Dream Suit & Fireworks in Wave 2 Summer Update - Animal Crossing New Horizons New Update

7/29/2020 10:52:49 AM

Today we have some very exciting news that Animal Crossing New Horizons is getting a brand new Wave 2 Summer Update on July 30th Thursday, this update is entirely free and it brings a boatload of contents to the game including fireworks, dreams, and long-awaited island backup service. Here are all of the new details you need to know.

fireworks, dream suit in Wave 2 summer update

Animal Crossing New Horizons Wave 2 Update - Fireworks, Dream Suit, Backup Service, Fall Update

The summer update Wave 1 was considered the most significant the game has received so far. The return of diving and swimming are perfect addition to New Horizons,  a significant number of new items including both Mermaid set items and Pirate-themed items. With how significant Wave 1 of the summer update was, there has been a lot of anticipation for ACNH Wave 2. As usual, the update is completely free, with the most straightforward addition being customizable fireworks. Redd's raffle shop will also open for new festive items. The other is the addition of Luna, who serves a similar purpose here by allowing you to visit random islands owned by other players. Now take a look at each of these upcoming updates.

Animal Crossing Update Summary List

Luna the Tapir will visit

Dream Suite will open

Fireworks every Sunday in August

Redd's Raffle shop will open

New Summer items

Fall Update coming

August Fireworks Show (Sundays during August)

Fireworks festival comes to the game with some new items, including the new tools and toys. Bubble blowers, sparklers, fireworks, new clothing items and more! You can earn through a raffle ticketing system that red’s going to be running in the firework show. You may buy a raffle ticket from him for 500 ACNH Bells, using the amount of tickets you get and redeem for a bunch of different prizes. A new furniture set that’s themed around fireworks or some little items that you can wear and use during the festival. You are also able to customize the design patterns of the fireworks in the sky. 

August Fireworks Show

Dream Suit

The dream suit finally comes back, it returns in a strange way, but now we’ll able to upload copies of our town and visit other people's dream islands. For those of you unaware, the dream suit was the place you could visit in Animal Crossing New Leaf where you would go and you would take a nap. 

By lying down in your bed you will be greeted by a new special character Luna who will allow you to enter a Dream Address code shared from other players and search for a random dream island to visit. And once you arrive at the dream island, you can’t do anything to it, it’s just a way for you to visit and check things out, maybe take your own screenshots, and get your own design codes. and there will be a design board beside the bed, which can record all the designs shared by the dream island owners. It’s just such a cool feature because visiting people’s island offline will give you so much more to do, especially if they bring back the feature to visit random islands. 

Dream Suit

Island Backup Restoration Service

The most important part of the update though is the addition of an Animal Crossing island backup and restoration service. Starting on July 30th, you will be able to upload your island data, essentially to the cloud. You can’t use the normal save data cloud feature for New Horizons, because Nintendo worry people would just use it to cheat. And then in case of your system getting stolen or broken to it, you’ll be able to redownload your island. You’ll have to go through Nintendo Customer Support to get it to work.

Fall Update Announced

The next update will come in fall or autumn which is a long ways away, but at the same time, it’s not summer ends in September, so this means our next update is probably going to be end of September. In October, we are going to have a big gap.

Check out the video from the popular YouTuber and find out more details:

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