How to One-Shot Raid Bosses & Get Invited in Raids in WoW MoP Remix?

5/22/2024 9:56:34 AM

In today's guide, we will explain what you can do to almost one-shot raid bosses, this is something that will allow you to get invited very easily, and you will be able to gear up to level up super fast, so something you want to do as soon as possible and this is a very fun way to do all these different raids super fast.

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Main Requirement

The main requirement in order to do this technique is to have with we the meta gem Ward of Salvation that we will then be able to place on your head Pie, when we use this item it will restore elf to an ally and Grant them a word of salvation for 10 seconds, absorbing damage equal to the over while water salvation persists all healing taken GRS absorb instead of healing, when the ward expires it explodes inflicting 0 damage equal to the remaining absorb to all Enemies within 40 yard split evenly.


How Does It Work?

This is a really good gem when we engage a boss and everyone in the raid is using this gem on the main tank, and then we have the different eaters, normally in most cases, we will have to use it at the beginning as soon as we engage the fight, and we also want to use blood lust to make sure to heal the tank as much as possible, and then for the explosions to make as much damage as possible to the boss, but this is something that again is a collective effort which we think is pretty cool.


Don't Work All The Time

This is something that won't work for every boss in the Moon area because some of the different bosses, for instance, will require us to kill four different mobs and so we won't be able to not all of them only the first same some bosses will at some point become maybe simply Invincible for a few seconds or immune to Dage and so we won't be able to one shot the boss at that moment, but for probably 80% of them, we will be able to use that to kill them in just a few seconds.


Get it Now To Get Invited Fast in Groups!

This is really something that right now is needed in order to rate simply because most people are not asking for you to have this Ward gem in order to do this technique and in order to do this different rate super fast, so if you're not having the gem and if you still want to do some, so if you don't have the gem, it's going to be a little bit difficult probably for you to get an invite and also just a quick tip when for instance you apply to any of these different rates, you can directly link them the gem by going there and simply licking it like that so the person is sure that you have it with you, so this is again something that we would recommend you to try and get simply because it will make it first way easier for you to get an invite in all these different raids especially the different normal and Eric ones, and also as you've seen you will be able to do these different raids in maybe just 20, 30 minutes and really one shoting all these different bosses, so this is a really good way for you to gear up to level up to get a lot of threads a lot of bronze and do all these over activities linked to rating without too much effort.


How To Get The Gem?

If you don't have this Gem and if you were not lucky and you didn't get it while leveling up, what you can do is simply go to any of the different infinite Bronzes and here you want to talk to this vendor, you can buy some of these purple gems, and what's going to happen is when you open it you will receive one random meta Gem, and if you're lucky enough, you will be able like that to receive at some point the Ward of Salvation, so this is something that is pretty easy and pretty quick because there's not that many gems in the game and they only cost 500, you won't be able to get one that you already have so normally just after buying a few you should be able to receive the Ward of Salvation and then you can apply it on your Helm, you want to have it applied when you get into these different groups because people will inspect you and make sure that you have it so as soon as you enter these different groups make sure to have it as your main meta gem on your headpiece in order for the different red leaders to keep you in the group.


Fast Raiding, Bronze, Leveling & Gearing

When using this technique, we were able with a random group of players to do the Mossy vault in normal difficulty in less than 20 minutes, it's super easy especially, if everyone has the Ward of Salvation and is doing it right, normally you should be able to just one shot all these different BSES, get tons of experience, get tons of rewards, tons of bronze, and this is something can do daily, you can do all these different rates on both normal and difficulty daily, so really with this technique, it should be super easy for you to get all the rewards you want from these rides and especially to get all the Epic threads and also the bronze, so this is a really good way in my opinion to get all these different things done, this is fun on to see all these different buses completely melt when you're using the Ward of Salvation.