How To Plant Flowers & Create Hybrid Flowers In Animal Crossing New Horizons | Best Way To Crossbreed Flowers

7/9/2020 9:27:54 AM

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, besides planting trees, breeding flowers is also very important. Although the selling price of flowers is not high, the purpose of planting flowers is to attract rare insects or color and decorate your islands. There are plenty of flowers to choose from, as well as some rare hybrids. But how do you grow flowers and crossbreed them? Here MTMMO is going to share some best Animal Crossing New Horizons flower planting and hybrid flower breeding & flower crossbreed methods.

ACNH Crossbreed flowers and grow flowers

ACNH Flower Breeding - How To Plant Flowers In Animal Crossing New Horizons 

There are 8 types of flowers in the game, namely: Rose, Tulip, Hyacinth, Chrysanthemum, Pansy, Lily, Anemone and Cosmos. Here is the step by step guide on how to plant flowers in ACNH. 

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1. Purchase flower seed

In addition to the native flowers on their island, players can also buy flower seeds at Nook’s Cranny. Once you've upgraded the shop and progressed in the game, you should be able to purchase 3 types of flowers, including your native flower, in white, red, and yellow. You can purchase more types of flower seeds from Leif! Native flowers are the ones that grow naturally on the top of your island's cliffs.

2. Select a Space to Plant Flowers

The planting mechanism of flowers is slightly different from that of trees, they grow only on grass and dirt, and it is unnecessary to consider the density and surrounding space when planting flowers. You can plant them in front of your house, or your neighbors' houses, or you can create a garden of your own!

3. Plant Seeds on the Ground

Stand on the space where you want to plant, and open up your inventory to select the flower seed. Select plant and the flower will be planted at your foot. You can also use your shovel to dig up a spot where you want to plant the flower. For moving the flowers, you should use a shovel to dig out the roots, but you don't need to dig the pits when replant.

4. Wait for them to bloom in 4 days

It takes three days from seed planting to flowering. During this period, you need to water every day to grow. After trampling on a flower, you have to water it for one day to grow new flowers.

Tips: You can only use flimsy watering can to water one grid of flowers. You can use watering can to water the flowers in the front 3×2 grid, and you can use gold watering can water the flowers around the 3×3 grid around itself. The watered flowers will drip, Afterwards it will also sparkle, which can be used to judge whether to water. Also Read | Animal Crossing New Horizons Tools List & Guide - How To Get Golden Tools, Axe, Shovel, Fishing Rod & More

How To Breed Hybrid Flowers & Crossbreed Flowers In ACNH

Hybrid flowers in ACNH are flowers that are not the same colour as their parent plants. Flower hybridization requires that both parent plants are in the flowering stage, and the first parent flower is within the 3×3 square range of the second parent flower (as shown below). Both parent flowers need watering to hybridize, you don’t need watering in rain and snow.

ACNH plant flowers

After meet all the hybridization conditions, the new flower should eventually begin to grow in the 3×3 square around the two parent plants.

flower planting in ACNH

In order to cultivate the offspring more efficiently, it is recommended to plant the parent plants according to the diamond shape.

how to grow hybrid flowers in ACNH

Tip: Some rare-colored flowers need to be crossed with second-generation hybrids, and rare-colored flowers transplanted from outside cannot participate in the hybridization. Flowers with rare colors can be found on the material island, but it requires better luck, so hybridization is a more efficient way to obtain rare flowers. 

ACNH Hybrid Flowers List 


Purple Rose = White Rose + White Rose

Orange Rose = Red Rose + Yellow Rose

Pink Rose = Red Rose + White Rose

Black Rose = Red Rose + Red Rose

Red Rose = Purple Rose + Orange Rose

Blue Rose = Red Rose + Red Rose 

Golden Rose = Black Rose + Black Rose 


Black Tulip = Red Tulip + Red Tulip

Pink Tulip = White Tulip + Red Tulip

Orange Tulip = Red Tulip + Yellow Tulip

Purple Tulip = Orange Tulip + Orange Tulip 


Pink Hyacinth = Red Hyacinth + White Hyacinth

Orange Hyacinth = Red Hyacinth + Yellow Hyacinth

Blue Hyacinth = White Hyacinth + White Hyacinth

Purple Hyacinth = Blue Hyacinth + Blue Hyacinth


Pink Chrysanthemum = Red Chrysanthemum + White Chrysanthemum

Purple Chrysanthemum = White Chrysanthemum + White Chrysanthemum

Green Chrysanthemum = Purple Chrysanthemum + Purple Chrysanthemum


Red and Yellow Pansy = Red Pansy + Yellow Pansy

Blue Pansy = White Pansy + White Pansy

Purple Pansy = Blue Pansy + Blue Pansy 


Black Lily = Red Lily + Red Lily

Orange Lily = Red Lily + Yellow Lily

Pink Lily = Red Lily + White Lily


Blue Anemone = White Anemone + White Anemone

Pink Anemone = Red Anemone + Orange Anemone

Purple Anemone = Blue Anemone + Pink Anemone


Orange Cosmos = Red Cosmos + Yellow Cosmos

Pink Cosmos = Red Cosmos + White Cosmos

Black Cosmos = Red Cosmos + Red Cosmos


- In addition to meeting the requirements of crossing two offspring black roses, the golden rose also needs to be watered with a gold watering can, and only with a low probability. 

- Among all the offspring flower mating, the second generation offspring mentioned in the list is not inevitable, but has a certain probability.

- After the island reaches five-star rating, it is likely to grow "lily of the valley" on the island. Lily of the valley cannot pick flowers alone with the Y key, nor can it mate. Also Read | How To Get A 5 Star Island In Animal Crossing New Horizons - Raise Your ACNH Island Rating

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