FC 24 Best Height and Weight for Striker (ST), Winger (LW/RW), Goalkeeper (GK) & Midfielder (CAM & CDM)

6/5/2024 4:30:44 PM

The creation of an optimal build in EA FC involves tons of considerations, to get the most balanced builds, which height and weight to set? With different powerful combos showing advantages in the game, we are going to list some of the best heights and weights in FC 24 for strikers, wingers, goalkeepers, and midfielders. 

FC 24 Best Height and Weight

Best Height and Weight for EA FC 24 Builds at Different Positions

The optimal height and weight for your player builds depends on the position and your preference, players at different positions perform specific roles and need to enhance varying attributes. Based on the data from a lot of EA FC 24 Pro Clubs builds, here we summarize the most recommended height and weight for ST, GK, CAM, CDM & LW/RW in FC 24, but they are not fixed, you can use various builds to experiment their power and to see which works best for you. Consider what role you are going to play on the team and adjust the height and weight to find a balance between speed, agility, and other attributes. 

1. FC 24 Best Height and Weight for Striker (ST)

Strikers need a balance between height and weight to ensure they are strong enough without losing agility, shorter strikers excel in quickness and agility, while a taller striker build can be useful for aerial dominance. For an ST build in the FC 24 Pro Clubs, 5’8”, 5’9”, and 6’0” are good choices for heights, while 121 pounds allows for good agility and speed.

- Height: 5’8” - 6’0” (172.72 cm - 182.88 cm)

- Weight: 121 lbs (54.88 kg)

2. FC 24 Best Height and Weight for Winger (LW/RW)

Wingers benefit from being shorter and lighter, to maximize their agility, acceleration, and dribbling, which helps to beat defenders on the flank and deliver effective crosses. To build your LW/RW in FC 24 Pro Clubs, there are several height choices to choose from, such as 5’8”, 5’9”, 5’10”, and 5’11”. And wingers often cover more ground during a game, a lighter weight is beneficial to maintain high levels of stamina. A lower center of gravity can enhance close ball control and dribbling at high speeds. 

- Height: 5’8” - 5’11”(172.72 cm - 180.34 cm)

- Weight: 121 lbs (54.88 kg)

3. FC 24 Best Height and Weight for CAM

The central attacking midfielders benefit from a balance of agility and physicality, 5’8” is the highly recommended height. The CAM can have a similar height range to forwards but can be a bit lighter. 

- Height: 5’8” (172.72 cm)

- Weight: 119 lbs (53.98 kg)

4. FC 24 Best Height and Weight for CDM

Central defensive midfielders usually require more height and weight than CAMs to dominate defensively and win aerial duels. So the best height for CDM in FC 24 would be 5’11” or 6’0”, and 174 lbs is an optimal weight option. You can add some weight to hold up against physical attackers. 

- Height: 5’11” - 6’0” (180.34 cm - 182.88 cm)

- Weight: 174 lbs (78.93 kg)

5. FC 24 Best Height and Weight for Goalkeeper (GK)

Compared to other positions, goalkeepers usually are the tallest on the pitch to cover the goal area effectively, which is crucial for making saves in the top and far corners of the goal. In addition, a taller goalkeeper is more intimidating in one-on-one situations and tends to appear more in the penalty area. 6’3” to 6’6” is an ideal height range for GK to add more benefits. You can apply a bigger weight on your GK build, which makes them less likely to be knocked over by opponents, but goalkeepers need to maintain a level of agility and speed, excessive weight will reduce these abilities. A balanced weight is needed to support muscle mass and enable agility. 

- Height: 6’6” (198.12cm)

- Weight: 149 lbs (67.59 kg)