WoW SoD Phase 4 Release Date, Level Cap, New Raid, Runes and More Changes

5/10/2024 5:23:20 PM

The Season of Discovery phase 3 launched on April 4, it might be close to half over the phase, when will the next phase come out? Let’s talk about the possible release dates of WoW SoD Phase 4 and some other highly anticipated things, including level cap, raid, runes, etc. 

Updated (June 3):

WoW SoD Phase 4 Release Date

The developers planned to reveal 4 content phases for World of Warcraft Season of Discovery and the last phase is on the way. When we are looking at the duration of previous SoD phases, Phase 1 ran for 10 weeks, and Phase 2 lasted for 8 weeks, so assuming the third phase basically maintains the timeline, we were estimating Phase 4 to come out at the end of May or the start of June, while Blizzard announced that the current Phase 3 will last longer than previous SoD phases, so the start of the fourth phase is going to be delayed, what's more, the team planned to spin up a limited Phase 4 PTR, which focuses on combat and class testing. The possible release dates of Phase 4 are July 11 and 18, 2024. 

- WoW SoD Phase 1 Start Date: November 30, 2023

- WoW SoD Phase 2 Start Date: February 8, 2024

- WoW SoD Phase 3 Start Date: April 4, 2024

- WoW SoD Phase 4 Start Date: July 11 or 18, 2024 (TBC)

WoW SoD Phase 4 Content and Changes: New Raid, Runes, Level Cap, and More

- Level Cap: Each Season of Discovery phase will increase the max level, the level cap of Phase 4 is going to be level 60, indicating significant end-game content. At level 60, you can unlock passive weapon skill bonuses. These passives will not stack with racial bonuses and will be able to be swapped on the fly. 

- Raid: Once you reach level 60, you can anticipate the 20-player Molten Core raid. Molten Core is traditionally a 40-player raid in World of Warcraft Classic. However, in the Season of Discovery Phase 4, it will be adapted for 20 players. Molten Core is one of the iconic raids from the original WoW, featuring memorable bosses like Ragnaros and Baron Geddon. Players will encounter challenging encounters, unique mechanics, and epic loot. There is a range of powerful gear that can be earned as rewards, including Tier 1 armor sets for each class, as well as other epic items and crafting materials. Completing the raid provides an opportunity for players to upgrade their character's equipment. With a comprehensive revamp planned for items obtained from dungeons and raids, including the existing 20-player raids, players can anticipate an influx of new and revitalized gear across all phases of endgame content. Plans are in place to make adjustments to the difficulty of all raids in SoD phase 4, certain raids may see improvements to increase their challenge level. However, the emphasis will be on significantly enhancing the quality and diversity of rewards. 

- Runes & BiS: Blizzard confirmed that new runes will be added into phase 4. And new BiS profession options are available at 60. 

- Other Changes: We can also expect numerous item revamps and changes as well as a substantial overhaul of game mechanics in the next phase, try to get more in-game materials and SoD gold to prepare for the fourth phase.