Fastest Ways to Hit Lvl 70 in WoW Remix Pandaria - Best 1-70 Leveling Methods in MoP Remix

5/23/2024 5:45:59 PM

There have been a lot of recent changes to the Pandaria Remix event which improved the rewards from certain areas of the game while nerfing others into oblivion. There have also been various buffs to experience gains which can open up more options for how and where to level your characters. You can level super quickly if you know what you're doing and there are some tips and tricks to help get all of your characters up to level 70 in record time. So let's go through the best and fastest ways to level up your alts in WoW Pandaria Remix event with all of these recent changes in place.

Fastest Ways to Hit Lvl 70 WoW Remix Pandaria - Best 1-70 Leveling Methods in MoP Remix 

There have been some important changes and hotfixes that effect how leveling works, and what the most time efficient leveling methods are in the mists of Pandaria remix event. Check this WoW MoP Remix 1-70 leveling guide, learn how you can level quickly and easily, and get as many alts as you want up to level 70 in record time.

Before we talk about your leveling options and which ones are going to be the best, the most important aspect of this event is your cloak, whether you are leveling, farming, gearing, grinding, whatever your goal is going to be, the cloak will carry you to victory, but you need to power up your cloak with threads. Every kind of content will reward you with threads but some are vastly more rewarding.

You do have quite a few different options for leveling up in the new remix event. Check which leveling options are the best and the fastest way to level your alts in WoW MoP Remix.

1. Complete Quests

Your first option is to just work through the various quests and quest lines. You'll get dropped in at the Jade forest for your first leveling zone, but as you level up, more and more zones will become available. You don't have to finish the Forest before moving on, you can jump from Zone to Zone whether you get bored or just want something new. 

2. Start a New Zone

If you're looking to level quickly, you can start up a new Zone when quests start to slow down. Typically, the earlier quests in a zone are much faster, there are more quests available and they're quick and easy to complete. As you get to the later quests, they usually take longer and you have less quests at a time, it's mainly due to those quests being more important for the story. But if you feel things slow down considerably quest wise, it might just be worth jumping into a new zone. Now the main drawback through leveling just through quests is that you won't be earning as many threads for your cloak. So not only will you have lower bonus experience on your cloak by the end of things slowing down your overall leveling, but you'll also have lower stat values which will make your character much weaker by the time you get to level 70.

3. Leveling Route

To level up faster, follow this route. These locations unlock progressively as you reach higher levels. You do not have to plan anything; just go with the flow:

- Level 20: Valley of the Four Winds and Krasarang Wilds

- Level 25: Kun-Lai Summit

- Level 30: Townlong Steppes

- Level 35: Dread Wastes

- Level 45: Timeless Isle

- Level 50: Isle of Thunder

4. Complete Normal Dungeons

Another option you have is to queue up from random normal dungeons. You'll get bonus XP for each dungeon you complete, and killing everything in the dungeon will provide you with good experience and loot including threads for your cloak. A recent change is that normal dungeon bosses now also drop bonus XP. So they're worth running more when compared to before these updates went through. Dungeons also provide you with decent loot as you level increasing your power level further.

Now queue times can be a problem, if you're playing as a DPS, your queues are going to be decently long at least compared to tanks or healers. So while waiting for your dungeon queues to pop, be sure to clear through quests in the meantime so you are constantly earning experience. 

5. Complete Heroic Dungeons

Now the better option for XP gains is going to be heroic dungeons. Heroic dungeons are a little harder when compared to normal dungeons, but they're worth so much more in terms of experience and loot. You'll get the same random queue bonus and each boss also drops a big XP token worth a massive chunk of experience. These tokens from heroic bosses are worth quite a bit more when compared to normal dungeons. So this is where the main difference comes in. It will depend on your level and bonus experience buff, but you can usually get at least two levels per heroic dungeon clear. So if you're wanting to level as quickly as possible, heroic dungeons are one of your best options. If for whatever reason, you are struggling to get through the heroic dungeons, normal dungeons would then end up being more efficient. 

6. LFR

There was a recent hot fix that increased the rewards of LFR including a 7% bonus XP buff for clearing each wing. These hot fixes may make LFR more worthwhile though and could significantly reduce queue times if enough people think the new rewards are worth the time investment. If you absolutely refuse to do normal raids, you can at least try before writing them off. LFR might still be a good option for you, it will ultimately come down to that queue time though.

Here is a list of the raids available for queueing through the Raid Finder:

- Level 25: Mogu’shan Vaults

- Level 35: Heart of Fear

- Level 40: Terrace of Endless Spring

- Level 50: Throne of Thunder

- Level 60: Siege of Orgrimmar

7. Running Normal Raids

The real MVP of leveling in this remix event are the raids. Normal raids are incredibly lucrative, not only does every boss kill give you a massive amount of experience but they are guaranteed to drop a 12%+ experience thread as well every single boss. There are six bosses in the Mogu’shan Vault raid, so if you kill each one, that is an easy 72% bonus XP for your cloak. Here is a list of the rewards you may obtain from Normal-difficulty bosses in WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria:

- Bonus Experience

- Infinite Thread of Experience

- 2x Rare Threads

- 2x Epic Threads

- 1-2x Prismatic Gems

- 2x Pieces of Gear

- 3-4x Consumables

- Lesser Bronze Cache

- Bronze Cache

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WoW MoP Remix 1-70 Leveling Tips

Now no matter how you decide to level, be sure to pop by the infinite Bazaar to pick up the daily quests for an extra free bit of experience too, as well as some easy bronze currency. With so many activities being a daily lockout, be sure to pick these up before you start your adventures for the day. 

When you put all of this together, you can level very quickly in mop remix especially if you take advantage of the crazy raid thread rewards. But where this event really shines is with your alts. The more you power up your cloak on one character, the more powerful your alt will be right at the very beginning. Now, initially it was assumed that all of your cloaks power would carry over to alts, but that's not the case at all. Instead your alt start with a more powerful cloak depending on how many infinite power achievements you have unlocked. Infinite power achievements are earned by collecting threads. So the more threads you collect, the more infinite power achievements you get and the stronger your alt cloak will be. But your alt’s cloak is tied to these achievements, not how many threads you have on your main's cloak or how your main's cloak looks. Basically, your alt cloak has a cap of how good it can be. The higher the achievements you unlock in the infinite power category, the better that starting cloak is on your alts. 

If you really want to min-max your leveling to get your alt army suited up in record time, get each alt that you want to level to level 25 and then just do the raids. Do the raids on one character and as soon as you've done as many as you can or want to repeat the process on another character, just do the raids. So instead of leveling each alt to 70 before working on the next one, level them all up at the same time through the raids with that daily lockout. With the crazy thread rewards, you'll probably end up way above 500% bonus XP by the time you hit level 70. You'll also be earning a bunch of threads as you go, so your characters will be pretty powerful at level 70 which will help with that bad scaling until it gets fixed.