What Do Diablo 4 Players Suggest in Season 4? - The Pit, Nightmare Dungeons, Helltides, and more

6/6/2024 4:21:40 PM

Diablo 4 players generally love the season, there are some ideas that could potentially make the game even better or breed other ideas that could improve the game from Reddit.


The Pit

-Make the pit remember last tier you entered so you don’t have to scroll every time you want spam lower tier pit for the efficient masterworking mats farm.

-Instead of buffing Stygian Stone drop rate, let the pit drop Stygian Fragments instead; where you can craft Stygian Stones at Occultist/Alchemist for every x amount of fragments. Drop amount scaling with the pit level. (Currently best way to farm Stygian Stones is leveling a new character through helltide).

-Add pit leaderboards.

-Remove Outlaw Sharpshooter from the pit boss table.

-Remove shrines from the pit.

-Add something like Bane of the Stricken from D3, whether as an aspect, a consumable, a unique gem, glyph or in some other form, where you deal more and more damage the longer you hit a target. This would also greatly increase build variety among all classes, where some builds struggle to deliver the required damage past a certain point due to lack of multipliers to their damage. People shouldn’t be forced to play 1 build per class if they want to push high end pit.

-Remove the masterwork material penalty for party play and take 3 Runeshards each from all party members when a pit level is initiated.

-If you die at boss in pit just respawn at the boss without needing to discover the area.

-Droprate for GA items scales with pit level.

-Make the Shadow Entities in pit get affected by conditional damage reduction like dmg reduction from close etc.


Tempering & Masterworking

-Enable tempering for unique items (at least 1 temper, if not same amount as legendaries) to make them more desirable and have a place in the meta.

-Disable cross class tempering, if a barbarian equips a rogue temper it simply shouldn’t work.

-Rescale masterwork resetting gold cost according to the items’ masterwork level. IE: Resetting at 4/12 = 1m, Resetting at 8/12= 2.5m, Resetting at 12/12 = 5m.

-Remove tempering limit and make it based on a currency.


Nightmare Dungeons

Similar to the Stygian Fragments idea, add new currency called Tempering Dust that drops at the end of nightmare dungeons, where x amount of dust collected allows you to temper your gear once. IE: 100 dust give you 1 temper and if you grind NMDs and farm thousands of tempering material, you can just keep tempering until you get thing you want.



No suggestions.


The Gauntlet

Kind of an interesting game mode that’s neglected due to rewards being lackluster.

-Reward one of the current weekly caches as baseline per gauntlet regardless of how many times you run it or your placement on ladder.

-Top 100 every week in current categories gets 1 Resplendant Spark as a reward instead of caches.


General Improvements

-Change the icon for legendary crafting materials on the map.

-Sell all buttons.

-Account wide waypoints and strongholds.

-Add more goblin types like in D3 which would make it more exciting to run into gobins.

-Implement a system where your xp bar changes when you hit 100, which keeps filling when you kill stuff, but instead of getting new levels you get a cache every “level up”.

-Add companion pets like in D3 which collects gold for you.

-Make the uber boss altars re-appear after the boss is killed for resummon without the deed of resetting the dungeon.