Animal Crossing New Horizons Bug-Off Guide - Event Dates, Items, Prizes, Bug Catching Tips & Tricks

6/23/2020 4:20:14 PM

Today we’ll discuss the upcoming Animal Crossing New Horizons bug off contest, how the bug off works and breakdown, everything you need to know before starting. With some tips and tricks thrown in that will help you during the Animal Crossing New Horizons Bug Off contest, and wrapping up by going over all the bug off prizes available after a spoiler break.


Animal Crossing New Horizons Bugs-Off Guide - Dates, Items & Rewards, Bug Catching Tips

Now check out the complete Animal Crossing New Horizons guide for Flick's bug off contest, and a look at all the bug-themed items.

What Is The Flick’s Bug-Off Contest In ACNH?

The Bug-Off is a summer event in Animal Crossing New Horizons (will be kicking off on Saturday, June 27 for players in the northern hemisphere) that is officiated by none other than the bug-loving Flick. Everyone playing New Horizons knows who Flick is. He is of course the fierce-looking chameleon who hosts the bug off contests just like many other special characters. You may have already stumble across him randomly wandering around your island taking art Commission's and buying bugs, and currently this is the only way to encounter him as both the northern hemisphere and southern hemispheres are yet to host a bug off unless you've time travelled. Now Flick has replaced Matt - the original bug off host seen in all previous iterations of Animal Crossing, so even if you're yet to meet him you will see him.

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Animal Crossing New Horizons Bug-Off Event Dates 

Once you've updated your island, look for a bulletin board message announcing that the bug-off event has begun. It'll be occurring on the third weekend of the month for the next few months. Unfortunately, the bug offs are seasonal and this date is for players in the northern hemisphere, those of you in the southern hemisphere will have to wait until November before Flick visits. Here are the dates:

Northern Hemisphere

June 27

July 25

August 22

September 26

Southern Hemisphere

November 21

December 19

January 16

February 20

What You Can Do With Flick?

Flicks contest is now a fast-paced time trial challenge in short. Flick gives us three minutes to catch as many bugs as possible before returning to him to find out how well we did. The good news is Flick is around all day and despite the challenge only lasting three minutes we can take part multiple times throughout the day. The first time we take part is free but does cause a further 500 bells every time we enter after that. So the aim of the bug off is to catch as many bugs as possible and basically yield the highest score you can. Each bug is worth one point but we get two bonus points for every bug caught after the first two bugs. The more bugs we catch, the better our score will be. 

What You Can Do With Flick

The scores are important because they act like a currency and can be exchanged with Flick for limited-time bug-themed items, clothing or decorations for your home. 

How The Bug-Off Works In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Unlike previous versions of the bug or contests, only bugs caught during the time limit count towards our scores. So any bugs you have saved up can't be submitted. To start the bug off, we simply have to speak for Flick as the resident services where he will be located with his pop-up tent he will explain everything and then you can jump straight into the first contest. After speaking with him you have a few seconds to pull out your trusty net and start running to look for bugs before the timer begins. There are a few more tips that may help you.

Bug Catching Tips & Tricks - How To Catch Bugs In ACNH 

1. Nests

It's recommended to either craft or buy a bunch of nests before the contest starts on Saturday. Nests have a set durability and break after so many uses and you really don't want to keep being interrupted by having to repeatedly get a new net on the day, furthermore you don't want to be without a net during the contest. So carrying a bunch of them means you'll avoid beginning a contest without one just buy loads and either carry them or drop them by the Plaza.

2. Tool Ring 

It's a pretty obvious one but you may want to assign all your nests to your tool ring, so they're easily accessible during the bug off. Using the tool ring to select a net at the very start of the timer is much quicker than opening your menu, and those few seconds could be vital in catching the last bug and could be the difference between scoring in double figures.

3. Landscape

It is recommended to plant a bunch of trees and patches of flowers near the resident services, so you don't have too far to travel before encountering bugs, after all we only have three minutes. However, now that most players have fully developed Islands, everyone's bug off experiences are going to be totally different and I can't imagine many people wanting to do this. Just bear in mind if you don't have many trees or flowers or even ponds nearby, it may be more difficult to catch bugs during the challenge and achieve a high score.

ACNH Bug-Off Event Rewards

Termite Mound

Artisanal Bug Cage

Bug Aloha Shirt

Bug Cage

Bug Wand

Butterfly Backpack

Butterfly Wall

Ladybug Rug

Ladybug Umbrella

Spider Doorplate

Toy Centipede

Toy Cockroach

List Of Bug-Off Prizes In Animal Crossing New Horizons

List Of Bug-Off Rewards