Where to Farm Bronze in WoW MoP Remix - Best Pandaria Remix Bronze Drop Locations

5/22/2024 10:38:07 AM

The time-limited WoW Remix Pandaria event brings a new currency called Bronze. Given all the mounts, transmogs, toys, gear upgrades and so on in Pandaria Remix, farming Bronze will be important if you want to get it all. Check this Pandaria Remix bronze farm guide, we'll show you all the best ways you can collect bronze in WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria and a quick path to get 7,000+ bronze a day in about 90 minutes.

What is Bronze in WoW Pandaria Remix?

In WoW Pandaria Remix, Bronze is a new currency introduced exclusively in the game. This currency is everywhere in ReMists and is the primary currency for purchasing consumables and collectible rewards. It replaces gold or any other form of faction currency and reputation you might be used to. It can be used to purchase consumables specific to WoW Pandaria Remix, such as raid buff scrolls, Heroism Drums, and unique potion-like effects. You can earn it by doing looting mobs, completing quests, and more. Spend it at the Infinite Bazaar for awesome rewards.

WoW Mop Remix Bronze Drop Location: Where to Farm Bronze in Padaria Remix

Head to the island of Zanvess in the southwestern part of The DreadWastes. The approximate coordinates are [30.0, 70.0]. This location is teeming with elite mobs that not only have a good respawn timer but also yield a high Bronze return. Farming here can yield approximately 10,000 Bronze per hour, making it a highly desirable spot for accumulating this currency.

There’s a special spot in The Jade Forest for infinite loot. This location is perfect for lazy farming because mobs spawn continuously. You’ll be standing in one spot, killing mobs non-stop for sweet Bronze.

  • Location: Slingtail Pits, approximate coordinates [53.0, 81.0].

WoW MoP Remix Bronze Farming Rate

It starts at level 10 with the drop being 1 bronze coin per mob you kill, but with this rate we can have 2000 coins after reaching level 20, just by doing part of the Jade Forest campaign. It seems the drop rate increase in your level.

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How to Farm Bronze in WoW MoP Remix -  What are the Best Ways to Obtain Bronze in WoW Pandaria Remix

There are efficient ways to grab bronze in the new Pandaria timerunning mode, but without the mind numbing farm. Since Blizz has shown that they'll be nerfing farms, while increasing bronze gain, let's try not to focus on anything that could be considered an exploit, and instead turn to how to efficiently get bronze through the systems they've put in place. 

1. Bronze Globes

Just grab them when you see them or the bronze globes. These are scattered all across Panderia and reward bronze when you fly through them. There are three different types and each rewards a different amount of bronze. The smallest Globes reward roughly 5 to 10 bronze, the medium size globes reward around 12 to 15, and the large Globes reward between 30 to 50. The large ones are recognizable by the swirls around the globe in the center. At a minimum grab these globes as you flying from one area to another as the bronze from globes can add up pretty quickly.

2. Defeated Enemies and Infinite Caches

For almost every quest and activity you complete in Pandaria Remix, you receive a cash of infinite treasure. These contain bronze and random rewards that can include scrolls, cloak threads, other various items and most importantly gear. Once you've outgrown your usefulness for the gear that drops in the caches, you can scrap all of it for additional bronze and this can add up fast. A few pieces of gear at max level or item level 346 can easily convert into a couple of hundred bronze. In addition to the caches, almost every enemy you defeat in remix will drop a small amount of bronze. Running daily quests can get you a decent amount of bronze as well just from defeating enemies and receiving reward cashes. 

In addition to bronze drops from defeated enemies and cash of infinite treasures, for all other content that we will cover you'll be rewarded with bronze caches. These come in 4 types and include:

- Minor Bronze Cache: 250

- Lesser Bronze Cache: 500

- Bronze Caches: 750 

- Greater Bronze Cache: 1250

Blizzard increased the cash rewards by 25% within 3 days of Remix going live, so we assume we'll see further increases in the future as well.

3. Daily Infinite Bazaar Quests

So the first of these is you can pick up 3 quests at any of the infinite Bizaar locations every day after server reset time. Pythagorus offers a quest to defeat two raid bosses. Arturos offers a quest to defeat 3 dungeon bosses. And Larah Treebender offers a quest to complete a scenario. Completing the scenario and defeating dungeon bosses can be completed on normal or heroic, and defeating the raid bosses can be completed at any level of raid including LFR. Completing and turning in each of these quest rewards a minor bronze cash for that day.

The Infinite Bazaar Locations:

  • The Jade Forest - Tian Monastery

  • Valley of the Four Winds - Halfhill

  • Kun-Lai Summit - Temple of the White Tiger

  • Townlong Steppes - Niuzao Temple

  • Vale of the Eternal Blossoms - Shrine of the Seven Stars (Alliance)

  • Vale of the Eternal Blossoms - Shrine of Two Moons (Horde)

  • Dread Wastes - TBA

  • Krasarang Wilds - TBA

4. Dungeons and Scenarios

For normal level dungeons and scenarios, the first random that you queue up for will reward a minor bronze cache. After the first random run, rewards for the remainder of the day will be a cash of infinite treasure. You can also complete heroic dungeons and scenarios independent of your normal runs. For heroics, you will receive a lesser bronze cache. So completing a normal dungeon and scenario and a heroic dungeon and scenario along with completing the infinite Bazaar quest will net a total of 2000 bronze.

- Note: All dungeons and scenarios at all levels reset every day like the infinite bazaar quest. So these are repeatable each day.

5. Raids

All the typical levels are available including LFR, normal heroic, and Mythic. For each boss defeated in LFR, you'll receive somewhere near 100 bronze or more. For each wing completed in any LFR raid, you also receive a Lesser Cache. Along with a temporal experience thread for your cloak. There are a lot of LFR wings across the raids of Pandaria, but so far we found that the shortest que times have been with the Mogu’Shan Vault wings. For normal raids, although you do not receive a separate quest reward, you are awarded a lesser cache for each boss defeated and a bronze cache for the final boss. So for the 5 bosses in Mogu’Shan Vaults and the last boss you would receive 3250 bronze, not including the random bronze drops from raid trash and the bosses themselves. Note: With the update to the bronze caches, there is also a random chance for a greater cash to drop from normal raid bosses as well. 

The Route

So with all of this, how do we go about getting 7000 bronze in just under 90 minutes?

First, grab the 3 group specific quests at the infinite Bazaar. Completing a scenario for the quest is by far the easiest as we have yet to see any scenario cue for more than 2 minutes long. For Dungeons and LFR Wings, it takes a bit longer cues for dungeons can be up to 20 minutes. So queue up and then complete some reputation dailies while waiting for the queue. You can get reputation daily for the order of the Cloud Serpent, Golden Lotus, Auguest Celestial, Shado-Pan, Dominance Offensive, as well as the Sunreaver Onslaught factions. Each will offer roughly 3to 5 quests per day to keep you farming bronze while waiting for queues. LFR queues are the longest wait times and again we recommend completing dailies while waiting in the queue. With all of the flying around from zone to zone for the faction dailies, definitely grab bronze globes anytime you see them as well. You don't have to go completely out of your way for them, but grab as many as you can while flying around.

This entire activity will take you just under 90 minutes to complete and result in a little over 7500 bronze from quest rewards, boss rewards scrapping gear, drops from enemies and so on. There are many ways to collect bronze in Remix, some are faster than others and it really depends on how you want to play the game. You can farm bronze by killing fast spawn enemy packs for hours and hours, the Frog Farm has been nerfed now, but there are others.