WoW MoP Remix Frog Farming Guide: How to Frog Farm, Scaling & Rewards

5/21/2024 3:24:14 PM

Blizzard came in and said no more the frog is now nerfed frogs no longer drop any charms of Fortune so you cannot turn in the hundreds or thousands of these charms into cash for bronze as your reward at the end, they only drop some timeless coins and the base bronze they can drop like any other mob can drop B RS. Mists of Pandaria Remix: Weekend madness of Frog Farming has been nerfed by Blizzard! However, the damage is now done, many players are now unkillable gods while others are still poor peasants, who also have to suffer with the bad scaling of the game mode and have much worse avenues for collecting their Bronze. How will Blizzard get out of this?

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How to Frog Farm in WoW Mists of Pandaria Remix?

Step 1. Location: Head to the Timeless Isle at coordinates 63, and 75.

Step 2. Hyper Spawning: Frog farming works because of something called Hyper Spawning. This occurs when mobs are killed fast enough that the game thinks there is a high-traffic area, increasing the spawn rate of these mobs.

Step 3. Group Size: You can do this in a group of up to 5 players, and all of you will share the tags. However, you can extend this to 8 players using a strategy called "2x4".

Step 4. Starting the Hyper Spawn: If the area is empty, start the Hyper Spawn by killing frogs rapidly. To be efficient, have people use ranged spells to bring the frogs to a central location and then kill them there. After a while, the Hyper Spawns should start.


Rewards in WoW Mists of Pandaria Remix

It's important to mention that Blizzard has nerfed frog farming in Mists of Pandaria Remix, specifically by removing the drop of Lesser Charms of Good Fortune from Gulp Frog loot tables. Frog farming can yield various rewards, including:

   - Bronze: A valuable currency in Mists of Pandaria Remix.

   - Gear: The gear dropped by the frogs can be scrapped into more Bronze.

   - Epic Threads: These can be obtained from the frogs.

   - Timeless Coins: Another currency that can be acquired from frog farming.

   - Lesser Charm of Good Fortune: While this used to be a drop from the frogs, it has been removed in a nerf by Blizzard.


TOP 7 Tips for WoW Mists of Pandaria Remix

1. Scrap often and leave gems in. You can leave gems in scrapped gear without losing them.

2. Buy gems to get BiS thinkers early.

3. Don't do LFR for the experience.

4. Don't forget the achievements!

5. Fly through the orbs for free bronze.

6. Use the buff scrolls, even solo!

7. Transmog is free!


Locations of WoW Mists of Pandaria Remix

This data sheet covers the primary locations and content available in Pandaria Remix.

Leveling Zones:

Level Range




Jade Forest

Lush and vibrant, home to the Pandaren   and the Jade Serpent. Features the starting area for all races.


Valley of the Four Winds

A diverse region with rolling hills,   fertile farmlands, and ancient ruins.


Krasarang Wilds

A wild and untamed region with dense   forests, treacherous mountains, and the ancient Mogu empire's influence.


Kun-Lai Summit

A majestic mountain range with stunning   views, ancient temples, and the home of the Yaungol.


Townlong Steppes

A vast and arid region with ancient   ruins, towering cliffs, and the remnants of the Zandalari empire.


Dread Wastes

A desolate and poisonous region with   corrupted creatures, ancient Mogu structures, and the threat of the Sha.


Vale of Eternal Blossoms

A serene and mystical region with the   heart of Pandaria, the Temple of the White Tiger, and the Sha's influence.


Level Range




Temple of the Jade Serpent

A sprawling temple dedicated to the Jade   Serpent, featuring challenging encounters with Mogu and Sha.


Stormstout Brewery

A bustling brewery run by the friendly   Pandaren brewers, featuring fun and challenging encounters with Mogu and Sha.


Mogu'shan Vaults

An ancient Mogu tomb filled with traps   and powerful guardians, culminating in a clash with the fearsome Lei Shen.


Shado-Pan Monastery

A hidden monastery of the Shado-Pan,   featuring encounters with Mogu, Sha, and the mysterious Order of the Cloud   Serpent.


Siege of Niuzao Temple

A battleground where players must defend   the Niuzao Temple from the relentless Mogu forces.






Heart of Fear

A raid centered around the ancient Mogu   city of Kun-Lai, culminating in a fight with the fearsome Emperor Lei Shen.


Terrace of Endless Spring

A raid set in the mystical Vale of   Eternal Blossoms, featuring encounters with the Sha and the corrupted   Pandaren.


Throne of Thunder

A raid set in the heart of the Mogu   empire, featuring encounters with the powerful Mogu elite and the final showdown   with Lei Shen.


Level Range




Brewer's Direct

A scenario focused on helping the   Stormstout Brewery deliver their brew to the Shado-Pan.


Blood in the Snow

A scenario where players must protect the   Pandaren from the relentless Mogu forces in a snowy battlefield.


Arena of Annihilation

A scenario where players must fight their   way through a gauntlet of Mogu and Sha in a gladiatorial arena.