-based scenarios. 

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