9 Animal Crossing New Horizons Tips & Secretes You Should Know

6/1/2020 2:48:51 PM

New Horizons is very different to previous games in some ways and I know some players are even experienced in Animal Crossing for the first time so I know many of us myself included are still finding new things out as we play. So if this in mind I thought it'd be cool to go over a few things that you probably didn't know. If you know some of these already, we are using the term secret very loosely and some of these are more directed at the newer players whereas some are things I've literally only discovered myself in the past few days, with that said it should still be fun.

9 secrets in Animal Crossing New Horizons

9 Animal Crossing New Horizons Secretes You Should Know


When you decorate the outside of your museum area is that some of the larger fossils particularly those with skulls are more than just static furniture items, much like many other furniture items in New Horizons. Some fossils can be interacted with when placed down if you run up to the t-rex skull. For example you can open and close the T Rex's jaw which is really cool, there are a bunch of fossils that you can interact with but really it's just another tiny detail that can help you design something a bit more unique when designing the layout of your island. 

Star fragments

We will experience meteor showers on Animal Crossing New Horizons island and if you watch closely you can wish upon a star, doing so will allow you to find a variety of star fragments on the beach the following morning. But did you know each eye and resident can find their own fragments? Unfortunately, no matter how many stars you wish upon a single player will only ever find 20 star fragments the following morning, making these stars quite a sought-after crafter material. The good news is each resident on the island can make their own wishes. So once your main character has made enough wishes to find 20 star fragments of their own, simply save and boot up a second character, so they can make theirs, this will spawn more than the 20 fragment limit on the beach the following day. Of course this is also a good way to get double the amount of ACNH DIY recipes from celeste when she's visiting.

Shopping App 

It's possible to head to the resident services and log on to the Nook stop to check out what daily items Nook has up for sale. A cool feature about this machine is also the ability to check your entire catalogue and look through all the items you've had at one point or another throughout your island life. You can order whatever you want or simply check whether or not you've already purchased an item to save you buying it again. However, as useful as this is, you do have to run all the way to the resident services to use this or do you it turns out that after making a total of 100 purchases. Luke installs the app on your nook phone saving you a lot of running around in the future and it's great. You always need to check what you've already purchased. 100 items seems like a lot but you can check your progress in the nut miles app under the shop to it goal which tells you how many purchases you have made so far, so it's pretty handy.

Free Furniture 

We can find free furniture in trees every day on our own islands. There is also one on every single mystery island. So if you happen to be going on a tour or you have some spare AC Nook Mile Tickets, make sure you head to a mystery island and shake all the trees before you leave to grab a free furniture item.

Party Popper 

Every day on our New Horizons island, we're able to find a leaf or AC furniture item in our trees, we can find this by running around and shaking each tree. This can be quite dangerous because more often than not you're upset some wasps before finding the item. When you eventually stumble across some wasps, you can either run and most likely not get away catch them with your net. If you happen to have a party popper equipped, it's possible to scare off the wasps before they sting you. So if you happen to have broken your net but you are carrying a party popper you're safe to carry on looking for that item.

Party Popper

Finding Redd

Many of us have already experienced a jolly red shady business deal when he first came to our island but unlike previous Animal Crossing games there's currently no way of knowing which special characters including red are visiting and a bunch of us probably spend a few minutes each day running all the way over to the secret beach to see if he has arrived falsely there is a much quicker and simpler way to know whether or not red is visiting as soon as you start your day simply open your map and see if Reds icon is located at the secret beach if it is he is visiting and you can go ahead and look through all of his artwork if not you can carry on with your day without wasting the time running over to the beach this is particularly useful if like me you have your map turned off I'm not sure why this took so long for me to find out but hopefully it also helps some of you newer players out there

Rotten Turnips 

For those that have been playing New Horizons for a while have probably taken a gamble with Daisy May at some point and purchased a bunch of turnips at one point or another you may have also had the misfortune of missing the deadline to sell them and find yourself with a bunch of rotten turnips it sucks and it may have broken your bank but is not all bad news it turns out that the rotten turnips do actually have a use if you place them on the floor outside and come back to them later you'll most likely find ants crawling all over them this is actually the only way to find ants in the game so don't feel too bad if you do end up with some rotten turnips similarly if you place some trash items outside including the boots cans and tires that you've fished out of the river there's also chance you'll come across a fly or two blathers will be over the moon

Bonus Bells 

It turns out having multiple residents on your Island. Whether you're the only one playing your game or not has a bunch of benefits. If you have a second character, they can have their own glow spots that randomly spawn around the island, their own message bottles that wash up on shore and even their own money Rock. The cool thing is the money Rock is always the same Rock for every resident of that island on that particular day. So even if you don't have all your rocks in one location, it's pretty easy to boot up your second player, and head straight to the money Rock and earn several thousand Animal Crossing New Horizons bells in the time it takes you hit it. Of course this applies to up to eight profiles. Anyway, to grab some extra event items when they're available.

Nook Miles 

We have a nice little shortcut to find out which Nook Miles you have already completed if you open up the Nook Miles app, because you've received a notification about completing a goal, simply press down on the right joystick and it all instantly zoomed down to the nearest goal you've completed. You can of course claim the Nook Miles press the R again and again move instantly down to the next. This little trick saves you so much time scrolling through all the Nook Mile goals and helps you get back to whatever it is. You are doing in the first, place this button press also works for the Kritters app and the crafting catalog allowing you to search through things much quicker.

These Animal Crossing details are just a few of all the hundreds of secret details and features that can been seen in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Which is your favourite?

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