Animal Crossing New Horizons Flower Breeding & Hybridize Guide: How To Get All & Rare ACNH Hybrid Flowers?

6/2/2020 11:26:41 AM

There is a complete flower breeding (flower hybrid) system in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Whether you're a bit lost with the flower breeding or looking to get all the hybrids in the game, here is a detailed guide that should help you see more clearly, featuring all colors of the flower, hydrations, hybrid flowers, flower cloning and infinite durability watering can.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Hybrids

There is a lot to know about flowers in Animal Crossing, and you quickly get lost in all the activities the game offers. But gardening effectively is not only a good way to have a beautiful island, but also to have access to rare insects and of course to get as many ACNH bells as possible. We will, therefore, start with a few general points before discovering how to obtain the hybrids so much desired.

All Animal Crossing: New Horizons Flowers

Flower Species

Animal Crossing: New Horizons offers you to compose your island using eight different flower species: tulips, anemones, cosmos, pansies, lilies, hyacinths, roses and chrysanthemums:

Animal Crossing New Horizons Flower Types

Thrush is also available in the game, however, it will be obtained in a very different way from its counterparts.

As with fruit, a species of the flower will be considered native to your island. To find other species, you will need to travel to mystery islands, exchange them with your friends online or locally, or buy them from Racine.

You can pick the petals without uprooting your flowers and they will grow back a few days later. Remember to water your flowers every day. 

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Animal Crossing New Horizons All Flower Types

Their flowers are divided into two distinct groups according to their color:

ACNH Basic Flowers

Color: white, red and / or yellow

The basic flowers are found on your island and they represent the colors that it is natively possible to find without crossing / hybridization:

Animal Crossing New Horizons Basic Flowers

ACNH Hybrid Flowers

Color: blue, black, orange, pink, green and / or purple

Hybrid flowers are colorful flowers created using crossbreeding / hybridization. They are therefore, by definition, different colors from basic flowers (right image). What hybrid flowers can we create? Here is the list of combinations discovered to date because we imagine that Nintendo will certainly have fun adding new ones over the updates.


There are three basic colors: white, red and orange and three hybrids:

  • Pink Anemone: Red + Orange Anemone

  • Blue Anemone: White + White or White + Yellow Anemone

  • Purple Anemone: Blue + Pink or Blue + Blue Anemone


There are three basic colors: white, red and yellow and two hybrids:

  • Pink Chrysanthemum: Red + White

  • Violet Chrysanthemum: White + White

There would be green chrysanthemums, which would ask you to cross two violets but we have not managed to get them to date, so it could be a false rumor. If you have obtained one, we are counting on you to keep us informed in the comments.


There are three basic colors: white, red and yellow and three hybrids:

  • Pink Cosmos: White + White

  • Black Cosmos: Red + Red

  • Orange Cosmos: Red + Yellow

It would be possible to obtain black Cosmos by combining two orange hybrids, but that has not yet yielded anything on our side. In addition to being a more complicated method than using the basic flowers, you see.


Here too, three basic colors: white, red and yellow but four possible hybrids:

  • Pink hyacinths: Red + White

  • Orange Hyacinth: Red + Yellow

  • Blue Hyacinth: White + White

  • Violet Hyacinth: Blue + Blue


Like all flowers, the three basic colors are white, red and yellow. There are three possible hybrids:

  • - Pink Lily: White + Red

  • - Black Lily: Red + Red

  • - Orange Lily: Red + Yellow


Not surprisingly, there are three basic colors: white, red and yellow and three hybrids:

  • Blue Thought: White + White

  • Orange thought: Red + Yellow

  • Purple thought: Red + Red

It also seems possible to get purple thoughts using hybrids: Blue + Blue or Orange + Orange.


Roses are to date the variety offering the most hybrids possible. If they have the same three basic colors white, red and yellow, they indeed have five possible hybrids and a sixth a little more special:

  • Pink Rose: Red + White

  • Blue Rose: Orange + Orange

  • Violet Rose: White + White

  • Orange Rose: Red + Yellow

  • Black Rose: Red + Red

Finally there you can get a rose gold provided you have the gold watering can. You will get the map of the latter by obtaining a reputation of 5 stars for your island.

  • - Rose d'Or: Black + Black + watering with the gold watering can


Tulips come in three basic colors: white, red and yellow and offer four hybrids:

  • Black Tulip: Red + Red

  • Orange Tulip: Red + Yellow

  • Pink Tulip: Red + White

  • Purple Tulip: Orange + Orange

Special Cases

Anemones have orange as their basic color instead of yellow and hybrid roses can be golden under certain conditions.


Animal Crossing Brushes are like a mix of trees and flowers. The places they can grow are similar to flowers, yet they grow and act like trees. They will not breed together, and have a special trait of blooming only at certain times of the year depending on species.


To know all the different types of flowers, their colors, and means of obtaining them by hybridization, keep reading.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Flower Selling Prices

If you want to become a flower magnate by reselling all the new shoots that you will create, here are the prices that Méli and Mélo will practice:

In other words, the flower trade will not be very lucrative, and you will have to turn to other solutions to get rich quickly.

How To Get All Types Of Flowers In Animal Crossing?

In addition to the basic accessible flowers on your island, some differences will be inaccessible in the heights. So remember to go get them as soon as you can make a ladder.

It is also possible, with a little luck, to find new varieties for sale at Méli and Mélo. For 240 bells, you can buy a bag of seeds. Each day, you will be able to find six different flowers, and in general, there will be three different varieties, offered in two colors. Like fruits and tools, the flowers are in the cupboard at the bottom left of the store.

Finally, travel will remain the best way to complete your collection, either on the mystery islands or with generous friends. On the mystery islands, do not hesitate to dig up the plant directly rather than the petals.

How To Get Hybrid Flowers In Animal Crossing New Horizons?

Hybrid flowers are flowers obtained by mixing two different flowers! After some players delved into the game files to retrieve information regarding hybridization, it would appear that general operation is quite complicated. Indeed, Animal Crossing uses Mendelian genetics to determine the progeny of flowers, and it is impossible to know the genes of each flower. There are for example 18 different genomes for yellow roses, so it is possible that two yellow roses together do not give you the desired result! However, the flower seeds all have the same genome, so you can use this to know some hybridizations and get the colors of your choice. What are the existing flower associations?

  • - Each flower has a name, which corresponds to the name of its genome.

  • - Reproducing two flowers with the same name in capital letters will give the same genetically identical flower.

  • - An isolated flower that you water can be applied, this will give you a flower of the same genome.

  • - A single genome produces blue roses, so it's complicated to get them!

Getting hybrids will be the only way to get all the flowers in the game, and it won't be that difficult to get them. On the other hand, note that their creation is partly random, so even if you respect all the steps that we are going to describe to you, it will especially be necessary to be patient. This is also gardening, after all.

To get ACNH hybrids, there are two rules to optimize their creation:

  • - Always plant the flowers diagonally, i.e. leave an empty box between two plants, on the left and on the right, but also above and below. The reason is very simple, it is in this empty box that your hybrid can grow. It is also possible to get it by planting two flowers side by side as you can see below:

Animal Crossing New Horizons - Hybrid Flower Side by Side

  • - Water your flowers daily. (yes we repeat ourselves, but it is very important).

Improve The Chance of Getting A New Hybrid Flower

By following the instructions in the previous paragraph to the letter, you will have a 5% chance of making a new flower appear the next morning. There is, however, a trick that allows you to these chances by up to 80%.

Indeed, if friends visiting your island water your flowers, for each additional person, the chances of producing a new flower the next day will be improved as follows:

  • - Number of waterings: Base Production Rate

  • - Watering the player or via the rain: 5%

  • - Watering by 1 visitor: 25%

  • - Watering by 2 visitors: 35%

  • - Watering by 3 visitors: 50%

  • - Watering by 4 visitors: 65%

  • - Watering by 5 visitors or more: 80%

When your plants have been watered by at least five different people, the stars that shine on them will change colors and shapes. This will ensure that you have reached the maximum chances of proliferation.

Infinite Durability Watering

  • - When the rains under Island every single space is going to be considered hydrated, and when space is hydrated you can water it with your canned and it will not take durability from your can.

  • - You can also pre-water all flowers and surrounding tiles with a regular can and then use gold can at no durability loss.

  • - Rain is a special case: the hydration will never be removed from the ground for the whole say, even when digging up a flower, even after the rain has ended.

Main Methods To Get All Rare Hybrid Flowers In Animal Crossing

There is a lot of information going around the internet right now on how to get all of the hybrid flowers in the game, but some are inaccurate, here we summed up the below tips and tricks we do think are working:

Basic Hybrid Method: From Seed To Sprout

Plant two same type flowers side by side to get a hybrid flower, keep in mind that there is a part of randomness in all this. This guide was made using datamined data, so it’s 100% accurate. 

Animal Crossing New Horizons Hybrid Flower Guide - From Seed To Sprout Method

ACNH Flower Clone Method: Flower Duplication

Much like the tango, it takes two flowers to breed. However single flowers can have their own fun too. A lonesome flower can clone itself to create a dance partner for tomorrow. These are the two ways flower can reproduce: two flowers of the same species breeding, or a flower cloning itself. Flowers when producing a hybrid or clone can spawn that offspring in a 1-Tile Radius around the parent flower even in diagonals. Use this method, you even can do gold rose cloning. 

Animal Crossing New Horizons Hybrid Flower Guide - New 5x5 Hybrid Compact Breeding Method

New 5x5 Flower Hybrid Method: Compact Flower Breeding

This breeding method is optional and for those who want to get one of each hybrid color in an optimized fashion.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Hybrid Flower Guide - New 5x5 Hybrid Compact Breeding Method

ACNH Blue Rose Breeding Methods

If you want to get a rare hybrid flower, need do more complicated work and paintent. There are three ways to get the rare hybrid blue rose:

Animal Crossing New Horizons Hybrid Flower Guide - Rare Hybrid Method

Gold Rose Hybrid Method

Black roses do not only breed black roses, they still breed regularly like the other flowers 50% of the time. The other 50% is dedicated to gold. But you need gold watering. 

  • - A gold watering is very unique it waters nine flowers the spot that you're standing on the one in front of you the one to your left right and then far as well. However only the flower directly in front of you gets what's called the flag to produce a gold rose, it also has a 50% chance of producing a black rose, so you need to water every single black rose individually. You have to go up and down your row for all of your black roses to be able to produce a gold rose. 

  • - With that being said a black rose does not need to be next to another black rose to get you a gold rose.

  • - Important to note is that when a flower gets what's called the gold flag and is able to produce a gold rose, you do not have to water it with a gold can until it produces a gold rose.

  • - Gold roses cannot clone period you have a gold rose you order it every day you're not gonna get a gold rose from its period.

And here you are, you are now unbeatable on flowers and their hybrids. All you have to do is be patient and try more and more to get them all.

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