Diablo 4 Season 5 Best Rogue Build - New Rogue Barrage Build with 3x New Uniques D4 S5

7/2/2024 5:06:40 PM

For Rogues seeking unparalleled AoE damage and satisfying bursts of critical hits, the "Barrage Rogue" stands poised to dominate. So, if you're looking to dominate Season 5 Diablo 4, try out this fresh and flashy Rogue Barrage build. It's certain to be top tier for speed clearing the endgame with its new unique!

Diablo IV Season 5 New Rogue Barrage Build

Diablo 4 Season 5 Best Rogue Build - New Rogue Barrage Build with 3x New Uniques D4 S5

In the ever-evolving world of Diablo 4, each new season brings fresh challenges and opportunities for players to explore. Season 4 saw the rise of powerful Twisting Blades and Penetrating Shot builds for Rogues. While effective, these builds often lacked the raw area-of-effect damage needed to swiftly clear hordes or obliterate elite packs. With the arrival of Season 5, there are new gear and legendary powers added in. One newly buffed Rogue build really stands out - the Barrage-focused setup utilizing 3 brand-new legendary items. These powerful additions have paved the way for an exceptional Barrage Build that promises to take your Rogue's offensive capabilities to new heights.

Equipment for Barrage Rogue Build in Season 5 

Brand new Rogue build with a brand new Crown of Lucion which is going to give us a lot more damage, it's going to make our resources cost more. Then we've got the brand new Locran’s talisman, brand new item that's going to give us basically 100% crit and way more crit, so precision is going to be stacking like crazy for damage. And then we've got the brand new Umbracrux, it's a brand new dagger and it's going to summon totems when we use subterfuge skill and any damage it takes, it does the same amount of damage to the enemies at 30% effectiveness. We can have up to 2 of them and that damage counts as a trap skill. We're also running barrage, so barrage is going to ricochet these things off of the totems and it really helps out on specifically the bosses, but we can use this pretty much whenever. And we're not running Harlequin, this new helm is one of the best in slot for every single build, shako is no longer best in slot. And on top of that, scoundrel's kiss does not work right now, this item is plagued with bugs for eternity because there's another bug. 

When you use rapid fire and it ricochets, you want to run it for the totems for the new umbracrux. It doesn't apply the explosion account scoundrel's kiss. We're also running a cursed touch because it applies the Ricochet at a higher rate. We have like 100% movement speed, 100% crit. So this is going to be one of the new top tier Rogue builds for Season 5 Diablo 4. 

Gameplay Tips for New Rogue Barrage Build Season 5 Diablo IV 4

Rapid Fire gets changed, it is going to be good, and Barrage is going to be good, you can use either one in this build, you can also consider Andariel, those are the top-tier Rogue builds at the moment. We actually play Poison trap as well instead of dark trap. We got a damage reduction, it doesn't matter how much damage you have, if those things exist you're dealing zero. Those totems go crazy though. We already have 100% crit and the reason why we can get 100% crit is the new amulet just gives it to us, and we get a big amount. We should have 100% movement speed with this build which is great.

The reason why this build is really strong, Lucion is going to be good in every single build, it's just the new best in slots, the new everyone's got to play. There's a bug where the boss does not intended stats, so to prevent that, you go in and then you go out, it'll fix it. Here's what we can do for this build, like watch the damage on the boss, zero staggers, most of the time you need to stagger the boss and you do not even need to stagger because the damage just goes that crazy. There's a lot of different things that are brand new. For every 100 energy that you spend, it grants you barrier, so this is how we are able to have very low life. But we actually have a lot of dodge chance even though you might see 28k is like nothing for HP and 40K is the new like standard for most builds, but you can get away with a lot less because the crown of lucion has a special ability where it's going to make your resources cost way more. There is one downside you do have to play inner sight, otherwise you do have no resources, but that can help out with survivability. So that's one area where it's kind of a double-edged sword, your stuff costs more but you do way more damage. It also has lucky hit, so it's not bad. 


There is one other thing that we get that is brand new to Season 5 that's giving us a big amount of damage which is Tricks of the Trade. So our Marksman skills, Grant Cutthroat skills 25x increased damage for 8 seconds and then our Cutthroat skills grant our Marksman skills 25x.  Basically we just use Shadow step and since we use Shadow step, you'll see the cool down is 9 and the other number is 8. However, Shadow Step has this awesome thing where if you put the extra points into it with discipline when you damage an enemy with Shadow step, it stuns them and it reduces its cool down by 3 seconds. Do basically we don't really have a problem with this. It still shows 9, it's because we have to hit him, so unless you hit an enemy that like you know teleports away or somehow is like immune, you're going to be fine. So that would be 6 seconds. This is going to be probably one of the better Rogue builds that is going to come out for Season 5.